Camera Won't Turn On ¶ 

When you push the power button on top of the camera nothing happens

Battery not Charged ¶ 

Make sure the battery is fully charged before turning on the camera.

Battery is in Wrong Way ¶ 

Look for the arrow on the battery to make sure it is put in correctly. The front of the battery should be on the same side as the camera screen.

Drained/Bad Battery ¶ 

Bad or drained batteries can prevent your camera from turning on. If the battery does not work or is missing, you can replace it. The Casio Exilim EX-270 requires a NP-20 Lithium Ion Battery - Rechargeable or the Ultra High Capacity version. Be sure that the battery terminals are clean before replacing the battery.

Bad Image Quality ¶ 

Photos you take are blurry or out of focus.

Slow Camera Speed ¶ 

The Casio Exilim EX-270 can take a long time to take a picture. Photographers commonly move their hand before the camera finishes taking photo causing a blurry picture. For the best results, hold the capture button down halfway and wait until it focuses. Then press the capture button down all the way and hold the camera steady for a full second.

Image Quality Settings ¶ 

The image quality of the camera can be changed through the camera settings menu.

Slow Shutter Speed ¶ 

Slow shutter speed can be fixed through the camera settings menu.

Dusty Lens ¶ 

Wipe the lens with a lint free cloth. If problem persists, the lens can be replaced.

No LCD Display ¶ 

First, be sure the camera is on by checking the power LED light and that the battery is fully charged. If your LCD screen displays nothing, you may need to replace the LCD. Consult the Replacing LCD Screen guide on how to replace the LCD screen.

LCD Screen Not Responding ¶ 

If it seems the LCD is not responding, try powering off the camera and turn it back on.

The Lens Is Visibly Cracked ¶ 

Read Replacing The Lens to repair the lens.

The Lens Will Not Retract ¶ 

1. Take out the battery, wait 5 seconds, then reinsert it. Try starting the camera again and see if the lens works.

2. Use a compressed air gun to try and blow debris out of the lens

3. NOTE: USE AS LAST RESORT Try and use something like skinny and small to pry the camera shutter open while hitting the power button. This can damage the camera if done harshly so use with caution.

Photos are too Light/Dark ¶ 

The photos may be too light or too dark due to over/under exposure

Go to the settings on you camera,

Issues Saving or Taking Pictures ¶ 

You are unable to take pictures with your camera.

Compact Flash Card Is Full ¶ 

If possible, download or save the images to your computer and then erase them from the compact flash card to make space. You can also insert a new compact flash card.

Screen Is Black In Picture Taking Mode ¶ 

Make sure your camera is on. If it is, the problem may lie in the LCD screen. Read Replacing LCD Screen on how to replace your LCD screen.

SD Card Is Locked ¶ 

SD Card is locked and cannot be written on. "SD Card Error" appears on the screen.

Read Unlocking SD Card on how to fix this problem.

Speaker and Sound Problems ¶ 

There is no sound when video is replayed.

Sound Is Turned Off ¶ 

Make sure the sound is turned on in the camera settings menu.

Speaker Is Broken ¶ 

Read Speaker Repair to replace the speaker.


sd card is locked how do I unlook it

jamesgulotta - 回复

My camera won’t recognize the SD card now? Is it shot or can it be fixed?

Lynn Lehr - 回复

I purchased a used CASIO Exilim EX-Z150 Camera at a yard sale. I then bought a new Micro SD card and SD adapter for it. (read below)


I bought a NEW (class 10 ) 128 GB Sandisk Ultra Plus, micro SDXC UHS-1 Card. The first time I inserted the card it read “card error”.


I’m afraid this card may not be compatible with the OLD Camera. Can anyone confirm or describe what needs to done to use this card?

Thank you

Bo Gus - 回复


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