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Phone fails to power on

Press and hold down the power button (on the right side, top of the phone) to turn on the power.

There is a chance that your battery needs to be recharged.

1. Try plugging in the phone to your charger and give it a few minutes to charge before holding down the power button.

2. If the phone fails to turn on, it is likely that that battery no longer works and needs to be replaced. To replace the battery you need to find a compatible Kyocera battery.

3. After you purchase a new battery, remove the phones backing, and remove the old battery. To remove the old battery you will lift up on the white tab labeled “pull” that is placed on the bottom of the battery.

4. Place the new battery in the phone, and hold the power button to turn the phone on. If this step also fails it is possible that the charger may be faulty and needs to be replaced as well.

Kyocera Event keeps turning off and returns to the startup screen multiple times.

This resets your phone without resetting any of your data.

1. First, hold the power button. Then, press the “ok” option to turn off the phone.

2. Next, remove the battery from the phone for about 30 seconds.

3. Finally, place the battery back in, and turn the phone back on.

Clearing the Cache deletes unnecessary temporary data files that take up valuable space on your device. These temporary data files may cause performance issues if they take up too much space.

1. Go to the settings on your phone. Next press the “Apps” section, then press the “All” button.

2. Then, select the desired app, and tap the “clear cache” option.

3. Repeat this for all apps, especially the ones that may take up more memory.

Most phones eventually run out of storage which can cause many issues.

1. Uninstall any unused apps, don’t worry you can reinstall them later if needed.

2. Next move any applications to the SD card, provided that you have one.

3. First go to the “settings” option, then tap on the “Apps” section.

4. Tap on the desired app, and select “Move to SD card.”

The screen has cracks or has faulty spots.

In many cases the phone has been dropped and the LCD display is now damaged. In assistance and instructions for removing and replacing the screen, please see Kyocera Event display screen replacement

The phone will not delete pictures saved on the phone.

1. Open the gallery application.

2. Click and view the picture you want deleted.

3. While the picture is displayed, press the “Menu” button and choose the “Delete” option.

“Note: If your phone has been synced with your google account, the picture will return regardless of how many times you try and delete it.”

Photos keep reappearing after being deleted.

1. Go to “Settings”.

2. Then go to “Accounts & Sync” and click the “Google Account”.

3. Uncheck the “Google Photos” option. This should allow you to delete photos without them coming back, however, your photos will no longer be backed up on the Google cloud afterwards.

You may need to turn off your phone to allow the gallery to refresh, but you should notice that the photos have been permanently deleted

Remove the folder from the Gallery

1. Go to “Settings”

2. Choose “Application Manager” option.

3. Click the tab labeled “All”

4. Choose the “Gallery” from the list and hit “Clear Data”.

It may pop up a window saying it will delete everything, it shouldn’t actually delete your regular photos though.

Phone is unresponsive while using certain applications.

1. Press and hold the power button to turn the power off.

2. Remove the phone’s rear cover and remove the battery for about 10 seconds.

3. Replace the battery and put the rear cover back on.

4. Press and hold the power button to turn the phone back on.

Doing a factory reset will delete all content stored on phone and reverts phone to original settings.

1. Press and hold the power button to turn off the phone.

2. Hold down the "Volume" "Power" and "Home" buttons at the same time. Continue holding the buttons until the 3-D Android logo and a menu of system options appears on the screen, and then release the buttons.

3. Press the "Volume" button to scroll through the menu options and highlight "Wipe Data/Factory Reset." Press the "Power" button to select the option.

4. Use the Volume button again to highlight "Yes, Delete All User Data," and then press the "Power" button. The Event deletes all of your personal data and settings from the phone and then returns to the first menu.

5. Highlight "Reboot System Now," and then press the "Power" button to restart the phone. After several minutes the Event will start up and give you an option to set phone to original settings. Choose the option to reset the phone to factory settings.

Clearing application cache removes temporary files but will NOT remove personal setting or information.

1. Press the “Home” button.

2. Press the “Menu” button.

3. Choose the “System Settings” option.

4. Scroll to the “Apps” option.

5. Press the “All Tab” button.

6. Choose the application that is freezing.

7. Hit the “Clear Cache” button.

Clearing Application Data will remove any personal information including login information, settings, and high scores.

1. Press the “Home” button.

2. Press the “Menu” button.

3. Choose the “System Settings” option.

4. Scroll to the“Apps” button.

5. Choose the “All Tab” option.

6. Choose the application that is freezing.

7. Hit the “Clear Data” button.

8. Read the message and press “OK”.

Drying out components after getting phone wet.

1. Press and hold the power button to turn off phone.

2. Remove the rear battery cover.

3. Remove the battery.

4. Place the phone in a large bag of rice for a few hours. The dry rice will absorb the moisture from the phone. Be aware that, “turning the power on before components are completely dry could potentially damage the phone.”

5. After a few hours, remove the phone from the rice. Replace the battery. Put the rear battery cover back on to the phone.

6. Press and hold the power button.

Disable Connection Optimizer

1. Press the “Home” button.

2. Press the “Menu” button.

3. Then choose “System Settings > More… > Mobile Networks > Connection Optimizer”.

4. Uncheck the “Connection Optimizer” box.


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