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Canon Powershot SX30 IS Troubleshooting

Released September 2010

Your camera will not boot after you press power button

If you hold the power button and the camera does not turn on, it could be due to a problem with your battery. It is either not charged, or it is permanently dead. If it is not charged, take out the battery, remove the cover and use only the provided charger to charge the camera. After waiting about four hours, take the battery off the charger and place it back into the camera. If this does not work, then you may have a bad battery.

Your battery loses its charge quicker than normal

Battery performance decreases at low temperatures. Warm the battery, for example, by placing it in your pocket with the thermal cover on it.

The LCD uses most of the battery power inside the camera. When taking photos or using viewfinder, turn off the LCD to conserve batter. To do this, press the menu button. Once in the menu, use the left and right buttons to get to the tools tab. Within the menu, use the up and down keys or the dial to locate LCD brightness. Here you can turn the brightness on the screen down, which will allow you to save more battery. Also, you can set a power saver mode, which will shut off the camera after a period of time where it is not being used. Again in the menu, locate the tools tab then the power saving option. Here, you can turn the power saving option on or off, as well as set the amount of time needed before entering power saving mode.

Upon turning on the camera, a message says "lens error, will shutdown automatically, restart camera"

It is possible that you are receiving this message due to a build up of debris or grit inside the lens. First, turn off your camera and remove the battery and SD card. Next, use compressed air to blow into the lens casing hoping to remove any possible debris. After cleaning the lens casing, replace the battery and SD inside the camera, and try to take pictures. If this does not eliminate the error message, you may need to replace your lens.

If the lens has been knocked out of its original position, your camera will display the lens error message. There are little grooves on the inside of the casing that the lens sits in, however if the camera sustains impact, the lens could get hit out of place. If your lens appears to be slightly out of place, first remove the battery and SD card. Lay the camera on a hard surface with the lens facing towards the ceiling. Very gently press the lens down with your thumbs until you hear a click. This means that you have gotten the lens back into its grooves. Insert the battery and SD card and try again. If this does not solve the lens error message, the lens must be replaced.

The function buttons on the camera do not interact with camera

This occasionally happens due to low battery. Even though the camera still turns on, it may become unresponsive. Replacing the battery should fix the problem.

For directions on how to replace the display, follow this guide.


when I turn the camera on I get the following message:

A camera error was detected

Will shut down automatically

Restart camera


This message appears over and over but camera will not start up.

Help Please!!!!!!!!!

Harry - 回复

i could not get camera to come on , charged battery and the zoom works and the flash goes off , but the display screen inside and out will not come on

paul shaw - 回复


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