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Camera Will Not Turn On ¶ 

Camera is not responding to the power switch.

Dead Batteries ¶ 

Remove batteries and plug into charging station. If the battery is not recharging consider buying a new battery.

Faulty Charging Station ¶ 

Plug battery into charging station. Make sure the outlet is working as well. If light does not turn on consider buying a charging station.

Screen Will Not Turn On ¶ 

LCD screen will not show anything after powering on camera.

Dead Battery ¶ 

Ensure the battery is fully charged by plugging it into the charging station. If the battery does not recharge, consider buying a new battery.

Incorrect Setting ¶ 

Option 1: Turn camera on > Menu > Playback > Image Review > Ensure it says ON. If not, click “OK” to set to “ON”

Option 2: Click Menu again > Set Up > Auto Info Display > Ensure it says ON. If not, click “OK” to set to “ON”

Faulty Screen ¶ 

After charging battery, if the LCD screen still does not turn on, refer to this guide to replace the screen.

Audio Recording Problems ¶ 

Camera will not record sound.

Obstruction ¶ 

Make sure there is nothing blocking the microphone (such as the user’s hands or some clutter previously obtained from previous outings). It is the three small holes located right above the “D3100” logo on the front of the camera.

Settings Issue ¶ 

Make sure “ON” is selected in ‘’Sounds’’ under ‘’Movie Settings’’.

Faulty Microphone ¶ 

After ensuring there are no obstructions blocking the microphone and checking the settings, if sound is still not being recorded refer to this guide to replace the microphone.

Camera Not Taking Pictures ¶ 

When I press the shutter no new picture is captured.

Lens Cover ¶ 

Ensure lens cover in front of the camera is off. This may sound simple but many users overlook simple fixes and make bigger problems for themselves.

Memory is Full ¶ 

Consider deleting any unnecessary or extra photos. You may also upload the pictures on the SD card to a computer and then delete the images off the SD card. If unable to do this consider buying a new SD card.

Button is Stuck ¶ 

If the button is not moving there may be an obstruction keeping it from pressing down. Refer to this guide to clean that area around the button.

Shutter Button is Faulty ¶ 

If there are no obstructions and is able to be pressed in but still does not capture any pictures, the button may be faulty or disconnected. Refer to this guide to replace the button.

Command Dial Doesn’t Work ¶ 

Command dial is not changing the settings.

Improper Startup ¶ 

Turn off camera. Pull out the battery. This may work if this is a one time thing. If the problem is repeating move onto other possible answers below.

Clutter In Dial ¶ 

There may be clutter in the dial from just regular wear and tear. Try to just rotate the dial itself. This could loosen up any potential clutter or corrosion that has built up from previous contacts.

Factory Reset ¶ 

Press “menu” button to the left of LCD screen. Select “shooting menu” or “Setup Menu”. Scroll down until you find “Reset Shooting Options.” Then press “OK”, highlight “yes” and press “OK” again. NOTE: This will reset all of your other personal settings. You will need to adjust other settings you have previously adjusted.


my card reader not working and it not a year yet...

weekes18 - 回复

Thanks a mil - doing the factory reset did the trick for my command dial not working!

Eddie Barnard - 回复

My flash is working on light but not working in the dark even i have make the setting for several times..what is the problem and the solution?

zanaria3 - 回复

The images when i capture , its become half black and half images , can i know why it could happen?

Noor Muhamad Azim - 回复

When I take a picture all the white bits in the photo flash black and white

strongarm123 - 回复


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