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Nextbook 8 Troubleshooting

Model number NX785QC8G, released in 2014. RK3188 Quad core ARM Cortex A9/1.6GHz Processor, 1GB DDR RAM.

No matter what I do, the phone will not turn on

  • Charge the device with the provided charger.
  • It is possible that your battery is dead.

When I touch the screen, the Nextbook is unresponsive.

  • Clean the screen with a soft cloth.
  • Be sure screen is free of water and dirt, as they can cause interference with the touch screen.

When I attempt to use the camera, the screen is blurry and sometimes completely blank

  • Clean the camera lens with a cloth to remove smudges or dirt.
  • Take back cover off and clean the inside of the lens and the actual camera.
  • Camera will need to be replaced.

When I play music or other media, I get no sound

  • Take back cover off, remove speaker, and blow out with compressed air.
  • Speaker will need to be replaced.


my nextbook was dropped on the corner where the on/off button is . the button got stuck inside and will not turn on now.

candylanej - 回复

Next book 8 will not turn on no matter what. The battery charges OK. I only had it about 4 to 5 weeks and it just won't turn on.

Hollie Noel - 回复

right mine too. hope this replies soon

adasdasd asdasdasd -

I've seen where some have taken the bask cover off and unplugged the battery pack and plugged it back in. Many had this fix the problem, but it didn't work for mine, which also will not turn on. At all. Good luck. Nextbook sucks!

hydroryan -

I'm having a problem with the tablet feeling like its over heated. Plus it will go to a blank black screen that is unresponsive and leaves you with the only option of turning it off.

Sunessa Kruse - 回复


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