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This guide is for my engineering class. My goal is to show you how to fully gut a Power Mac G4.

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Power Mac G4 M5183, use our service manual.

  1. Pull the tab to open the case.
    • Pull the tab to open the case.

  2. Pull the white tabs down
    • Pull the white tabs down

    • Lift up the RAM

    • Repeat x4

    • Use a flat head screwdriver or spudger to lift up the tabs that hold down the heat-sink.

    • Repeat x2

    • The heat-sink should just lift right off.

    • Remove highlighted screw.

    • The GPU should lift right out.

    • Remove highlighted cables.

    • Remove highlighted screws.

    • Lift out the motherboard. (Note: pull to the left to clear the ports from the case)

    • Remove highlighted screws.

    • After removing the screws, simply lift off the CPU from the connector. Use only a minimal amount of pressure when pulling the CPU from the connector.

    • This is the connector after removal of the CPU.

    • Remove the face plate. You are supposed to press down the highlighted tabs from the inside.

    • Remove highlighted screws.

    • Slide out the drive. (MAKE SURE TO UNHOOK THE CABLES)

    • Remove the highlighted cables.

    • Remove highlighted screw.

    • Lift out the hard drive.

    • Remove highlighted screw. ( SAME SCREW ON OPPOSITE SIDE, REMOVE THAT AS WELL.)

    • Disconnect the connector.

    • After that, just pull it out.

    • Use a 2.5 mm hex key to remove these screws.

      • Remove highlighted screw.

      • Feed the wires through the highlighted hole, then pull out the power supply.

    • You will be left with an empty case.

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Just a little tip.

APPLE tend to use screw connections as a means of ground continuity.

That is - if the CPU card is not screwed down - it might not power on.

Mal - Reply

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