The computer does not turn on ¶ 

Your laptop won't turn on when pressing the power button.

Battery isn't charged ¶ 

Try plugging your power adapter into your laptop and check to see if the battery LED lights up. If the light turns on but the computer still won't turn on, then there is an issue with your battery. Check our Battery Replacement Guide for a solution to this issue. If the battery LED doesn't light up but the computer turns on, then you have a broken LED. If the battery LED does not turn on and the computer still doesn't turn on, then there is a problem with your power adapter.

Bad power adapter ¶ 

With a broken power adapter your computer will only be able to run on what's left in the battery. If the battery LED does not light up when plugging in to the power adapter, then it may be broken. To check if it is broken, borrow the same kind of power adapter from somebody and try to charge it. If it works you will need to buy a new power adapter.

The computer can't hold a charge ¶ 

Your laptop can only work when plugged in to the power adapter.

Broken Battery ¶ 

If your laptop works while plugged in to the power adapter, but dies when unplugged, then there may be an issue with your battery. You can test if this is the case by borrowing the same battery and seeing if it works with your laptop or not. If so then you will need to buy a replacement battery from the manufacturer. Please refer to our Battery Replacement Guide.

The USB port isn't working ¶ 

The USB port does not work when a device is plugged into it.

Broken USB port ¶ 

If your devices aren't being detected by your computer when you plug them in to the USB port then you have a faulty USB port.

The DVD disk drive doesn't open or read disks ¶ 

The DVD disk drive won't open or does not start when a disk is put in.

DVD driver not installed correctly ¶ 

If your DVD disk drive does not read any disks put in, there may be an issue with the driver. To update your driver go to the Toshiba website and find the model of the laptop. Then find the most recent DVD driver under the Drivers & Updates tab and install it.

Bad DVD disk drive ¶ 

If your disk drive will not open or cannot read any disks and you already updated the driver, then it needs to be replaced. Please refer to our Disk Drive Replacement Guide.

The speakers do not make any sound ¶ 

Your laptop speakers can't play anything.

Broken speakers ¶ 

If your speakers aren't producing sound then they may be broken. First check all of the system volume settings to maker sure it is not muted. If you restart your computer and the problem doesn't go away then the speakers are broken. Please refer to our Speaker Replacement Guide for more details on a solution.


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