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If your DROID Mini has a quickly dying battery, or won’t turn on, you may have a dead or unresponsive battery. If your battery is completely drained, and charging the phone doesn’t have an effect, then the battery may be dead. If this occurs, replace your phone battery.

If you find that your phone battery drains quickly or more often than is usual (about 28 hours of mixed usage), then you may need to replace the battery.

If your battery is unresponsive, that is the battery is below 5%, some of your DROID Mini’s functions may not be available. For example, the camera may not function due to lack of battery power. The way to fix unresponsive phone functions related to battery life is to fully charge the battery. If the problem persists, restart your phone after charging the battery.

Your DROID Mini may experience some physical damage, causing the outer front or back case to crack. If damage occurs, the best option is to replace the broken part. Refer to the case replacement guide to learn how.

If your phone’s display is not showing up you might want to restart the phone. If that doesn't work consult the screen replacement guide.

If your camera is failing to work the first things you might want to do is restart your phone. Another option would be to force stop your application by exiting out of it and launching it again.

The failure of your camera may also be a direct cause of your current phone settings. Whether you unintentionally changed a setting or purposefully changed a default setting, resetting a function to default settings may solve the problem.

The DROID Mini’s lens might also be the issue. The lens might be cloudy or otherwise dirty. Cleaning the lens with a lens cleaner and scratch-free cloth will solve any cloudiness or blurriness related to this lens.

The failure of your camera may have to do with your phone’s memory. Usually the phone will notify you that your camera’s memory capacity is full and you might need to delete or allocate your photos elsewhere.

If you DROID Mini’s camera still does not function, the battery may have to do with the failure of your camera. If the phone’s battery is too low you might be unable to access the camera application. Charge your battery and then try using the camera again.

If your camera is broken, or if the flash has stopped working, consult the camera replacement guide.

If your speakers are rattling, or you are hearing crackling or a static noise,you may need to replace the loudspeaker. Consult the loudspeaker guide.


My Droid Mini is having issues with motion sensor. When phone goes to sleep the clock continues to flash as if phone is moving when it's not. Also auto screen rotate doesn't work.

Ron Whittaker - 回复

My Motorola Droid Mini xt1030's won't turn on long enough and the logo when you first turned it on won't show up.

Rosanna - 回复

My flash won't work on my Droid Mini HELP !!

Moni - 回复



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