You've moved the FUNCTION switch to AM or FM and nothing happens.

It is possible that one or more of the 6 C-cell batteries is either drained, not functioning, or inserted incorrectly and in need of replacement. Learn how to replace them! Alternatively, you could connect the power cord.

If the A/C power cord is connected and you are still not receiving power to the radio, the cord itself may be broken, severed and/or the connection port on the radio may be broken internally. If this is the case replacement of the power cord is recommended. Follow our guide to disassemble the radio and check the internal connections.

If both the batteries and the power cord and connection are in good working order, it is possible that the FUNCTION switch itself is broken. In this case, prepare your tools! Partial dis-assembly of the radio will be required to further diagnose its condition.

You press the button and it does not return to its original position.

If your radio is as old as ours, the buttons may have dirt or debris underneath and around them! This is a simple fix. Try cleaning around them first with a small cotton swab and a small sharp tool, like a paper clip! If this does not work, removal of the buttons for a more thorough cleaning may be in order.

It is possible that either the button itself is damaged or internal components such as the spring have become dislodged or broken. In this case, dis-assembly will be required to assess what the issue is and allow for possible replacement.

The cassette is somehow lodged inside the radio.

The eject mechanism may be jammed or lodged in the radio housing. Partial dis-assembly may be required to un-jam it! If this does not work, it may be broken and need replacing.

If your tape is stuck either in the deck or in the door, try gently prying it out with a small screw driver. If the cassette film is also stuck, the film may be tangled on the turning wheel. Try gently removing it by hand or with a small tool like tweezers.

Radio is functioning, however you are having trouble getting clear and consistent sound.

The radio is working, but when you move the knob towards the 'MIN' or 'MAX' the sound level is not corresponding to the position. The knob itself may be broken or the connection may be broken internally. Find out how to replace the knob here!

If the speaker itself is producing sound, but the audio is distorted it may be blown due to overexertion. In this case, needs to be replaced. If there is no sound coming from one or either speaker they may be disconnected internally. In either case, dis-assembly of the radio may be required. You can learn how to replace the speakers here!

You turn the radio function on and cannot receive clear radio transmission of any station.

The antenna may be pointed in an unfavorable direction for reception. Try re-positioning it until clear reception is found.

It is possible that an internal connection for the antenna is faulty. It may be necessary to replace the antenna if the connection is irreparable.


i don't know where to turn radio on or off

Barb Rance - 回复

i do not know where to turn on or off or switch to battery mode There is no on off switch that i can find . The radio works if i plug it in but can not switch it off unless i unplug it.

Barb Rance - 回复


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