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Nikon Coolpix S8000 Troubleshooting

Camera won't turn on ¶ 

No matter what you do the camera won't turn on.

Battery may need to be replaced ¶ 

After exhausting all options, open flap to remove battery. This battery can be found in any store where there is an available electronic section.

The battery needs to be charged ¶ 

First remove the battery to make sure that it is inserted correctly. Next, charge the camera to make sure the battery is charged and there is not a short in it. After charging the camera, power it on, if the camera does not power on, the next step would be to replace the battery.

Black Screen ¶ 

"There is no light present on the screen when power button is pressed.''

Press the on/off button. It should light up ¶ 

The battery needs to be charged ¶ 

Once noticing the screen is black, make sure the on/off button is pressed to turn on the camera. If there is still no light or picture, your battery probably needs to be charged. After letting it charge for a bit, press the on/ off again.

== Picture Distortion==

"When camera is on, the picture is out of proportion or distorted.''

Picture is too big ¶ 

Zoom in/ Zoom out switch ¶ 

Cracked screen ¶ 

First, play with the zoom feature on the camera to find the best quality picture. Next, you may want to clear the lens in the front of the camera of any smudges or dust with a small, glass-cleaning towel. Also make sure the lens is free of any cracks. Then, while preparing to take a picture, make sure the lens cap opens.

Camera Won't Save Pictures ¶ 

"The camera won't allow pictures to be taken.''

Camera does not have memory card ¶ 

Consider saving pictures onto a memory card, cameras storage may be filled ¶ 

First, go through your camera’s photo album to see if your camera is at capacity. If it is, deleting old pictures would be a quick fix to clear up memory and allow pictures to be taken. *To create more memory and reduce the likelihood of pictures having to be deleted, obtain a memory card and insert it in the bottom of the camera, by the battery.

The Flash Won't Work ¶ 

" There is no flash when trying to take a picture.''

The Flash is stuck ¶ 

First, recognize that the flash is supposed to pop up when taking a picture. If there is still no flash, make sure the flash is enabled, test the flash by taking a picture. If it still does not work, gently pull up on the flash to make sure nothing is jammed that would prevent it from popping up.




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