Tabbykidz Troubleshooting

Tabby Kidz 7 inch display tablet. Black color.

You can't make it turn on.

The button may be old, so it may be necessary to hold the power button to activate the device.

The device will not turn on without power. Try to charge the tablet. If charging is complete, and the device still does not work, the battery might need to be replaced.

The tablet processor may be working. The true issue might be that the screen is not displaying any imaging due to loose wiring.

The tablet may need to be replaced.

No sound is produced when trying to play music or videos

You may not have the volume turned up. You can turn up the volume by pressing the volume button located on the side of the tablet.

Two wires lead from the logic board to the speaker. If the wires are loose, this might be the reason your tablet is not producing any sound. You may have to re-connect the wires for it work.

If the speaker is blown out it will not produce any sound. You will either need to replace speaker or get a new tablet.

Tablet does not respond to touch.

By turning the tablet off then turning it back on you are cycling the power through the tablet. This could get rid of the error.

This is a complete restart for the tablet in case on/ off button fails to work.

Plugging in the tablet into a power source using a USB cable does not work.

There could be particles in the port preventing the cable to connect properly to the device. Cleaning the device might solve the problem.

Due to many factors the USB cable you are using might go bad. This could be the problem. Try using a different USB cable.

If you tried cleaning the port and tried using a different USB cable but the tablet still doesn't charge, the USB port is most likely compromised. Seek professional help.

Tabby Kidz Screen Replacement

Tabby Kidz Battery Replacement



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