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You have tried turning on your camera and nothing is happening.

First, you want check if there even is a battery in the camera. If not, put the available battery into the battery terminal. If there is no battery available to you, you can buy one at your local electronics store or order one online at the Nikon Coolpix website, Follow this guide to locate and replace the battery.

If you have a battery within the terminal and the camera will not turn on, check to see if the battery is dead. Put the battery in the charger, and plug it into an outlet. If an orange light turns on, your battery is charging. Once a green light turns on, it is telling you that your battery is fully charged. If you do not have the appropriate charger, you can buy one at your local electronics store or order one online from the Nikon Coolpix website.

If you have been charging your battery for a long time, such as multiple hours or days in a row without using it and the camera still will not turn on, you may have an overcharged battery. An overcharged battery will have fried itself due to an excessive amount of charging, and a new one will be needed. You can order the appropriate one on the Nikon website,, or can buy on at your local electronics store.

If your battery is new or have tried charging your battery multiple times but the camera still will not turn on, there is a chance that your charger is broken. When you put the battery on the charger, check to see if a orange or green light turns on. If the light is orange, it is telling you the your battery is charging. If the light is green, it is telling you that the battery is now fully charged. But if you have no light that turns on, your charger is unfortunately broken and will need to be replaced. You can find the appropriate charger at the Nikon website,, or you can buy one at your nearest electronics store.

If you have a brand new battery and the camera still will not turn on, it is possible that is due to a faulty or damaged motherboard or a bad connection between the motherboard and the battery. Unfortunately, this is not something that you will be able to fix. You will need to visit your nearest electronics store or replace your camera.

You have tried taking pictures, but nothing is saving or getting a No Memory Error

This is a common error, mostly because the SD card is full and needs to free up some space. This can be done by deleting pictures from the camera or a computer. Also, double check that your SD card is not damaged or broken. To replace an SD card use this guide.

The cameras shutter speed is too fast for long exposure pictures or the shutter constantly gets stuck.

Unfortunately, the Nikon Coolpix S8200 is a basic and compact camera. It only has a number of automatic scene modes and no manual controls. Only Nikon P series compact cameras have that feature. Check the automatic scene modes because some of them are able to slow down the shutter speed for long exposure pictures, capturing the perfect shot.

Before taking apart the entire camera, check to see if there is any residue alone the shutter that may cause it to stick. If there is, simply use a pin or toothpick to scrape away at the residue but be careful not to scratch anything along the way. Next, use a solvent such as water or rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to wipe away the rest of the dirt or residue. Use this guide to help you.

Your lens is cracked or damaged in some way.

When you keep opening your camera and the lens is getting stuck, you could have some residue stuck within your lens. If this is the case, try to remove the depre with air. You can use a can of compressed air, blowing the air into the lense to remove the residue. If you do not have any compressed air on hand, you can use a small piece of paper to clean around the lens barrel. If you are still having problems, you should send the camera back into the manufacturer to replace the lens barrel.

If you have a cracked lens, the best decision is to get it replaced. This problem is not able to be fixed at home and should be looked at by professionals. You can send it in to your local electronics store or send it back to the manufacturer.

The buttons are broken/damaged or the buttons are constantly getting stuck.

When buttons can't be pressed or they keep getting stuck, there may be something below the physical button holding it up. To fix this, remove the button by carefully taking apart the camera and make sure nothing is stuck below it. If there is, you will need to carefully wipe off the area underneath. Once it is sufficiently clean, snap the key back into position and check if the buttons are now working. If they aren’t, send the camera back into the manufacturer for further inspection.

If your buttons happen to be cracked or broken and it is difficult to use them, the best decision is to get them replaced. You can try and see if a local electronics store or the Nikon website,, holds the parts and if they do to order them. If not, you can send it back into the manufacturer to get them replaced professionally.

If the keys do not respond, the keyboard may be broken or disconnected and will need to be replaced.

The screen is cracked or damaged and you are unable to see any images.

If you have cracked your screen on your camera, it can be an easy replacement. You can order a new screen on the Nikon website, or replace it yourself using this guide.

If you have a visible crack on your screen thats not on the screen itself, you have a damaged LCD screen. Fortunately a damaged LCD screen can be an easy fix. A new screen is available at or your nearest electronics store.

If you are able to take a picture but the cameras screen shows nothing but black, then it is another case of a damaged LCD screen. Fortunately, as shown above, it can be an easy fix at home. You can also send it into your manufacturer or local electronics store to be fixed.

When taking a picture, the flash will not go off.

Press the lightning looking button on the multi selector. Then move through the menu to select the desired flash effect, that is not in the 'OFF MODE'.

If after turning the flash on, or making sure it is on, and it still wont go off while taking a picture, then your bulb is burnt out or damaged. With this problem, you will have to replace the burnt out buld with a new one. You can buy a new bulb at or at your local electronics store.


how to change the lightbulb?

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This is weird and an S8100 not S8200. Dropped the camera [duh] and a front corner of the frame popped out a bit. I managed to push it carefully back in place, but began getting various error messages, and the flash won’t pop up properly. Put it away for a year, then recently tried to fix, only to find the front rubbery surface is sticky and gooey. Not melted - camera was in cool and dry storage. Will turn on but get error messages about mode setting. Aside from the sticky surface rendering it unusable, is there any way to fix the electronics? Should I take it apart? Is it worth taking to an electronics store?

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