Gateway 600YG2 Troubleshooting

Basic solutions to common errors.

Before trying to perform any repairs, try restarting the computer. If the computer is frozen, hold down the power button until the screen goes black; approximately six seconds.

Write down the error message code and number. Try doing some research online about the error code, simple solutions might be available. Contact technical support for further assistance with the error.

If an external device, such as a mouse, stops working, check the connection to the laptop. Try removing and replacing the device.

If stuck at the bios post screen you may enter the requested bios and try resetting defaults or restarting.

Your computer randomly shutdown while running.

Make sure that the fan is not obstructed so the computer can properly ventilate and not overheat.

See memory section for further help with this issue.

You press the power button and nothing happens.

Make sure the power cable is properly plugged in to the notebook and the outlet. If there is a power strip make sure it is turned on.

Check and make sure that the power cable isn’t damaged or cut.

If you’ve added or removed any parts make sure you performed the procedures correctly and followed the instructions. Power failures can be caused by improper connections and assembly or possible bad parts.

Your keyboard isn't functioning properly or doesn't work at all.

If built in keyboard isn’t working attaching a PS/2 keyboard to your notebook can replace the built in keyboard.

If keyboard is repeating or you get “keyboard stuck” message make sure nothing is resting on the keyboard, no keys are jammed down, and you can try to loosen a key that might be stuck then restart your notebook.

You can make sure that the built in keyboard is properly plugged into the logic board. See repair guide for how to replace the keyboard for further help with this solution.

If complete keyboard failure it can be replaced.

Your touch pad mouse doesn't respond when you touch it.

For a quick fix, attach a PS/2 mouse to your computer.

Make sure the touch pad is properly attached to the logic board. The touch pad can be replaced if necessary from here.

You have problems with loading or error messages about memory.

If there is a memory error make sure that the ram is seated properly in the memory bay slot.

If “not enough memory” close all programs and restart your notebook.

You insert a disk and nothing happens.

The disk won't play if it is inserted upside down or unbalanced. Make sure the disk's label is on top and that it lies flat in the try.

Make sure there is no smudges or marks on the back of the disk. Use a soft cloth to clean any marks off.

You play an audio file and no sound comes from the speakers.

Make sure the speaker volume is turned up and that the mute button is disabled. Also check to if any headphones are plugged in; sound will go to whatever is plugged into the audio jack.

One possible solution to problems with sound is to reinstall the audio drivers. Check product website for downloads. Drivers Support

Your computer is on but there is no image on the screen.

If screen is too dark you can adjust brightness using system keys. If you want to change resolution it is in Display Properties.

If you have attached an external monitor and it is not working make sure that you have enabled the external monitor in the Display properties. Make sure the external monitor is turned on and the power and video cables are properly connected.

If your computer doesn't boot up or you have data loss.

Locate disk cleanup under control panel. Let this run on your computer until completed. This will help delete unnecessary files and will clean-up your hard drive.

If there are Data Errors there may be a defective area on the hard drive. Check online regarding these errors or contact technical support.

If there is a failure to read the hard drive, make sure the hard drive was installed properly, you can remove it and reinsert it.

If you do have hard drive failure you can replace it with a new one.




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