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Want to repair my Magsafe 60 W adapter. Help!


I am looking for your help!

I have a macbook pro and after going through all the troubleshooting and even buying a battery.. i Figured out that my Magsafe adaptor has gone bad.

Here is what happens to it:

1. plug in to macbook sleeping mode (Charging/orange light)

2. plug into macbook turned on (green light comes on.. then orange and goes off then green again)

I feel there is something solvable here..

the visible physical damage visible on the magsafe is the end of it near the point that goes into computer.. but i doubt it is bad as it is already charging the macbook when in sleep mode.

Looks like adapter is not able to get enough power to charge the laptop when in working mode.

please suggest me or point me into the right direction.

I want to repair it and repair it right.. i dont want to spend another 100$ to get a new charger! its crazy expensive!!

Help me fix it guys!

ask me if there is any questions.. i can also make a video and send it over if this explanation is not enogh.



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Hi, Check this previous answer--link provided. Good luck

Adapter failed. NO power..


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