Router won't turn on ¶ 

Can't get your router to turn on? Please read on...

Clean the fan ¶ 

If your router does not turn on, it may have overheated. This could indicate that the fan requires cleaning.

Replace the fan ¶ 

The fan could have been broken. Follow this guide to replace the fan.

Check the power supply ¶ 

If your router does not turn on, make sure the power cord is plugged in to a wall outlet. If that is not the issue, you will need to replace the internal power supply.

Wireless will not connect ¶ 

If you attempt to make a connection but cannot find the AirPort.

Check LED lights ¶ 

If you can't connect to your WiFi make sure that your LED lights are blinking green. Locate the Gigabit WAN port; it is the port directly above the power cord connection on the back of the device. If the light is orange, you will need to check the modem.

Check wireless setting on device ¶ 

Check if your WiFi connection is turned on. Check if your password is typed in correctly.

Perform a Power recycle ¶ 

Power down the modem, the Airport Extreme Base Station (AEBS), and the computer(s); wait at least 10-15 minutes. Power-up the modem; wait at least 10-15 minutes. Power-up (plug into power) the AEBS; wait at least 10-15 minutes. Power-up the computer; it should now have Internet access.

Perform a Hard reset ¶ 

First, unplug the Extreme. Then using a paperclip or similar object, depress the reset button, and plug the Extreme back into power. Keep the reset button depressed until the status light on the Extreme starts flashing rapidly; then release the reset button.

Check the access privileges ¶ 

If encryption on the network has been enabled, verify that the router has been set up properly. Check the documentation that came with the product and ensure that the you are using the correct password and settings. If you are using a network secured by access control, verify that the MAC address is registered with the network administrator. Call the network administrator for further help with access.

Check if your ISP is working ¶ 

When the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is down, you won't be able to connect to the Internet. To verify that the problem is with the ISP and not with the AirPort Extreme, use a web browser on another computer that is directly connected to the Ethernet. If you can't connect to the Internet with the other browser, restart your modem. If you still cannot connect, then the problem probably is with the ISP. If this is the case, you can either consult your ISP or wait for the service to return.

Update your software and firmware ¶ 

If you use a Wi-Fi base station, use the following link to check for available updates; download the software utilizing the instructions provided.

Apple Support

If you use a third-party wireless router, check the manufacturer's website for firmware updates on your respective model.

Check if network card is broken ¶ 

If the router will not connect after attempting those techniques, you may have a bad network card. To replace the network card, you will need to replace the logicboard. Please follow the appropriate guide.

Wi-Fi Connection is slow ¶ 

Is your WiFi connection slow? Please read on...

Check Distance from router ¶ 

Make sure your laptop or cellphone is close enough to receive a signal. Metal surfaces between the router and your computer/phone can interfere with and weaken the wireless signal.

Check Wi-Fi protection ¶ 

Keep your Wi-Fi protected with a password. Other people using network bandwidth is the main cause of slow internet connections. A password prevents other people from using your network and slowing down your connection speed.

Router won’t remember settings after being unplugged ¶ 

"Settings are disappearing after a power outage."

Replace the CMOS battery ¶ 

The CMOS battery is responsible for saving all the router settings. When this dies out, you must replace it.

Check the antenna ¶ 

The antenna might be lose or broken. Replace it by following this guide.

USB connection not working ¶ 

Check the USB cable ¶ 

The USB cable which you are trying to connect is probably broken. Try to move the USB connector to see if it is loose. If it is, then try to replace the USB port on the logic board.


I do have Airport Extreme A1521 6th Gen and when I connect it to 110/220v it won't turn on and light indicator doesn't flash. How do you think it could be bettary or something else such as problem with power supply. Could you tell where I could order such power supple?


Vadim - 回复

eBay and Amazon is where I would start.


"12V 5A Power Supply For AirPort Extreme ME918 A1521 PA-1600-9A"

Jerry Yanasak -

I have Hard Reset many AirPort devices. I have two AirPort Extreme A1521 that will NOT reset.

One is configured, but I do not have credentials to configure it. (blinking amber) Only see it while wired.

Other : Green - Amber - Blinking Amber. Blinking does not change rate when attempting Reset, nor is it seen in AirPort Utility. (wired/wireless)

How do I troubleshoot a repair?

Jerry Yanasak - 回复

When I connect any wired devices to any of the LAN ports on my AirPort Extreme, I get no connection, & my computer gets a self-assigned APIPA address. I am guessing bad ports? Could all 3 LAN ports go bad, while the WAN port stays working? (I am able to connect via wireless just fine.) -- Any suggestions? -- Where could I find a new logic board or ports?

Christopher Wilder - 回复

I get the same behaviour with my airport extreme Wifi and WAN ports work but self assigned address. I unplugged it and then did hard reset. When I configure it again using airport utility wirelessly, I connect my computer with a wire to one of the LAN ports and I get an IP address assigned from the DHCP instead of the self-assigned address I was getting before. Strange, since WAN port and Wifi work just fine. When I plug another ethernet jack connected to my unmanaged cisco 8 port switch, I once again get a self assigned address and my computer connected with ethernet is the same. It can't send packets to the airport extreme and the rest of the LAN, even if I set the IP manually, I can't ping any computer or device on my home network.

ocina3 -

If you're looking for a logic board, the closest I found was at commandmacparts that have a time capsule logic board. I haven't ordered it tested if it works in the airport extreme but it should as the time capsule uses the same 60w power supply and would have the extra connectors to connect a drive whereas the airport extreme is just in essence and empty (no drive) time capsule with no connectors on the logic board.

ocina3 -

My AirPort Extreme has a quick flashing amber light when I turn it on, and won’t be recognized by airport utility. Apple said that it’s definitely a hardware failure, but I’m having trouble using process of elimination to determine what it is. Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can determine what is going on with it? I believe that since the amber light flashes, it is not the power supply. I’m also not sure if cleaning the fan would get rid of the flashing amber light, or if I need a new fan. Between the logic board, antenna, and fan that could possibly be wrong with it, it is not easy to figure out what it is… thanks guys!

Nicholas Hain - 回复

Mine seems to be working fine but the light blinks amber and you can hear the fan blow for maybe a minute then it goes back to normal. It does this about every 10-15 minutes “all the time”. I figure it is just a matter of time that it fails so I retired it but seen this web site and thought maybe I could fix it. I refuse to buy a new one because of the fact Apple has done nothing to improve this product over the years and nearly hides it on their site.

Any idea what I could replace to fix this? It works while the fan comes on but obviously it is not normal.

Tony - 回复

Just set up my Airport Extreme today. Purchased a BT OpenReach Modem to replace my BT Smart Hub and connects to my Airport Extreme via a Devolo Plug (so the Airport Extreme is remote, a few metres in the AV cabinet, away from the BT OpenReach Modem). It all seemed to be working now but now strangely, the guest network works but the original one for us does not. Any ideas?!

Neel Desai - 回复


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