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Echo SRM-225 Trimmer Troubleshooting

Echo Line Trimmer model number SRM-225

Pull cord stuck ¶ 

No matter how hard you pull starter cord won't budge or barely moves.

Bad starter recoil ¶ 

Starter recoil is just jammed or actually broken. Remove and check for problems. Replace if necessary

Engine is seized ¶ 

With the starter recoil removed. Remove spark plug and try to move engine manually. If it doesn't move engine is seized. It might be able to be freed with 2 stroke oil in the cylinder. If not it will have to be rebuilt or scrapped altogether.

Engine runs poorly, will not start or stops after a few seconds ¶ 

Equipment not performing as it should.

No fuel or fuel that has gone bad ¶ 

Before getting to excited make sure there is fuel with the proper oil and gas mixture. If it has been sitting for a long time the fuel can go bad and needs to be replaced.

Bad fuel lines ¶ 

Check fuel lines for cracks and leakage. Replace if damage is found.

Dirty or clogged air filter ¶ 

Engine may not be getting enough air. Remove air filter and clean with warm soapy water and let dry or replace with a new air filter.

Dirty or clogged fuel filter ¶ 

Engine may not be getting enough fuel. Remove and replace fuel filter.

Bad spark plug ¶ 

Engine may not be getting enough spark. Remove spark plug to check for damage and heavy carbon build up at the electrode. Replace if any of these conditions exist.

Clogged spark arrester ¶ 

The spark arrester is located in the muffler and if it becomes clogged it can cause poor performance. Remove and clean with wire brush or replace it with a new spark arrester.

Bad on-off switch ¶ 

On-off switch may be faulty causing the engine not to start. It can be tested with a multimeter or disconnect one of the wires from the switch. If the engine starts when it is disconnected the switch is bad and needs to be replaced.

Bad carburetor ¶ 

The carburetor may not be functioning properly causing poor performance or failure to start. Jets and ports can become clogged over time. You can first try to clean the carburetor with a carburetor cleaner. If that doesn't prove effective, rebuilding or replacing the entire carburetor will be necessary


will too much oil cause your machine to bog?I take it empty gas, change spark plug? put proper gas in .the gas I put in was at the very bottom of the can and it's to cycle

Eddie Cunningham lll - 回复

I cannot get the head off to see if there's string left in there and if it jammed. It is an auto feeder. HELP!

Pat - 回复

if you look at the side of the top cover of the trimmer head, you will see a small cutout. rotate that around until you line it up with a hole on the inside. Fit a screwdriver (Or anything metal that fits) through the cover and the hole inside to keep it from rotating,.

jarret capozzi -

How to test ignition coil to see if there is spark

willie moreno - 回复

I use a cheap feeler gauge.

jarret capozzi -

I have string stuck in the head.

How do I remove head to remove string?

I need to restring .

Model SRM 225

Grady Reed - 回复

It depends on the type of head you are using. Bump feed and auto feed heads need to be taken apart and have line rewound into the head. It's a bit tricky to get it just right, but there are instructions online for your particular head and with practice, you'll get it. I personally prefer fixed heads and I use this burly line with wire through the middle. The stuff is amazing, you can bump right into gates and your line will survive.. Anyway, If you have one of these, it's easy! You just pull the lines out from the middle of the head towards the center with needlenose pliers and feed in new lines from the outside to the center. Be sure to leave a little extra length on the inside so they're easy to grab hold of with the pliers next time!

jarret capozzi -

Hi ! I have a srm-225 and I get electrical shock when i touch the shaft or even the cap of the spark plug. I remove every electrical componant to see if I have a strip wire but I see nothing at all. I replace the ignition coil but still doing the same thing. did some one have and idea WHY I always have electrical shock ??!!? thank you !

marc venne - 回复


My Echo trimmer does the same thing. Did you ever find the cause and solution?

Thank you.


Joe -

I have a 225 that accepts attachments, 2 years old. Commercial use. Ran great all of last summer, but now once the air temperature hits the 90's it runs terrible. I have to hold the throttle open for it to start and then it struggles to run for at least ten minutes, if at all. New spark plug, fuel filter, and air filter. I always use the echo brand oil and no methane gas.

tim laney - 回复

I rebuilt the carburetor because it seemed it was running out of fuel. So I replaced the diaphragm and I'm having the same problem. I crank it and it still runs for only half a minute and dies. But will crank right back up after pumping primer bulb which also was replaced along with hoses and fuel filter. Could it be the spark arrestor??? Also replaced the spark plug.

granger.stephen - 回复

It's the muffler I have learned my lesson along time ago. When a 2-cycle engine cranks up and won't throttle up and you have to keep trying to keep it running, and it keeps bogging down,and shutting off It's all the build up in the muffler from the use of 2-cycle oil. Here's what to do, Take your torque screwdriver and take the screws out, I believe it's two of them or look at the bottom of the muffler where the exhaust comes out , there's either three or two small screws that hold the cover on. Underneath that cover is a piece of screen that plugs up. You can either take it off and throw it away or spray it with break cleaner. Before you put it back on try cranking your weed eater without it, and there a very high chance that it will be screaming high throttle. If that doesn't work then you can take the muffler completely off, scrap around the inside of it with a small flat screw driver, and then spray break clean inside of and shake it gently and let it sit in there and then blow it out, then reinstall.

Rob Thorne -

My trimmer starts but doesn't have the usual power. White


put new carb on starts fine but when I pull throttle stalls

vin - 回复

I accidently placed the head of the trimmer on without the bushings and now it is stuck. I cannot get it off. HELP!

Cassie - 回复

I have an srm 225 echo weed eater, I started it up and it ran for a few minutes.  I started to use it and it bogged down and will  not start.  I replaced the carburetor,  gas lines, fuel filter, air filter and spark plug with brand new parts.  The weed eater started right up and did the same exact thing prior to replacing all of the parts.  Any ideas!!!!

Mike - 回复

I have the 225 and i just installed the tune up kit, it will start in cold start , when i go to switch over to run it stalls out. HELP

Dan Bibler - 回复

Ok. So tried to use echo 225 weed eater after sitting for a year. It wasn’t happy. I changed the spark plug, fuel and air filters and added the 2stroke fuel from Lowe’s. I just tried taking carburetor apart and cleaning it. I got it to start and idle but soon as I give it gas it cuts out. Any thing I can try?

Mike J - 回复

I started to see gas coming out of the muffler as I tried to start it. I rebuilt the carburetor and was able to use it several time. It seemed to work well. Now I try to start it and I get gas coming out of the muffler again. That would seem to point at the carburetor again, right? What else do I need to check?

Bruce Lemmert - 回复

Got a srm 225 from someone it's been sitting for a long time with no fuel how do I get it to prime in the bulb

Timothy Tyler - 回复

I want to change the edger blade but can’t get it off. Which way does the nut turn to loosen ?

bobshirlburt - 回复


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