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The blender will not respond or show any signs of powering up.

The problem may not be with your blender; it may be with the power source. Try pressing the red button on the outlet. This will reset the outlet and fix any faulty connections. WARNING: Unplug your device before pressing. Use caution when working around outlets.

The blender seems to have power but the power light is flashing.

The blade column may not be locked in to the bottom of the blender. Try taking the column out and reinserting it. Also, check to see if the lid is secure. If not, take it off and put it back on, locking it into place. Finally, the blender may not be fully secured to the base; unlock the blender, and then try to put it back into place.

Turn off your blender, unplug it, and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. This will allow for your blender to cool down. Many factors can lead to overheating, including repeated usage or leaving the blender plugged in for too long. Try powering on the blender after the allotted time to see if the problem is fixed.

The blender does not rotate when the button is pushed.

The Ninja NJ600 series blender only functions properly up to a certain capacity. Remove some of the contents from your blender and try blending again.

The blender seems to be extremely noisy.

Check if the blade column is aligned properly to the base of the blender. If this does not solve the problem, then check that the lid is sealed on tight. If neither of these correct the issue, unplug the blender and let it rest for 10-15 minutes. The blender may be too hot, which will cause more noise. Letting it cool down should solve the issue.

You should avoid using the highest setting (power setting 3) on contents that do not require high-powered blending. If you do this, the blender might seem louder than normal. Try a lower setting and see if the noise is under control.

The blender is not chopping food to the desired consistency.

Try to blend less food to make it easier for your blender. The Ninja NJ600 blender is only designed to blend a certain amount of food. If this capacity is exceeded, not all of the food will be able to be blended properly. Remove some food and try blending again.

First of all, you may have added too much liquid to the blender. Remove some of this liquid and try blending again. If no liquid was added, you may have cut your ingredients too finely. This could be giving your food an overprocessed, liquid consistency. Use larger chunks of food and try blending again.


My blender blades turn a couple of times then it stops turning and the on light goes out. What is wrong with my Kitchen System 1100?

Dorothy Legg - 回复

I need help..blender was used a few times...Tried to use it to mix drinks and it would not blend..The power light just blinks, no blending of any kind....This thing is not that old..I received it as a gift.......What am i to do????? LINDO@ZOOMTOWN.COM

lindo - 回复

took apart and found power button on circuit board had fluid that got into it . it would not power up any more . I dried up the moisture in and around the button with a can of pressurized air used for electronic things and reassembled and it was a fix!

dennis heistand - 回复

I am having the same problem as Lindo. The light keeps blinking and will not blend. I have done everything that was advised in the “Power Button Won’t Stop Blinking” section and nothing is happening. HELP…… Kathleen McP

Kathleen McPherson - 回复

My Blender Ninja Professional 1500 Watts BL 770 series will not rotate. The single serve is working but 1 to 3 button will not work. How do I correct it?

Lucas - 回复


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