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Kurio 10S Troubleshooting Guide

The tablet is plugged in but will not turn on or show any sign of charging.

Check to make sure the power adapter is plugged in properly, and try moving around the micro-USB charger and see if there is any response. If not, check to see if the adapter light is on while the device is plugged in. If the light is not lit then the charger itself is faulty. Consider purchasing a replacement adapter. If the charger is functioning correctly, the micro-USB port might be damaged and should be replaced.

If the device will not respond to adjustments made to the adapter or micro-USB charging ports, then the device battery might be faulty. In order to correct this issue, it is necessary to replace the device battery, which is located under the back casing of the device.

Applications and programs are taking a longer time than usual to load.

If the device is taking longer than usual to load and run applications, it is possible that the system is low on memory space. To speed up the device and improve performance, you can store data such as photos or videos on a computer or external hard drive. Plug the device into the desired storage space and select the option to choose files to transfer. Once the transfer is complete, unplug the device and delete the files that were transferred to free up processor space. Check if programs that you are not currently using have been closed and are no longer running.

If a restart does not help and low memory space is not an issue there may be a faulty motherboard or graphics card. In this case, the best solution is to replace the motherboard.

The volume is on but there is no sound playing or it is distorted.

Check that the volume on the device is set to a sufficient level and that the device is not muted. Also ensure that there is no headphone or other device plugged into the headphone jack causing the built in speakers to mute.

The speakers may have been moved or disconnected from damage or movement and may need to be replaced.

When the buttons are pressed there is no response from the device or the buttons are difficult to press

Use a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol to clear debris from the top and sides of the buttons.

Remove buttons from device and clean under each key. Check that there are no objects under any keys which may cause them to function improperly.

Button sensors are damaged

If there is no obstruction affecting the buttons, and they are still not working the sensors may be damaged and will need to be replaced.

There are strange colors/patches on the display, video is distorted or screen can not be read.

After restarting the device and cleaning the screen, if the display is still distorted there may be water under the screen or the screen may be damaged. In this case the best option is to take the screen off and see if it can be dried. If not, then the screen must be replaced.

If you are running an application while the issue is occuring, fully close the program, and restart the device. If it only occurs while the program is running either look for an update for the application or uninstall it.

If there is no display showing at all or large sections are missing, and the device is fully charged the connections could be loose. Take the screen of as shown earlier and check for loose cords and make sure they are securely tightened. If not, or they cannot be fixed, replace the screen.

The device feels too hot to touch comfortably and/or emits a faint burning smell.

This problem can be fixed by closing all applications and powering down the device. If the problem persists, you can place the device in a cooler environment and wait to see if the temperature decreases. If none of the above solutions are successful, the device battery should be replaced.

Headphones or other external device are plugged in, but there is no sound from the device.

Ensure that the headphones or other device connected to the headphone jack are plugged in fully and securely.

Turn the volume up to a sufficient volume and ensure that the volume is not muted.

The jack may be defective or damaged from use and should be replaced.


my kurio 10s is stuck at kd interactive screen

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