Released October 2008 / 2.4, 2.53, 2.66, 2.8 or 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Use Newer back case (lid) parts with my late '08 MBP?

I have a Late '08 MBP.

It's sadly become badly dented in one corner and doesn't close nicely - the hinge is being forced apart.

I want to get new case parts and move my perfectly functioning logic board etc. into them.

My Question(s):

Can I use a back case (lid) from a different year (say 2011) with my '08 LCD?

The parts are externally identical, but I realise the internal structure may have changed too much.

If not: Can I use a whole display assembly from another year? Or has the logic board connector changed? (or is it otherwise incompatible?)

I've found '08 top cases (has keyboard etc) that I can buy, but when it comes to back case (lid) parts, there just seems to be a lot of 2011 ones floating around (or they are so expensive it's not worth it).

Hope someone here knows about this sort of thing!

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Stay within the same model number and you should be fine. There are some minor differences in the upper case but it can be modified easily.


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You mean model number as in: A1286, the same number than the 15" unibody MBP has had since it started with my model back in 2008?

Or some other much harder to find number?

That's the model number.


With this age machine I'd opt for replacing the clutches (hinges) slap a hard cover or some decorative vinyl on it.

You have looked at the cost of the items you mention... wouldn't that $ be better spent towards a new machine? You could part out this box to get some extra $ FWIWthe DIY you are proposing is very advanced.

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The only reason the hinge is coming apart is because the lid is bent. There's a big dent right above the Ethernet port on the lid that is forcing it up.

I know this is an advanced DIY, but I think I can handle it.

It might be easier to smooth out the dent - you're in charge of what path you take.


I just bought a 2011 backcase and found the internals to be different than the 2008 backcase. No mount for the bt and different isight interface. I'm not sure what "mayer" meant by "minor differences". How can these differences be modified? I don't think I can use 2011 bt or isight.


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