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Why won’t my machine start!?

It may seem simple, but don’t forget to check and see if your machine is plugged in. If it is plugged in, test your socket to ensure that there is power getting to the machine. If the plug works on another device, then there is an issue with your plug delivering power to the snow cone maker. Sometimes the prongs on the plug can get bent or wires can be harmed, which will affect the power.

Check to make sure your device is in the “Locked” position. There is a safety switch inside that turns the motor off if the device is not in the correct position.

**See “Cleaning Your Snow Cone Machine” below for more**

There shouldn’t be smoke coming out, right?

RIGHT. But your device should give you some early warning signs before actual smoke or fire happens. If there is smoke, check the power outlet, as it may be an electrical fire. If not, then the motor may be overheating.

Sometimes your motor can become overheated, causing your snow cones to be more like water cones. To combat this issue, simply leaving it alone for 30-60 minutes and unplugging it can cause the motor to cool down.

It is possible that your motor has started to overheat, and the cause is either a faulty motor or overuse of your snow cone maker. Unplugging and letting it cool off for 30-60 minutes can help. If the problem persists, the motor may need to be replaced.

The ice is too large for your snow cones. The machine just isn't cutting it!

If your ice is coming out in chunks, it may be that your blade is dull. Take a look at your blade. It may be dull or chipped. If this is the case, the blade will need sharpening or replacing. Be careful when performing these actions as the blade is sharp.

The blade is sealed in a plastic housing that is attached to the front of your device. It is unlikely it will ever move without being uninstalled, but, just in case, prod it gently with something (NOT YOUR FINGER!!!) and see if it moves around. Yes? You need to replace the blade.

There is a blade flying all over my house!!

Is the blade spinning around with your ice? If the blade is not in its normal location, that’s a problem. The blade could be somewhere inside the machine. Stop using the device, unplug it, and carefully empty the contents to try and find the blade. Do NOT blindly fish around as the blade is sharp and can cut you.

I have made so many snow cones, but how do I clean it?

If you are trying to clean your snow cone machine and try to unlock it, you will need to unscrew the inside plastic blades first. Take off the lid, and then spin the plastic blades counter-clockwise until it becomes unscrewed. You may then rotate the middle section of the machine where the unlock sign is printed, and it will come apart. You can then clean your machine. Make sure you unplug your machine before cleaning. The lid, the plastic blades, and upper portion of the snow cone maker that detaches can be washed in a dishwasher. Alternatively, you may wash these using a clean damp cloth. Do NOT place the lower portion in the dishwasher. Do NOT put the assembled unit in water.


My snowcone machine is just leaking water is not chopping the ice . what can be a problem?

payne5111 - 回复

My snowcone machine just leaking water , not chopping the ice . What can be the problem?

payne5111 - 回复

I can't remove plastic ice paddle. I have turned it counter clockwise over and over it won't come off tried other direction does the same thing

Lorraine Gilmore - 回复

I am having the exact same problem & I can't find an answer anywhere. Please post if you do!!

Andrea Lilienstein -

Hi, I unscrewed the bottom, held onto motor and rotated paddle counter clockwise and that loosened it. Hope that helps.

Laura Madrid -



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