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Nikon Coolpix L610 Troubleshooting

Released 2012, model number L610

After pressing the power button the camera does not turn on.

Replace the batteries with any Lithium AA batteries. If the device still will not turn on, it will need a more delicate procedure.

If there is no click when pressing the power button or the power button seems to be stuck in, the power button is jammed and needs replaced.

Replace the batteries with any Lithium AA batteries. If the flash still will not work, it will need a more delicate procedure.

With the flash setting on there is no light coming from the flash.

Some or all of the buttons on the front do not respond when pressed. This is problem with control panel, and it needs to be replaced.

To turn on the flash it must be opened up. The switch to open the flash is on the front of the camera. Push the switch and it will automatically turn the flash on. IF that does not resolve the issue in the menu screen there will be and option to turn the flash on.

After replacing or checking the batteries, your issue may be the bulb. If it is broken or damaged, replace the bulb following this guide

The camera power light is turned on although the screen isn't displaying an image.

Replace the batteries with any Lithium AA batteries. If the screen still will not turn on, it will need a more delicate procedure.

If your screen is cracked or was dropped, the screen may not work properly. This problem could come form the screen or from where the screen connects to the motherboard. Follow this guide of how to replace it.

My camera says lens error on the LCD screen

Cannot get the zoom to work

If when turning the zoom ring, the lens does not react. The zoom ring may be broken and need to be replaced.

The camera turns on and when the lens makes an attempt to extend, due to a possible mechanical problem the lens error appears on the screen. The lens should be replaced following the guide.

If when pressing the zoom button, the lens does not react. The lens maybe be broke. If this is the issue, it needs to be replaced by following the guide.

After taking a video, I cannot find it saved.

There must be a place to store the data so check to make sure there is a memory card in the device, it will be located under the right side of the camera.

On most SD cards there is a switch that will protect that SD card from having data placed on it. This switch needs to be in the write position. Switch the write-lock switch to the write position

If the storage is full there is no more space to save the files. Connect to a computer to remove the files off of the device. You can use either a micro-USB cord or remove the SD card and connect it to your computer.

First make sure you have new batteries in the device. If you do have new batteries in the device, this error may occur if the battery door gets loose. It can be resolved by keeping pressure on the bottom side of the camera where the battery door is located.


Camera went off by itself with the lense extended. Now it's stuck. how can I fix it? Any one to help?

Thomas Antony - 回复

my camera is coolpix P610 and the camera don't turn on. What I have to do???

please answer

Shahad Mustafawi - 回复

This happened to me too! How'd you fix it?

Liah Alemayehu -

Hi My Coolpix 610 won't load pics to the PC anymore. Tried different cable, port and loading ViewNX2 but no good, afterr plugging into a USB port, the 'onlight' comes on, after a minute blinks a few times and then turns off - any ideas?

Mike Frost - 回复

Can someone help me? My Coolpix P610 will not take pics and wont record videos.

the screen is on and the displays like the battery life, and stuff like that show but the rest of the screen is black. with the viewfinder and the monitor I can not see what I am looking at.

coyotekelly - 回复


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