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HP Pavilion DM3-3010US Troubleshooting

The sound just does not work.

Your Laptop volume is not working correctly. You have performed necessary sound tests and consulted Microsoft Windows problem fixing software, and your volume keys still no longer allow for audio fluctuation. Use the following two steps to restore your HP’s original sound quality.

Your sound card is not functional

This problem is easily fixable by replacing the sound card in your HP. Determining if you need to replace the sound card requires a process of elimination. After trying the aforementioned steps

Your sound-card maybe replaced by the following the simple step-by-step guide linked below.

Your touch pad is not responding.

First, make sure that touch-pad button is on before you begin the replacement process. The white LED light will tell you if your touch pad is turned on.If the LED is in orange, touch-pad is turned off.

In order to fix the Touch-pad issue, a hard reset may be required. A step by step process can be found at

The keys are stuck.

You are experiencing hardware issues.

Your HP just will not turn on.

The laptop will not turn on or the laptop will not charge when plugged in to the charger.

Your power adapter is plugged in and is still not working.

Make sure the power adapter is plugged in. If it is plugged in properly there should be a location somewhere on the adapter that has a light showing. If there is no light, then the adapter is faulty. In this case you should replace the power adapter. If the adapter has no power light location, then the problem can either be the battery or the power cord.

Your batter is not working properly.

If the adapter is plugged in, and there is a light somewhere on the adapter, then the battery should be the problem. If the laptop only works when plugged in, or if the battery life is significantly less then what it used to be, the battery needs to be replaced. This step by step guide can help you.

The laptop turns off randomly, gets really hot, or the fan is very loud.

The computer can overheat if there is excess dust or other materials in the vent or fan. A compressed air duster can be used to blow the dust or excess out of the vent or fan.

The computer can overheat if the fan is broken or noisy.

Dust and excess maybe stuck in the fan causing it to be loud and not cool the computer properly. A compressed air duster can be used to blow the dust or excess out of the fan as previously mentioned. If the fan is broken, the fan will need to be replaced. This step by step guide can help you replace your broken fan.

Water has been spilled on or into the computer.

DO NOT TURN ON YOUR COMPUTER. If you are lucky you may still be able to use your computer. Follow this step by step guide that can help you deal with a water logged lap top.

The computer has run out of space or the user simply wants more space.

If the computer needs more space or the user wants more space, an external hard drive can be used. If the user needs to replace the hard drive, follow this step by step guide.

Your screen is not properly displaying images.

Before checking anything else, make sure your laptop’s visual display settings are properly calibrated. Here is an in depth guide on HP Pavilion DM3 display settings.

If your display upon start up is blank or suddenly goes blank and stays that way.

First be certain this is not a broken hardware issue. If so, usually the cause is stored energy in the motherboard capacitors, draining this energy can get your laptop working again. Often this can be solved by performing a hard/forced reset to you laptop. This should restore the laptop to its setting before the problem occurred and allow it to run properly.

There is also an HP support hard reset guide here.

If you have severely damaged or cracked screen you have few options.

If you still have a warranty you can take the laptop to your service provider and be given a replacement. If you don’t have a warranty you can turn it into your provider and have it repaired for a fee or you can replace the screen yourself. HP Pavilion DM3 screen specs: size: 13.3 inch Widescreen (Slim), Resolution: WXGA (1366x768), Back-light Type: LED, Finish: Glossy.

Ordering online, here are few useful sources. screen-surgeons, amazon, eBay

If your screen is undamaged and hard reset fails to restore visibility what you may have is a broken back light, LDC inverter, or video card issue.

To determine which is the source there are a simple procedures. To test if the video card is the issue simply connect it to an external monitor before powering up the laptop then turn on the laptop and see if the screen works. In most cases if the screen is visible but very dim or light is visible before the screen goes dark you have a back light issue. If you’re experiencing absolutely zero visibility or your laptop shows now indication of action on screen despite the power being on you probably have an LCD inverter issue and will need a replacement. As previously stated, under warranty you can have the issue taken care of by the provider. In other cases you will half to buy the replacement parts yourself.

dis assembly guide, HP pavilion DM3 support guides



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