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Samsung WB150F Troubleshooting

Use our Samsung WB150F troubleshooting guide to find what is wrong with your camera.

The camera refuses to turn on.

If your battery is low or has very little charge, your camera will not turn on. Try plugging the charger into the charging port. Allow your camera to charge for 10 minutes or so and then try to turn it on again.

Your charging port is located on the right side of your camera hidden under a small door. Look inside this space for anything that could stop the charger from properly fitting into the space. If you found anything in the charging port remove it, and recharge your device.

If after letting your device charge it still fails to turn on, perhaps your charger is broken. You should try charging your device with a different charger. The charger for this camera is a simple Micro USB wire, you can use the one that came with your camera as a reference.

If none of the above steps were successful in getting the camera to turn on, your battery could be dead. In order to replace it, refer to our guide on how to replace the battery.

Your screen is very dim or will not show anything.

In well lit areas it can be harder to see a dim screen. Cup your hand over the screen, to shade it from the light. If you can see things on your screen, go to your settings where you will have a section for brightness. The camera’s brightness may be low by default to save battery life. Simply raise your brightness to a level where you feel you can easily see everything on your screen.

If you could not see anything on your screen by cupping your hand over it, the screen may be broken. In this case you are going to have to replace the screen. If this seems to be the issue, see our guide for replacing the screen.

The photos being taken are not being stored.

Check to see that there is a memory card in the memory card slot located behind a small door on the bottom of the camera. If there is no memory card in the slot, refer to the guide we wrote for replacing the memory card.

An easy mistake is to put the memory card in incorrectly. If you look closely at the area where you place the memory card, a small engraved picture shows the proper way to insert it. If you are still confused on how to place the memory card visit our guide on replacing a memory card.

Dust often causes problems with memory card connections. Simply take the memory card out, blow on the copper connectors on the memory card, as well as into the area where the memory card sits in the camera. Next place the card back into the slot. Keep in mind that you must put the memory card back in correctly, refer to the previous step or the guide we wrote about replacing the memory card.

If your photos are still not being saved to your memory card, it is most likely because your memory card is damaged. Please refer to our guide on replacing a memory card.

What to do if your pictures are coming out either blurry or dark.

If the pictures are blurry it may be because your lens needs to be cleaned. Take a dry soft cloth to your lens. Once you have cleaned the lens, take another photo to see if your picture quality has improved.

Lighting is another key to having good quality photos. Your camera has a flash, and if you are in a dimly lit area, you want to use the flash on your camera to get the best quality photos. There is a setting on the mode wheel on your camera. Put your camera into a mode which allows the flash. If the flash is simply not working, refer to our guide for replacing the flash.


My flash is not working.

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