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BLU Studio S.5 II

BLU Studio S.5 II

==Phone won't start ==

1. Hold the button at the top right corner on the edge of the phone for a few seconds.

If the phone doesn't turn on try charging the phone if this options don't work replace the battery.

Replace battery ¶ 

1.Before replacing the battery make sure that you have the new battery with you.

2.Turn the phone off

3.remove the cellphone battery cover.

4.Find the small groove or notch that creates a space between the battery and the frame of the phone.

5.remove the battery from the cellphone.

6.Insert the new battery.

7.Charge the phone with the new battery if it's low charge.

Replacing the SIM card ¶ 

1.Back up your phone and sync

2.Make sure the phone is powered off (if the phone is still powered on during an attempted SIM card removal both the device and the SIM card can be damaged irreparably)

3.Locate the SIM card (under the back cover above the battery)

4.Remove the SIM card.

5. Insert the new SIM card on the left slot.

=== How to replace the screen=== the new screen.

2.Turn the phone off

3.Remove the battery cover

4.Remove all the back screws

Remove the speakers and camera

5.Disconnect the screen

6.Install the new screen

Replacing the camera ¶ 

1.power off the phone

2.Remove the back cover

3.Remove micro SD and SIM card

4.Remove all the screws around the housing of the phone

5.Disconnect the cables from the motherboard

6.Remove the camera

7.Install the new camera plugging in the cable connectors

8.Put the screws back in place




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