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HP iPAQ H3850 Troubleshooting

This device was released in April 2000 by HP and is a part of the H 3800 series.

iPAQ Will Not Turn On ¶ 

The device does not illuminate or power on after pressing power button.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

After adequately charging the device, check to make sure the battery is properly inserted. If the device does not turn on, or will only turn on if left plugged in to the charger, a replacement battery will be needed.

iPAQ Display Screen Does Not Fully Light Up ¶ 

The screen doesn't have its normal bright display.

Defective Backlight ¶ 

If the brightness is properly adjusted and the device is powered on, and the screen is still too dim, the backlight will need to be replaced.

Cracked Display Screen ¶ 

Display can't be read because of cracks in the screen.

Screen Replacement ¶ 

Through disassembling the device and careful screen removal, you can install a new and functioning display screen.

Unresponsive Buttons On iPAQ ¶ 

Pressing iPAQ's buttons gives no feedback.

Button Replacement ¶ 

If after completely restarting the device the problem persists, each individual button can be ordered online as replacement parts.

iPAQ Is Beginning To Run Poorly ¶ 

Over time, the device's performance has steadily decreased.

Dust Removal ¶ 

If the device is running below par, and you've tried restarting the device, this could be caused by excess dust buildup inside the iPAQ. This can be solved disassembling the device, and cleaning the dust with compressed air.




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