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I have changed hdd and fitted a ssd

hi guys well ive done it yesterday i fitted the new wd black spec hdd for my imac as well as fitting the ocz 120 vertex 4 ssd,,

all has gone well until i fired it up..

the fan runs constatley..

i followed the instructions to the letter but found these 2 questions to ask

1= can i have fitted the 6 pins censor coupling the wrong way

2= i have kept the heat censor for the optical drive and fitted it to the ssd with tape

would these 2 factors keep the fan running at top speed..

I am using the smc fan control app but does seem to make a difference and i have just installed SSD fan control app

that seems to have stopped the fan but would this damage the hdd and the ssd at all

at the moment the imac is running at 43 degrees c @ 998 rpm without any load on it

have done good with this or have i made a boo boo



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hi puru

i bought a spec hdd wd black hdd and still i have the fan problem..


the whole idea was i bought the spec hdd so i dont have the problems with the

fans. i want to fit and forget and use it without having to keep on checking on the temp...




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You have not made a 'boo boo'. You just did a good job. SSD didn't need to have any sensor at all. And you installed SSD Fan Control which is one of the good apps so far. This will not harm your HD. It reads SMART so it will allow your fans to move fast it it should. Nothing to worry about.

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