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Nextbook 8 Troubleshooting

Model number NX785QC8G, released in 2014. RK3188 Quad core ARM Cortex A9/1.6GHz Processor, 1GB DDR RAM.

Nextbook won't turn on ¶ 

No matter what I do, the phone will not turn on

Battery is dead ¶ 

  • Charge the device with the provided charger.
  • It is possible that your battery is dead.

Touch screen is unresponsive ¶ 

When I touch the screen, the Nextbook is unresponsive.

Screen needs to be cleaned ¶ 

  • Clean the screen with a soft cloth.
  • Be sure screen is free of water and dirt, as they can cause interference with the touch screen.

Camera is not working ¶ 

When I attempt to use the camera, the screen is blurry and sometimes completely blank

Lens could be dirty ¶ 

  • Clean the camera lens with a cloth to remove smudges or dirt.
  • Take back cover off and clean the inside of the lens and the actual camera.

Camera is faulty ¶ 

  • Camera will need to be replaced.

No sound from speaker ¶ 

When I play music or other media, I get no sound

Speaker could be filled with dirt ¶ 

  • Take back cover off, remove speaker, and blow out with compressed air.

Speaker is faulty ¶ 

  • Speaker will need to be replaced.


my nextbook was dropped on the corner where the on/off button is . the button got stuck inside and will not turn on now.

candylanej - 回复

Next book 8 will not turn on no matter what. The battery charges OK. I only had it about 4 to 5 weeks and it just won't turn on.

Hollie Noel - 回复

right mine too. hope this replies soon

adasdasd asdasdasd -

I'm having a problem with the tablet feeling like its over heated. Plus it will go to a blank black screen that is unresponsive and leaves you with the only option of turning it off.

Sunessa Kruse - 回复

None of these catagories we're any help for me at all my tablet has been charging for five days and it only got to 15 percent i dont know what to do

KaliyahThomas - 回复

Mine has been charging for a week and I only get ten percent charged.

bobbietrochim -

My Nextbook 8 shows nothing but white screen what can do to fix the problem

melanna mayhand - 回复

My next book ares8 Will not turn on

Patricia Finch - 回复

Help me with turning on my tablet

Patricia Finch - 回复

Mine will turn on. Just does screen with scrolling next book. Any ideas

wamiller47 - 回复

My screen just glitches out into white and black stripes sometimes and I have to restart the page to get a clear image. How can I fix this?

Sadro25 - 回复


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