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JVC GR-D93U Troubleshooting

The camcorder was released in 2003. It can be identified by brand JVC and model number GR-D93U.

The tape will not come out of the camera.

Make sure the battery is not drained, if so, replace or recharge the battery.

Follow these steps:

Turn camcorder on and open cassette holder.

Leave cassette holder open, and power off the unit.

Remove the battery.

Power on the unit.

Replace the battery.

Cassette should now eject safely.

Dis-assembly of the unit may be required. Carefully remove the cassette holder using the screws attached to the unit. Remember to keep track of all screws for reassembly. For more information, refer to the repair guide.

There is too much interference noise in playback.

Many times, while recording, the camera heads for the tape recording may be dirty. In order to fix this issue, remove the record-able table from the unit, and insert a cleaning cassette. By following the directions for the cleaning cassette, the heads will be cleaned, and stop recording outside noises. Just remember to reinsert the record-able tape before you starting capturing video.

The camera believes the lens cap is on when it is actually off.

If you are in a dark area, turn lens toward a light source. The camera uses light to detect the difference between the lens being on or off. By introducing more light to the lens, the camera will know the lens is in fact off.

Restart the camera with the lens cap off.

The camera dies quickly after charging.

Buy a spare battery or extended life battery. After time, batteries lose the ability to hold a charge. It may be necessary to replace the battery with a standard one, or extended life battery.

Smarter recording will help the battery last longer. One example of smarter recording is to turn the camera off when not in use.

When trying to record the video, there is no recording.

On the cassette, if the protection is on to prohibit recording, flip the switch to an open mode. The protection mode does not allow for recording because it is meant to prevent the previous tape footage to be recorded over.

Make sure the device is set to record on the correct source setting. Having the camera set up to an incorrect recording method will not result in having the video saved on the right storage unit.

If the cassette holder is open, the camcorder will not be able to record video.

When going into view mode, the previous captured images do not appear.

The view finder is pulled out and the priority is set to finder. To fix, push the viewfinder back in or set priority to LCD.

The brightness on the LCD screen is set too dark. Reset to a brighter setting.

Reset LCD monitor to the 90 degree position.



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