Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Teardown & X-Ray Wallpapers, for the Phone that Has It All

Samsung has a distinct approach to its Ultra line of phones: put a lot of things in them. Cameras, memory, 5G, gigantic batteries, a crisp high-refresh-rate screen—if Samsung can source it, it’s likely to end up in an Ultra phone. That makes for a pretty interesting teardown. If you’ve splurged on Samsung’s maximalist smartphone, we think you should be able to see all the stuff inside, working to make your selfies and vacation (ha) pics and gaming sessions top-notch. So, here, go ahead, take them: our internal shots of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, along with X-ray pics from Creative Electron and some darkened images for those seeking a different kind of contrast.

To use these wallpapers, open up this page on your phone and click on a wallpaper to view it at full resolution. When you’re looking at the full-size image, save the image to your phone, long-press on the home screen, and choose “Wallpapers” to select it from your photos after downloading.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Internals Wallpaper

Galaxy S21 Ultra internals wallpaper

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Internals, Darkened

Samsung S21 Ultra wallpaper, darkened

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, X-Ray

Galaxy S21 Ultra X-ray wallpaper

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, X-Ray, Darkened

Galaxy S21 Ultra, Darkened

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