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Canon EOS 60D Troubleshooting

Publicly Announced August 2010, Identified by the model number DS126281.

When attempting to use the camera it does not respond.

Remove battery from camera and plug it into wall charger. A light will turn on when the battery starts charging. Wait until battery is 100% charged, which is indicated by a green light, to remove.

After charging the battery to 100%, if it turns on but dies soon after, then it is a sign of a drained battery. Replace the weary battery with a new one.

If the battery is plugged into the charger and there is an orange light blinking rapidly, check the battery placement in the charger. If the battery is seated correctly in the charger yet it still blinks orange rapidly, you may need to replace the battery charger.

When moving the power switch from off to on, the camera is unresponsive. Play around with the switch by wiggling or moving the switch between on and off. After doing so, test to see if the camera is responsive. If the switch still does not work, repair will be needed.

This can also be a cause of the camera not turning on. It could also need to be replaced.

Upon pressing the caption button with the flash selection on, the flash wont activate and remains stuck down.

Check the pop up flash rail for any form of obstruction that could be blocking the flash. If any object is found, clear it out and try popping up the flash again.

If no obstruction is found on the flash rail, the release spring may be broken. This will require repair or replacement of the spring assembly.

When using the camera, it is unable to capture photos and an error 20 message shows up on the screen.

Remove the front lens cover and check for a blocked or obstructed shutter. If obstruction is found, remove it so that the shutter can operate properly.

After the front lens is removed, check to make sure if the mirror inside the camera is in the correct placement. If the mirror turns out to be offset, correct its placement by making sure no debris is stuck in the camera.

After constant use of the camera, the rubber grips wear and begin to come off.

If the rubber grips on the camera begin to fall off, add new adhesive to the back of the grips to make sure it has proper adhesion.

When taking a photo, the auto-focus feature doesn’t seem to work properly.

When using Auto Focus and the lens does not respond, check the device connections. Remove the front lens to observe the gold pins on the bottom. Clean the pins for an accurate connection.

After removing the lens and checking the pins, if one or more of the pins appears to be bent, missing or broken, then the pin assembly will need replacement.


The on /off switch seems to work fine, but the camera does not turn on, what now? I turned the camera off to charge the battery. After putting the battery back in, that's when the problem took place.

James Worsley - 回复

my findings: if you isert SD card adapter without MicroSD itself it will also not turn on.

nocxiums - 回复

The problem of my camera is there is an error that always pop up. I can’t take a picture and some of the pictures cannot be viewed

Paulo Casiles - 回复



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