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Feed blade doesn't move properly ¶ 

Feed blade doesn't move back and forth as it should

Parts need oiling ¶ 

The blade may just be insufficiently lubricated. To fix this simply apply some oil to [无效指南链接].

No template in place ¶ 

Open the template retainer plate to check to see if there is a template in place. If there is no template then simply select one that should have come with the device and [无效指南链接].

Template won’t stay in place ¶ 

The template doesn't seem to always work

Template retainer plate is broken ¶ 

Upon opening the template container, there should be a metal piece slightly sticking up. If it’s not, try to lift it back up. If it’s missing try placing something such as a piece of cardboard .3cm thick to help keep it in place.

Lock on template retainer plate is broken ¶ 

There should be a small piece of metal protruding from the bottom. If it’s there, make sure it’s not bent. If it’s not there, try to glue something in its place that's .4cm by .2cm by .1cm.

Can’t adjust the size of the stitching ring ¶ 

Something is wrong with the size of the buttonholes

The size adjuster isn't moving ¶ 

The size adjuster lever could be stuck. [无效指南链接] and check to see if there’s something keeping it stuck in place.

Spring on fork arm is broken/missing ¶ 

There should be a spring that connects to the fork arm. If it’s broken or missing , turning the knob causes the device to go in a line rather than an oval pattern. Try [无效指南链接] the spring.

Knob won’t stay in place ¶ 

The main knob wobbles around

Knob is not properly screwed in ¶ 

The knob could simply [无效指南链接]. Try to push down and turn it clockwise until you start hearing a clicking noise. If it’s clicking but still wobbling, there might be another problem.

Screw is stripped ¶ 

Take out the knob but turning it counterclockwise. If the screw appears to be missing its ridges you can try ordering a replacement for it.

Spring is missing ¶ 

The knob should have a spring wrapped around the screw. This helps connect the knob to the device. If it is missing, you could try ordering a replacement for it.


This is a good site, but I do not know the terms for parts. Pictures needed!

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