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Toothbrush won’t turn on ¶ 

You can’t get your toothbrush to turn on.

Press the power button ¶ 

The top button is the power button and the bottom one changes the mode. The mode button will not turn the toothbrush on so be sure that you are pressing the correct button. If your toothbrush still won’t turn on, keep reading.

Drained/Bad battery ¶ 

You may just have a drained battery. Put your toothbrush on the charger and ideally the LED lights will turn on, showing that it is charging. If it will no longer charge, the battery must be replaced with a new one. Use this Battery Replacement guide.

Toothbrush making too much noise ¶ 

The toothbrush makes much more noise that it did when it was new.

Loose actuator screw ¶ 

Most likely the actuator screw is loose and must be tightened. Use this guide...

Toothbrush turns on but the head doesn’t move ¶ 

You can hear the toothbrush making a humming sound but the brush head doesn’t move.

Broken shaft ¶ 

The shaft that connects to the toothbrush head may be broken. It will need to be replaced. Use this Shaft Replacement guide.

Toothbrush is not charging ¶ 

The toothbrush cannot charge.

Charger not properly plugged in ¶ 

Check to see if the charger is properly plugged into an outlet, and check to see if the outlet gives any charge.

Charger may be broken ¶ 

If the charger cannot charge any toothbrush, then the charger itself may be faulty. Check to see if the charger is working by placing your toothbrush on the charger. If the battery light on the toothbrush doesn't light up, charger will need to be replaced. Use this guide ...

Broken battery ¶ 

If the charger works fine, the battery on the toothbrush may be broken and will need to be replaced. Use this Battery Replacement guide.

UV Cleaner not turning on ¶ 

The UV cleaner provided with the toothbrush does not turn on.

Cleaner not properly plugged in ¶ 

Check to see if the charger is properly plugged into an outlet, and check to see if the outlet gives any charge.

Broken UV bulb ¶ 

If the outlet works fine, the UV bulb in the cleaner may be broken. Fortunately, the bulb can be easily replaced. Use this UV Light Bulb Replacement guide.


My uv works but the toothbrush charger only makes sounds when I put the toothbrush handle on it. But the charging light never lights up and the toothbrush doesn't turn on.

julie dozier - 回复

My new diamond clean brush has been charging for well over 24hrs and is still flashing a green light (slowly) Is this normal? I was expecting a solid green light about six hours ago.

Matthew Smith - 回复

Mine still lights up but won't turn on and when it's on the charger the lights light up and u can hear it charging. It randomly turns on by itself but will not turn on when I try to turn it on. It just turns on and off by itself. What can b wrong with it?

wanetta - 回复

Did someone from Philips respond and explain what is happening with your sonicare? I am experiencing the same situation.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you might be able to provide.

Doug -

I'm having the same problem I put in the charger & it keeps vibrating notifying me it needs to be charged. It randomly turn on & when I need to use it. I have to push it mutiple times in order for it to start.

Crystal M -

My SoniCare (700 Series) must be possessed! Last couple of days it turns itself on for a few seconds after I'm finished brushing. Does this numerous times. Happens whether it is docked into charger or not. Please help.

MarciaNidey - 回复

might be that some water got inside the casing through damaged seal. Now it is causing some short-circuits. Leave it to dry and do not submerge or leave with water drops near that top seal. Helped in my case.

MM -

Mine stutters, vibrates for several seconds then stops for 1 or 2 seconds then vibrates again repeats until time runs out.

mashihara - 回复

Mine vibrates for about 15 second and shutoff. press start again a run about 4 seconds. Never the full 30seconds (4 times). what can I do? Dave

David Stibor -

My toothbrush making loud noise, I can compare with another new one , it just too different. And use what guide it not even given any on the website.

Yuchuan - 回复

The rubber part at the bottom of my brush, fell out and I could not charge my brush. The brush won't stand and is not secure for charging. How can I get this fixed?

Ann - 回复

My handle is turning yellow. This is a rechargeable Sonicare toothbrush.

christy Lamb - 回复

Mine has turned yellow as well. Has there been any comments about it?

Jimmy Deer -

Help! My toothbrush has a red light and will not work. Tried it on both sides. Other toothbrush working fine.

Pamela London-Baumanis - 回复

Help! Please! My toothbrush stopped working and has a red light. Tried to charge on both sides and nothing. The other toothbrush works fine. Thanks in advance!

Pamela London-Baumanis - 回复

my toothbrush will not charge, even in a working charger (my wife’s). is my charger not working or my toothbrush?

korentur - 回复


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