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My phone got wet ¶ 

Your phone went through the washer and now you’re stuck.

Check water damage indicators on the inside of the case ¶ 

DO NOT TURN THE PHONE ON! Open the case and take out the battery. Check to see if any of the three indicators have been activated. Blow air with a fan on to the opened phone as well as the battery.

Other signs of damage ¶ 

Only a specific part of the screen may have a slight discoloration.

Device is not turning on ¶ 

Pressing the power button won’t turn the phone on

Check to see if the battery is dead ¶ 

Plug the phone in and see if it charges. Check to see if the charging light turns on.

Check to see if the battery and charger still work ¶ 

Use a voltmeter to see if the battery has any charge. If not, it may not be working. Plug the phone in with the battery and check to see if the charging light turns on. If the light does not turn on, check to see if the charger is working by plugging the charger into a wall and using a voltmeter on the connection with the phone. If the charger is working, then the battery may no longer be working.

Check to see if the power button is working ¶ 

If the charger and battery are working, the power button may be broken.

Check for signs of corrosion ¶ 

Open the phone and see if any corrosion has appeared. Using a brush or fine sandpaper, remove this corrosion.

Games are not working ¶ 

Your games won’t run or they freeze when playing.

Check if the game has been installed properly ¶ 

Try uninstalling and then re-installing the game through the Google Play Store. Make sure you are connected to the internet when you do this.

Try updating the phone or game ¶ 

Check for any updates from the phone or game manufacturers website such as the Google Play Store.

Check the game manufacturers website ¶ 

This problem may not be unique. Check the game's online forum for any known problems and how to address them.




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