FujiFilm FinePix A340 Troubleshooting

Formatting Memory Card

Your memory card may need to be reformatted. This will delete any pictures on it, so be sure to save them to an external source beforehand.

Check Flash Mode

Be sure flash mode is in fully charge or auto charge mode.

Flash Unit

If flash is still nonexistent, flash unit may be defective and in need of a replacement.

Resetting the Camera

Remove the batteries. After waiting a few minutes, replace the batteries or install a fresh set. If the camera doesn't turn on properly, hold function or "OK" button as you turn it on.

Resetting the Camera, Method 2

Remove the batteries and the memory card. Install new batteries and turn the camera on. If error E30 appears, turn camera off and replace memory card.

Resetting Camera, Method 3

Place camera on a flat surface, with the lens pointed up. Hold shutter button down as you turn on the camera.

Cleaning the Lens Aperture

Blow compressed air into the gaps around the lens barrel to remove particulates. Or you could carefully use a blow dryer on a "no heat" setting.



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