Fixit Clinic, based primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, provides guided disassembly to help people learn to fix their broken stuff.

Bring your broken stuff to a clinic. Our Fixit Coaches will help you to evaluate the problem, lend you to tools to attack it, and teach you how to use them. If you fix it, great! If you don't, well you probably learned something new about how it was supposed to work.

Our main site is

You can find a lot of info about us, and announcements of upcoming events on our page at

If you don't live in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are other like-minded groups in other cities and countries around the world. Some that I know about are:

Seattle, WA, USA -

New York, NY, USA -

Melbourne, Australia -!/FixItMelbourne

Amsterdam, The Netherlands -

London, UK -

Not sure if the folks actually run clinics/cafes, or are promoting the idea



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