Logitech G9x Laser Troubleshooting

When you flip the mouse over and look at the laser, it is not lit.

The IR laser used in this mouse is not visible to humans.

When you left-click the mouse, it produces a double-click action in Windows.

In Windows, open Control Panel -> Folder Options. On the General tab, select the "Double-click to open an item" option.

The cursor appears on the screen but does not follow the mouse movements.

First remove the outer case by pressing the button at the rear of the mouse and lifting up on the case from the rear--tilting it forward--until it clears the mouse body.

To remove the weight holder, press in the panel with the Logitech logo on the top rear of the mouse and release; the holder pops out. Pull the weight holder the rest of the way out. To change the weight of the mouse, press the bottom of the weights to push them out of their holders, then press the holder back into place until it clicks. Make sure you save the weights in a place where they will not be lost in case you want to re-insert them.

Replace the outer case by fitting the front edge under the front edge of the mouse body and pressing down on the rear of the outer case until it clicks.



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