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Compressor will not run ¶ 

You've tried everything... No matter what you do, you can't get your compressor to turn on.

Switch is in OFF position ¶ 

As obvious as this suggestion may be... just check the On/Off switch. It should be in the ON position.

No electricity at the wall socket ¶ 

Check the circuit breaker and fuse corresponding to the outlet you are using. Make sure the circuit breaker has not been tripped or a fuse blown.

Compressor has reached automatic shutoff pressure ¶ 

This model is designed to automatically shut off the pump motor at a designated pressure. Try Releasing air in order to reduce the pressure and allow the motor to turn on to rebuild tank pressure.

Motorized pump has overheated ¶ 

The thermal overload switch may be triggered. Allow the compressor to cool in open area for at least 30 minutes. Try not to run the motor in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Faulty Pressure Switch ¶ 

Replace the pressure switch. See the replacement guide for step-by-step instruction.

Tank pressure drops when air compressor shuts off ¶ 

If your tank pressure does not hold when the compressor motor turns off, the tank has some kind of leaky component.

Loose Drain Valve ¶ 

If the drain valve is loose, tighten the valve. Check the connections between hoses and fittings with soapy water to detect possible leaks after tightening.

Leaky Check Valve ¶ 

If the check valve is leaking, replace with a new check valve. See the replacement guide for step-by-step instructions. Check the connections between the hoses and fittings with soapy water to detect possible leaks after replacing the valve.

Compressor Runs Continuously and Low Air Discharge Output ¶ 

The compressor is designed to shut off at a specific pressure inside the tank. Basically, the compressor is unable to accumulate enough pressure to properly function.

Compressor may be too small to accomplish task ¶ 

See user manual for the pressure rating and the compressor limitations.

Loose connections (fittings, tubing, etc.) ¶ 

Check the connections between the hoses and fittings with soapy water to detect possible leaks.

Broken inlet valves / Piston ring worn out ¶ 

Replace entire pump assembly.

Compressor runs continuously and safety valve opens as pressure rises ¶ 

The continuous accumulation of pressure will eventually discharge through the safety valve if the pressure levels reach the critical pressure threshold for this compressor.

Defective Pressure Switch ¶ 

Replace the pressure switch with a new component.

Defective safety valve ¶ 

Replace safety valve with a genuine replacement component. This is critical because if you do not use the correctly manufactured valve, pressure can exceed expected limits and become potentially hazardous to the user.

Excessive starting and stopping ¶ 

"Common causes for excessive or random starting and stopping can be attributed to lack of regular maintenance of the compressor.''

Condensation accumulated in compressor tank ¶ 

Drain the tank more regularly.

Loose connections(fittings, tubing, etc) ¶ 

Check the connections between the hoses and fittings with soapy water to detect any possible leaks

Replacement Parts ¶ 

If you come across an issue not mentioned in this troubleshooting page or need to purchase replacement parts for your machine, visit


I have a ch oiless air compressor 5.5 hp 30 gallon tank. when it is below 30 degrees the compressor pumps only about 50 pounds . above 30 the compressor work s fine . is this a deal with this type of compressor not cold blooded. I keep it in my garage and it gets cold in iowa.

let me know what you guys think thanks


marvbailey - 回复

My compressor reach 65 pis and shut off then I have to wait 10 minutes before it starts again. What could be the problem please answer back thanks

Wilson Figueroa - 回复


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