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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H55 Troubleshooting

In February 2010, Sony released the Cyber-shot DSC-H55; a small compatible camera known for its intense zoom functions.

Camera Will Not Power On ¶ 

You cannot determine why your camera will not power on.

Battery Set-Up ¶ 

Check if the camera contains a battery. If so, ensure that a compatible (charged) battery is being used and that it is properly inserted into its respected port. Try to power on camera, if issues persist make sure the battery terminal is clean and not damaged. If so, wipe the terminal clean with a soft cloth. If the camera still will not power on, insert a new (charged) battery pack. Wait a few moments, before turning on the device.

Drained Battery ¶ 

Your battery drains quickly.

The problem may not be the battery or the camera. But may be the batteries life. Battery life (charge capacitance) varies and depends on how the camera is operated and where. Keep in mind that different functions used on the camera use more battery life. If you are experiencing issues with battery life you should keep the battery in a warm area. The colder the environment, the faster the battery will drain. Remove the battery to make sure the terminal is clean. Gently wipe both the battery and the terminal with a soft cloth. Lightly spraying the terminal with compressed air can help remove any dust or particles within the area. If using a universal battery, determine the battery life span. Batteries diminish over time and the life span may be too little for functions of the camera to operate properly. If the problem continues to occur replace the existing battery with a new battery. See replacement guide.

Blank Screen ¶ 

Your camera will only display a black screen.

Camera Is Powered Off ¶ 

To ensure the camera is powered on, press the power on/off button once to change to the power on mode.

Camera Is Connected To Another Device ¶ 

Make sure the camera is not connected to any cables that will project its images on another device. This will cause the camera to have a blank screen and the image to appear elsewhere of the connected device.

Camera Is Not In The Correct Settings ¶ 

Press the display button to see if the back light of the LCD Screen is properly working. To ensure the camera is in the correct settings, reset the camera to factory (default) settings. If problem continues to occur, replace the LCD screen. See replacement guide for instructions on how to do so.

Images Not Displaying ¶ 

You cannot view the images you have taken.

Camera/SD Card Settings ¶ 

Make sure that the SD card is properly inserted. Power off and on the camera to ensure the camera powers on. Last verify that the camera is in play-back mode so that taken images can be viewed.

Damaged SD Card ¶ 

If memory still does not display, remove the SD card. Examine the card for any damages. If no visible damages are shown, insert the card back into the SD slot. If the problem continues to occur purchase a replacement SD card. See replacement guide.

Incorrect Image Colors ¶ 

You are able to see the image, however the colors are incorrect.

Incorrect Color Tone Setting ¶ 

First, adjust the color tones on the camera. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H55 contains a White Balance setting. To automatically adjust the color tones, change the White Balance setting to Auto White Balance (AWB). There are also various settings that can result in a more accurate image. Try changing the camera settings according for to the background of the area the photo will be taken. example, the settings can be changed to cloudy if the photo is taken outside on a gray, muggy day.

Flash Does Not Work ¶ 

My Flash is on but it does not work when I take a photo.

Flash Settings ¶ 

Verify that the flash is in the on mode. Make sure the correct settings are in place in order for the flash to be used, enabling certain settings can cause the flash not to work as they are not compatible to operate together. If the camera is in the correct settings with the flash is on, and the problem persists replace the flash bulb.

Stuck Lens ¶ 

The lens jams when the camera is powered on or off.

Pre Lens Adjustments ¶ 

First, reset the camera to its factory settings.

Camera Is Not Aligned ¶ 

Lightly shake the camera or tap on the lens to align the mechanisms that may be out of place.

The Lens Is Dirty ¶ 

Remove any dirt or obscurities that may cause the lens to jam by gently wiping the lens and its surroundings with a soft cloth. Spraying compressed air can ensure the lens is free of any dirt. If the lens continues to jam, the problem is a damaged lens. Follow the replacement guide.


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