Мы хотим дать такую возможность. Наша миссия заключается в том, чтобы сделать ремонт доступным и простым для как можно большего количества людей по всему миру. Мы хотим показать миру, как починить каждую вещь. Чем проще починить что-либо, тем больше людей это сделают.

来自 Robbie 的话:

Saved me from going and buying a whole new iPod.

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来自 Stacy 的话:

Я так рада, что нашла этот сайт! Not only was I able to take apart my laptop with ease, a feat in itself considering I have zero computer repair experience, but I am confident I will be able to replace the part easily and confidently. To find the part and do it myself is a great feeling, not to mention the HUNDREDS of dollars I am saving by doing it myself! Thanks so much!!

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来自 Shale 的话:

I used your guide to swap my working original Airport card into my daughter's MacBook -- it was essential to being able to do it and it saved us $200 dollars. Plus the instructions were VERY GOOD and made the swap almost trivial to do. Considering all the screws involved, I was very impressed.

来自 Dhasan 的话:

Great work with the guides! My wife dropped her iPhone in a restaurant toilet, where it sat for 20 minutes until she realized it was missing. We fished it out, I took it apart, let it sit in the sun couple days, and it's working.

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来自 John 的话:

Thanks for supporting my efforts to keep old Macs going -- the people at Apple are not much help and are not interested. I guess it doesn't make them much money.

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来自 Patricia 的话:

My brother-in-law fixed my iPod over the weekend, using the instructions and parts I ordered at your site. Now it works perfectly! Thank you so much for providing these parts and services! In this economy where we can't afford to be buying replacement iPods every two years, it was wonderful that you guys helped me fix my iPod for less than $70!!! Plus, helped me avoid the hassle of doing all the transfer of music if I had bought a new iPod. Plus, you helped me fulfill my environmental commitment by delaying me having to toss out another piece of electronic equipment.



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