iFixit Pro is an open source repair business model. What does that mean? We're going to help you with every aspect of your business for free: technical training, business development, and supply chain. No need to sell the soul of your business to a corporate overlord.

Register as an iFixit Pro by creating a business profile. Once registered with us, you'll have access to wholesale parts and tools, lead generation, and 0% loans through Kiva Zip. (Email us about these features, they're in beta now.)

You also get access to all of our business development resources and technical documentation. You're probably familiar with our repair guides and experts Q&A—but the business resource is new.

It's a crowd sourced project that includes the work and contributions of numerous repair businesses. And it includes all the information you need to start and grow a business. Learn at your own pace, ask and answer questions, and contribute to the knowledgebase when and where you can.


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