A study on opening the uppercase for a high-res screen

Hello all, regards from Finland.

First of all a big thank you for your guides and work. Thanks to you I have managed to upgrade my laptops RAM to 8Gb, install a blisteringly fast 180Gb SSD and also clean up half a decilitre of baby formula milk (!) from within my MBP - all to still bring on the rock-solid, perfect working order it should provide. Thank you again.

As you can guess, all this has brought kind of a personal relation to my laptop. Hence I would now like to gift it with something special - a highres screen, sporting WSXGA+ with 1680x1050 resolution.

I have found several options to buy a replacement screen, for example this screen from a US store reseller or this screen from a chinese ebay screen reseller, even this full uppercase set, offered from a private UK seller on ebay.

I have spent the afternoon studying and reading all your guides and experiences foremost this guide to replace the whole laptop uppercase, from other fellows as mentioned in the comments and macrumors forums - but I lack one piece of vital information.

Nowhere have I found a pictured guide on opening the uppercase part on my MacBook Pro, in order to exchange the LCD screen? I sincerely hope the fault is to be found between my laptop and my chair, so that someone could easily point me to that guide, before I make my purchasing decision.

Thank you in advance.

Let's make a guide more accessible for future seekers of upgrading this last generation of manually upgradeable(?) Apple computing hardware.

Update: Thank you for your fast anwers so far. I did also some googling again with other search terms and found this PDF guide for older MacBooks, from iFixit.



Another input in the study of aforementioned procedure; this guide from ehow includes a heavy duty suction cup, heat pistol and heat-resistant gloves as necessary things. Meaning you will be dealing with bending glass, from a heated glue composure.

ehow written guide for newer model MBPs

This is actually what I precipitaded from the beginning, but could not find any mention of, no matter how hard I looked.

I am a tiny bit surprised there is no guide about this on iFixit, as I would take it that glass screens are prone to breaking.

As for my own situation, I will assess it and the budget for my upgrade, and afterall strive to change the entire uppercase part.

Best regards,

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The main issue you must solve is will the GPU in your box support the screen and will the connectors match. If the vendor says yes - then no worries, but if they say yes and it doesn't you'll have to get satisfaction from the vendor. Be certain of your return/dissatisfaction rights before you purchase your part.