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The LED light work and the fan starts, but the screen will not boot

  • The netbook may only need to be restarted.
  • Turn the netbook off and unplug it
  • Turn it back on making sure you press Fn and F6 at the same time as your computer is starting up.

This may also occur when the memory chips come loose in their sockets.

  • First, remove the back cover and see if everything is in place.
  • If any chips are loose, try removing them completely and then replacing them back in.

If this happen while doing something video-intensive, try replacing the video driver with one directly from the manufacturer

If it sounds like the netbook's hardware is starting up but the screen never turns on and Ctrl+Alt+Del won't start a restart, one or more of your fan may not be starting. This would cause the netbook to overheat very soon after starting up, before it powers on the scree:

  • See if you can spot the fans through the plastics on the sides and back cover of the netbook.
  • Once you see where the fas are, try to start the netbook again and see if all of the fans are rotating.
  • If you cannot see the fans with the back cover, try removing the back cover before you start the netbook. If one of the fan is not rotating, it may need to be replaced.
  • Make sure you can geek air flowing out all of the netbook's event. If one does not have air flowing through it, it may need to be cleaned.
  • If it appears to be a problem with the netbook's power, first remove the battery completely and try to run the netbook using only the adaptor's power. If that does not work, replace the battery and try using only the battery power.

The device does not turn on when the power button is pressed.

Power Supply Connection

•If on a docking station, remove netbook from dock.

•Make sure power cord is firmly connected to netbook.

•Plug computer power cord directly into electrical outlet.

  • Make sure the outlet you are using is good.
  • Drain stored power and restart netbook.
    • Turn off netbook and unplug power cord.
    • Disconnect all external devices.
    • Remove the battery.
    • Press power button and hold for 10-15 seconds.
    • Plug power cord back into netbook and press power button.
    • Check front panel LEDs and listen for power supply fan.
    • If LEDs are on or fan starts spinning, wait for computer to boot up.
    • If computer starts, turn it off.
    • Reconnect external devices.
    • Press the power button and make sure the computer starts.
  • Disconnect all external devices.
    • Remove all cards from PC slots and memory slots.
    • If this solves the problem, add them back in one at a time until the computer will not start again.

The battery won't hold a charge when I plug it in.

  • Check if the computer turns on and immediately powers off.
  • If so, the battery no longer holds a charge and must be replaced.
  • How to replace a battery guide

I get an error message when I turn the computer on.

  • Restart the computer
  • Press F8 and hit Enter.
  • Choose "Last Known Good Configuration" and press Enter.

My keyboard or touchpad won't work.

  • Restart the computer.
  • If the touchpad still does not work, make sure it is enabled.
  • Otherwise, restart the computer and hold F8 until Safe Mode appears.
  • If the touchpad/keyboard does not work yet, it is possible the computer has a virus.

I can't connect to the Internet.

  • Make sure DSL/cable modem and router LEDs are lit
  • Make sure cables to the modem and router are connected correctly
  • Turn on wireless antenna radio by pressing Fn+F2
  • Make sure the computer is close to where the wireless router is located
  • Connect to correct wireless router, check the SSID (network name)
  • Check the wireless adapter
  • Check the WiFi card. Gateway KAV60 LT2016U WiFi Card Replacement|How to Replace the WiFi Card]
  • Check the 3G card. How to Replace the 3G Card
  • Click start, then choose Control Panel
  • Click Network and Sharing Center
  • Click Diagnose and repair

I can't hear sound through the speakers.

  • Check to see if the Volume is set to mute settings
  • If it is, the volume can be turn on by pressing "+" on the top right of the netbook.
  • Check to see if the speakers are connected
    • Open Device Manager by going to Start > Control Panel > System Properties > Hardware tab >
    • It is also possible to check the physical connection of the speakers in the computer. How to Replace the Speakers

Device Manager

  • Click the plus sign (+) next to Computer to see if an audio device is enabled.
    • If disabled, right click the device and enable it.
    • If it is enabled, double click the device to view Properties, and click the Driver tab. ***Use this information to download the appropriate Driver information from the Gateway Driver & Download support page:Gateway support*** Once downloaded, uninstall the current driver and reinstall the downloaded driver.



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