Use the release tabs to remove the rear cover
  • Use the release tabs to remove the rear cover


Remove any ComSlot II or PCI cards that may be installed and their risers.
  • Remove any ComSlot II or PCI cards that may be installed and their risers.


  • Unplug the logic board connections to the PRAM battery and fan.

  • Remove the PRAM battery from it's Velcro mounting.

  • Remove the four #0 Philips screws securing the hard drive and processor fan assembly.

  • Remove the hard drive and processor fan assembly.


  • Remove the two T6 Torx screws securing the A/V input board.

  • Remove the A/V Input board


  • Remove the white plastic shield

  • Remove the T6 torx screw securing the logic board to the frame.


  • Turn the TAM around with the front facing you.

  • Use a spudger to gently loosen the speaker covers from their press-fit snaps. Remove the speaker covers.


  • Remove the six T6 torx screws securing the front case to the rear case.


  • Gently pull the tabs toward the center to release the latches hold the front and back together. These tabs are fragile but release easily. Use caution.

  • Lean the top forward and lift up to pull the front case from it's bottom latches.

  • DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE THE FRONT CASE. It is still connected to the back case by several wires and cables.


  • Disconnect the pink and white backlight inverter cable and the black and white right speaker cable from behind the floppy disk drive on the right side.

  • On the left side, disconnect the 50-pin SCSI ribbon cable, analog audio cable and power cable from the CD-ROM drive.

  • Disconnect the black and white left speaker cable.

  • Disconnect the flat, orange display data cable.

  • Open the top case to the left like a book. There will be one more 50-pin cable to disconnect from the front control panel board.


  • The easiest method to remove the logic board is to remove it with the tuner card and cabling.

  • Disconnect the five cables illustrated.


  • Remove the T10 torx screw and extract the stiff wire cable brace from the left side


  • Carefully peel back the tape securing the cables to the white, plastic logic board cover. Pull the cables back to reveal the back side of the logic board.

  • Remove the five T10 screws holding the logic and tuner boards to the back case.


  • Lift the logic board from the left edge then straight up to remove it from the rear case.

  • The logic board slides out of the cabling connector.



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.




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One of the member of my Forum is looking for the Bose subwoofer including the power cable. Have you an idee on where could he find it ?



vitalisfrance - 回复

It's missing the step to remove the two torx screws on the upper back side, below the cover with all the holes, after Step 5

Deagol - 回复

Dose anybody know what goes in the top-most chip slot that is empty? Is that for an L2 Cache chip?

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