ALCATEL One Touch 222 Firmware Reset

A colleague gave me an old alcatel OT-222.

The problem looks like blocking totally.

Just turning on, the phone doesn't work. Only sometimes a number key starts working alone and appears the number in the screen too much times and doesn't stop, and finally, when stops, a sound like pressing the key don't stop anymore.

WARNING: This fix erases all data on the phone. Try at your own risk!

Pressing # key turn on the phone.

Automatically ask if format the device.

Press upper left key (V) not right key (X).

Press # key and upper left key and turn on.

It should start formatting without asking.

Calculate how many time the device format. i.e. 10 seconds.

Remove the battery cover.

Try # key and upper left key. When starts formatting device just count 5 seconds (half the time to format) and quickly remove the battery cover.

The mobile phone should power off. Place the battery again and turn on.

It should work fine.

Block Image

Press and hold keys marked as number 1 and then press key marked as 2. When turns on, release key marked as 2 and continue holding keys marked as 1. When formatting starts, release both keys.



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