如果你的 iPhone XR 屏幕破裂,没有响应电子屏触摸,或者在开机时不显示图像,请使用本指南将iPhone 恢复到正常工作状态。需要使用新的屏幕,也称作显示屏总成。


固定在显示器背面的组合式耳机扬声器兼传感器组件在出厂时与你的个人 iPhone 配对,因此在更换显示器时必须将其从旧显示器转移到新显示器。它包含泛光照明器,它是生物识别Face ID安全功能的一部分。如果它损坏或被更换,Face ID 将停止运行,因此在此过程中请特别注意不要损坏任何这些组件。一旦损坏,只有苹果可以恢复Face ID功能。

注意:更换屏幕后即使使用原装苹果屏幕,也会禁用True Tone功能。

  1. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 移除五角螺丝: 步骤 1 中的图像 1,2 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 移除五角螺丝: 步骤 1 中的图像 2,2
    • 在开始之前,请将iPhone电池的电量降至25%以下。充电的锂离子电池如果意外被刺破可能会着火和/或爆炸。

    • 在开始拆卸之前关闭iPhone电源。

    • 取下 iPhone 底部边缘的两颗6.7 mm 长的五角螺丝。

    • 打开 iPhone 会损害其防水密封。在完成此步骤之前,请准备好更换密封件,或者在不更换密封件的情况下重新组装 iPhone 时,请注意避免液体暴露。

    • 每个五角形螺丝的头部下方有一个黑色橡胶垫圈。为了最大程度地防止灰尘和液体进入,请在重新组装时检查垫圈的状况或更换螺丝。

    One of my gaskets was as shown in your second photo, the other had been worked into the threads (as if smeared) probably from the factory and was completely unusable.

    In place of replacements (unsure of where to purchase) I just used a clear silicone caulking on both screws upon reassembly to offer at least some water seal. I wish these gaskets were included with the gasket waterproofing sealant kit!

    Erica - 回复

    Is there any place to buy these screw gaskets? I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere but one of mine was pretty much chewed up. Silicone should work but I’d prefer the oem solution.

    Chilinh Nguyen - 回复

    I found a place on Amazon that sells them. It's cheapest to get a full set of screws than to get just these. $5-$6 USD.

    J Olin -

    Can it be dead?

    Lulu navarro - 回复

  2. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 粘住所有裂缝: 步骤 2 中的图像 1,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 粘住所有裂缝: 步骤 2 中的图像 2,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 粘住所有裂缝: 步骤 2 中的图像 3,3
    • 如果您的iPhone屏幕破裂,在修理过程中通过胶带贴在玻璃上,防止进一步的破损,造成身体伤害。

    • 将胶带条贴在iPhone的显示屏上,直到覆盖整个屏幕上。(如果不够宽可以重叠贴,如果要用吸盘重叠部分会漏气,所以最好使用7厘米宽的胶带,用吸盘时容易吸住)。做一步的目的是为了保持屏幕组件的受力结构,以方便拆卸。

    • 在拆卸时最好带上护目镜,以免破碎的玻璃崩到眼睛里。

    • 在下面的步骤中如果吸盘吸不住已经破损的屏幕,可以用胶带把吸盘粘在屏幕上,然后在提起屏幕。

    How to detect my Iphone what screen it is, OLED or LCD?

    sabrihakulii - 回复

    It’s OLED. You can find the specs here, https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201296

    When you find your phone, at the bottom of the description click on, See the tech specs…

    mcr4u2 -

    The included suction cups were stiff and worthless. They would not lift the screen. Also, I tried every type of tape on the screen to help the suction cups stick without success. Heavy duty suction cups were for my bathroom also failed. However, I had an old GoPro mount with some preapplied double sided 3M VSB tape and stuck that on the screen near the bottom. Magic! This method had the added bonus of being able to use a GoPro attachment as a handle to lift the screen, and propped up the screen like a kickstand in step 12.

    Tawan Khamapirad - 回复

    Very cool! Thanks

    Antonio -

    My screen was pretty stuck… would not budge. Heated, super glued the suction cup, tried gorilla tape. Ended up doing the GoPro mount with 3M VSB tape method mentioned. Worked great. That 3M tape is the bomb.

    Rich Wachtel - 回复

    The included suction cup took a few tries but ended up working for me.

    charlotte - 回复

    If you have flat feeler gauges (for adjusting engine valve tappet clearance, ignition points … old school) the .003 thick goes right in. Work your way up until you can get the pick or supplied pry tool in.

    William Olstad - 回复

    where can I buy 3M VSB plis!!

    gerardo artigas cuellar - 回复

    3M VHB tape is at auto stores and other big box stores, or online.

    nicO Gurney -

    I used the tweezers that came with the replacement screen and jammed one of them into the glass and that eventually worked. Heating with a blow dryer is also important. The suction cup was helpful in loosening the adhesive for sure, but just not enough to get the display to come out.

    J Olin - 回复

  3. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 加热屏幕: 步骤 3 中的图像 1,1
    • 通过加热iPhone下角从而让胶水变软, 并且更加的简单打开。

    • 使用风筒或者热风枪, 或者使用iOpener并放置在iPhone下部约一分钟使得密封胶变软。

    An alternative to the Iopener or heat gun is to heat water to EXACTLY 80 degrees F (cooking thermometer is great for this) and pour into a reinforced ziplock type bag. Leave the bag on the screen, but be sure that none of the hot water rests on the zipper portion, as the water is hot enough to soften that seal and leak out on to your device! This meat had is my personal favorite as the heat is distributed very equally and precisely as compared to a heat gun, but is more accessible than the Iopener.

    Colin Wylie - 回复

  4. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 使用吸盘: 步骤 4 中的图像 1,2 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 使用吸盘: 步骤 4 中的图像 2,2
    • 以下两步示范了iSclack的使用方法,我们推荐经常需要进行维修的用户使用它。如果你没有iSclack,跳过以下两步以了解其他方法。

    • 如果iSclack中间装有塑料制的深度计,请将它拆除——像iPhone XR这样较大的iPhone不需要用到它。

    • 将吸盘吸附在接近iPhone下部边缘的位置——一个在正面,一个在背面。

    • 用力按压两个吸盘以完全吸附在表面。

    • 如果您的屏幕或背盖玻璃已破裂,请在屏幕上方贴上一层透明封箱胶以帮助吸盘正常吸附在表面上。iSclack已含有了两片胶带以对应此情况。

  5. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换: 步骤 5 中的图像 1,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换: 步骤 5 中的图像 2,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换: 步骤 5 中的图像 3,3
    • 紧握您的iPhone,并按压iSclauk的手柄,将屏幕与手机下部略微分开。

    • 不要尝试完全分离屏幕,目前您仅需要将屏幕与手机下部略微分离。

    • 在刚刚开启缝隙中插入一片塑料片。

    • 跳过接下来的步骤至步骤8。

  6. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换: 步骤 6 中的图像 1,2 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换: 步骤 6 中的图像 2,2
    • 如果你使用单个吸柄的话,把它贴在手机的底边,注意避开玻璃边缘的弯曲部分。

    • 如果您的屏幕已经破损严重,在屏幕上贴上一两层透明胶带可以让吸盘更好地吸附;或者可以使用非常结实的胶带代替吸盘拉开屏幕。可是所有其他方法都失败了怎么办?试试看把吸盘用强力胶粘在破损的屏幕上。

  7. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 轻轻抬起显示屏: 步骤 7 中的图像 1,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 轻轻抬起显示屏: 步骤 7 中的图像 2,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 轻轻抬起显示屏: 步骤 7 中的图像 3,3
    • 缓缓用力向上拉吸盘,在玻璃前面板和金属外壳之间拉开一个小缝隙。

    • 将塑料拨片插入缝隙中。

    • 固定屏幕用的的防水粘合剂非常牢固;要打开这个间隙可能需要非常用力。如果您发现很难分离屏幕与后盖,请继续加热,并轻轻地拉动屏幕以弄松粘合剂,直到拉开一个可以插入塑料拨片的缝隙即可。

  8. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 分离屏幕粘合剂: 步骤 8 中的图像 1,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 分离屏幕粘合剂: 步骤 8 中的图像 2,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 分离屏幕粘合剂: 步骤 8 中的图像 3,3
    • 将塑料拨片由左下角滑动至左上角以划开屏幕固定胶。

    • 不要将塑料拨片插入iPhone过多,否则可能会损坏内部部件。

    I think it's important to note that depending on how a screen was damaged, make sure to insert the pic under the black bezel directly under the actual screen. This bezel is a frame around the digitizer. I unknowingly inserted the pic between the bezel and the screen, and separated them both. I did this all the way around the phone. So I basically had to struggle to keep together two different sections of the display assembly because of this mishap, until I removed all the ribbon connectors. It made things much more difficult.

    Dave - 回复

    An edit to my above comment: by digitzer, I mean the LCD shield. My apologies.

    Dave - 回复

  9. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换: 步骤 9 中的图像 1,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换: 步骤 9 中的图像 2,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换: 步骤 9 中的图像 3,3
    • 将塑料拨片重新插入底边,并由右下角划至右上角以划开屏幕固定胶。

    • 不要将塑料拨片插入iPhone过深,这样可能会损坏您iPhone的显示屏排线。插入距显示面板边缘几毫米的深度即可。

    My replacement screen for the XR has a black rim but it looks pink. Is that normal?

    Irwin Cantor - 回复

  10. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换: 步骤 10 中的图像 1,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换: 步骤 10 中的图像 2,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换: 步骤 10 中的图像 3,3
    • 显示屏的上边缘由胶水与卡扣一同固定。

    • 在显示屏的上角划动塑料拨片,并轻轻地向朝闪电接口方向拉动或者滑动显示屏。

    • 若用力过猛可能会损坏卡扣,请小心操作。

    • 再次重申,不要将塑料拨片插入过深——仅需要插入距离显示面板边缘几毫米即可——否则您可能会损坏前面板传感器阵列。

    • 划动塑料拨片至另一边角以划开剩下的固定胶。

  11. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换: 步骤 11 中的图像 1,1
    • 拉动吸盘上的小突起,将其从前面板上拆下。

    • 如果您使用iSclack且仍然贴在iPhone上,请将它取下来。

  12. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 打开iPhone: 步骤 12 中的图像 1,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 打开iPhone: 步骤 12 中的图像 2,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 打开iPhone: 步骤 12 中的图像 3,3
    • 将屏幕自左边边缘翻开以打开您的iPhone,就像翻开书的封底一样。

    • 请不要在此步骤完全分离显示面板,因为现在仍有几条连接至主板的排线没有取下。

    • 在进行接下来的操作时,请把显示面板靠在某个东西上以保持支撑。

    • 在重新组装过程中,将显示器放置到位,沿顶部边缘对齐夹子,然后小心地将顶部边缘压入到位,然后将显示器的其余部分向下对齐。如果无法正常装回,请检查屏幕周围卡扣的状况并确保它们没有弯曲。

    sure looks like the "hinge" is on the right hand side to me.. not left...!

    Doug Trout - 回复

    • 拧下电池排线挡板的三颗1.2mm Y000螺丝。

    • 取下挡板。

    • 整个维修过程,始终都不要忘记螺丝的位置 ,也不要将它搞丢。当你将手机组装回去时,一定要确保所有螺丝都被安装到位,否则手机将极有可能损坏。

    • 在重新组装过程中,打开iPhone并测试所有功能是个好主意,然后再将显示屏密封就位。 在继续工作之前,请确保完全关闭iPhone的电源。

    Definitely make sure all three lobes of your tool are aligned before use (it’s a little harder to tell with this style of bit) and apply even and adequate pressure to ensure it grabs as you spin the driver to prevent disfiguring the lobes/slot of the screw head.

    Unfortunately my Y000 tool was perhaps not the best fit (tolerance a bit off) in these screws and I ended up stripping out the heads of all three of these. I started to panic but after I sanded the tip of my Y000 bit down a little with super fine grit (1000CW-C) sand paper to flatten the domed tip (visible with macro lens) and give it a bit more bite I was able to remove and reinstall without issue—in fact I had to remove and install them twice since I forgot my adhesive tape during reassembly, so the screws survived and the sanded bit worked.

    Erica - 回复

    +1 to above comment. I bought a cheap kit from Amazon and the Y000 screw driver is not good for this job. I’m concerned that I may have disfigured the heads and i type this comment in the midst of my fix :D Be gentle and assess if you can remove at least one screw with your driver before rummaging through all three and other similar screws holding display connector as well.

    Shan Potti - 回复

    Update to above comment. I got hold of a Y0.8 screw driver bit (lucky to find an ORIA screw driver kit in my office) and it works like wonders :) Now back to work…

    Shan Potti - 回复

  13. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 移除电池: 步骤 14 中的图像 1,2 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 移除电池: 步骤 14 中的图像 2,2
    • 用撬棒的尖端将电池连接器笔直向上从插座中撬出。

    • 尽量不要损坏这个连接器和其他电路板连接器周围的黑色硅胶密封条。 这些密封件可提供额外的保护,防止水和灰尘侵入。

    • 将连接器弯曲使它略微远离逻辑板,以防止电池在维修过程中意外与插座接触并为手机供电。

  14. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 拧下显示屏排线盖板: 步骤 15 中的图像 1,2 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 拧下显示屏排线盖板: 步骤 15 中的图像 2,2
    • 卸下固定屏幕连接器托架的两个1.2 mm Y000 螺丝。

    • 拿下支架

  15. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 断开数字转换器: 步骤 16 中的图像 1,2 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 断开数字转换器: 步骤 16 中的图像 2,2
    • 使用尖头撬棍 翘起触摸排线

    • 要重新连接像这样的线缆连接头,请小心对齐并向下按压一侧,直到其卡入到位,然后在另一侧重复。 不要向下压中间。 如果连接器未对准,则插针会弯曲,从而造成永久性损坏。

    • 如果维修后屏幕的任何部分对触摸均没有反应,请断开电池连接,然后重新安装此连接器,确保其完全卡入到位,并且插槽中没有灰尘或其他障碍物。

  16. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 断开显示屏: 步骤 17 中的图像 1,2 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 断开显示屏: 步骤 17 中的图像 2,2
    • 使用撬棒的尖端断开显示屏电缆连接器的连接。

    The new display cable isn’t snapping in but I was just able to snap in the old one. Did I break the new one somehow?

    Andrew Pierson - 回复

    Same it is really frustrating, just keeps slipping up and its bound to get damaged

    Daniel Maldonado - 回复

  17. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 卸下逻辑板连接器盖板: 步骤 18 中的图像 1,2 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 卸下逻辑板连接器盖板: 步骤 18 中的图像 2,2
    • 拧下将逻辑板连接器支架固定至后壳的五颗螺钉:

    • 一颗 1.3 mm Phillips #000 螺丝

    • 一颗1.5 mm Phillips #000 螺丝

    • 一颗 1.2 mm Y000 螺丝

    • 拿下盖板

    • 注意不要丢失夹在边缘上的小支架 。 它用小夹子固定,很容易会从较大的支架上意外脱落下来。

    Phillips screw 1.3 mm on last step is not working. The small clipped bracket has been damaged. This screw perhaps should be the first, before 1.2 Y000. - To be confirmed by others.

    Dmitri - 回复

    I’m not sure it makes much if any difference, but we went ahead and swapped the order for you guys. Thanks for your comments!

    Jeff Suovanen - 回复

    I just repaired another XR, and you are right! It doesn’t make any differnerce in the order these screws come out. I still damaged this fragile piece. As I work on more of these, I’ll figure out a way to remove this screw without damaging the clip. For now everyone, just use extra caution when removing the 1.3mm phillips screw! Thanks Jeff

    fabianowens -

    I’ve now done at least 6 of these so far and I have fairly consistent good results by taking the 2 Philips head screws out first, then doing the Y screws.

    Stow -

    Is this piece important for the repair if broken? I have broken it on a home repair. What is it used for? Is it a grounding connection or is it completely unimportant. More information needed please

    Squishy Horses - 回复

    I’m wondering that too. Is this piece important?

    Phillip Gross -

    My clip broke too! on iphone XR. Any word on necessity?

    Beth Buer - 回复

    I can confirm that taking out the 1.3 mm screw first then the 1.5 mm screw works the best. If done correctly, you should be able to to remove the rest of the screws and pull the panel off with the clip still attached to the panel. For reassembly, start with the 1.5 mm screw then the 1.3 mm screw.

    Carlos Oulman - 回复

    I don’t remove the small screw at all. I just slide out the metal cover plate and slide back in to reassemble.

    Kyaw-Zin Win - 回复

    I too broke this shield. In looking over this problem I believe it’s best to loosen, but not remove, either screw first then the other. To be clear, loosen the red or yellow screw but only just to break it free, then the second screw. Then remove both and the others and the shield should remain in one piece. I put it back with the broken part (on the red screw) and made sure the two are in contact so there’s conductivity as these shields serve a purpose other than just holding in connectors. My phone works fine with this fix.

    pgrobin - 回复

    Is this small bracket important if broken??

    Phillip Gross - 回复

    Mine is broken and my apple pay doesn’t work. Something to do with NFC antenna this little clip??

    Marcos Fernández - 回复

    On the 1.3 mm screw I actually chose not to remove it. I broke it loose then used the tip of the spudger to simply twist the bracket out of the way, with the screw still attached. Then I could remove the larger bracket.

    mpalma - 回复

    Kyaw-Zin is right because the shield contains of two tin parts. But there is another option:

    1. Unscrew the yellow and orange screws first.

    2. Lift the shield gently that it can turn about 20° anticlockwise.

    3. Open the red screw and let the shield turn with it the first degrees.

    Daniel Brehm - 回复

    The first time I did this repair, I didn’t see the comments ahead of time and broke the bracket, even removing the 1.3mm screws first. The second time I did the repair, I was prepared and being extra careful, but the simple act of turning the 1.3mm screw head was enough to break it. If I ever have to do this repair again, I’ll just leave the screw in and try to slide the plate out with the screw (and bracket, hopefully) still in tact, as per Kyaw-Zin Win.

    Debbie Thompson - 回复

    None of the screw driver bits I got fits the 1.3mm and 1.5mm screws. How do I remove them?

    Jonatious Joseph Jawahar - 回复

    Same issue as above. The bits provided in the kit do not work with the 1.3mm and 1.5mm screws

    Graham Hammell - 回复

    Further to above comment about bit not working. Had to go and purchase another PH000 from Home Depot and that worked

    Graham Hammell - 回复

    I’ve broken that little bracket attached to the red screw. Is it important and can I get a replacement????? Thanks all

    steve.arfa - 回复

    Broken the clip. Is this important??

    kyledrumtutor - 回复

  18. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 断开前置传感器: 步骤 19 中的图像 1,2 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 断开前置传感器: 步骤 19 中的图像 2,2
    • 用撬棒的尖端从其插槽向上撬起前传感器组件的连接器。

    During testing, make sure your proximity sensor is not on upside down, as it’s easy to connect upside down. Your phone will boot loop if it’s on incorrectly.

    Tristan England - 回复

  19. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 移除屏幕组件: 步骤 20 中的图像 1,1
    • 移除屏幕组件。

    • 在重新组装过程中,如果要更换显示屏边缘周围的防水胶粘剂,请停下手头的工作看看这个指南

    unclear if this is where screen removal ends

    Daniel Maldonado - 回复

    I had the same question, but the answer is yes. Steps 21-30 are removing parts from the original screen that need to be reattached onto the new screen. You are no longer working inside the frame, but on the back of the screen itself.

    amclean78 - 回复

    I apologize for missing these comments initially, but yes that’s correct, the screen is removed now and the rest of the guide goes on to other parts, either in the phone or on the back of the screen. Good luck with the repair!

    Adam O'Camb -

  20. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 拧下耳机扬声器的螺丝: 步骤 21 中的图像 1,1
    • 拧下将扬声器/传感器组件固定到显示器背面的四颗螺丝:

    • 两颗 1.6 mm 菲利普斯十字螺丝

    • 一颗 2.3 mm 菲利普斯十字螺丝

    • 一颗 1.2 mm Y000 螺丝

    Do you really need to do step 21-30, because it says to replace, do it in reverse. Which means you are taking the components off and putting them back on without touching the screen? sorry if this is a dumb question, i’ve never done this before.

    ExplodingRage - 回复

    Good question! It depends on which guide you are completing. If you are replacing the screen, you do need to complete steps 21-30, in order to remove the front assembly and transfer it to your replacement screen. The front assembly contains the Face ID hardware, which is biometrically linked to the logic board.

    Now, if you are completing other guides, you may not need to remove the front assembly. Guides should have the steps slotted in only if they are pertinent to the procedure.

    Arthur Shi -

    I had the same question, but the answer is yes. Steps 21-30 are removing parts from the original screen that need to be reattached onto the new screen. You are no longer working inside the frame, but on the back of the screen itself.

    amclean78 -

    Im reassembling and notice there are no threaded screw holes to secure the speaker/sensor assembly on the new display. no way to secure it at all. Do i not need to secure it?

    Ashley Fitzgerald - 回复

    Hi Ashley,

    There should definitely be screw holes to secure the assembly to the new display. If you purchased the part from iFixit, please contact our customer support, and we will sort things out for you!

    Arthur Shi -

    Same. No screw holes. Now what?

    M Schmidt - 回复

    Please contact our customer support and we will get the issue resolved!

    Arthur Shi -

  21. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 翻转扬声器: 步骤 22 中的图像 1,2 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 翻转扬声器: 步骤 22 中的图像 2,2
    • 使用镊子轻轻翻转扬声器组件,使其远离显示屏的顶部边缘。

    • 扬声器通过非常薄的柔性电缆保持连接。小心不要拉紧或损坏电缆。

    I don’t understand. It clearly appears that one should stop disassembling after this step. Peeling off the tape here should provide access to the solder connections. Why remove a bunch of other adhered parts? ESD concerns?

    Of course, taking care not to transmit heat to the screen assembly below would be prudent. But it’s unlikely much if any heat would conduct even without using any sort of insulating spacer, assuming one’s soldering technique is acceptable. With a thermal mass that small, overheating the connection is the big concern. Especially since it is lead-free solder.

    (It has a high melting point. If you didn’t already know that, this is definitely not the best project to develop your soldering skills! You can still do it, but should def practice on similar connections until you feel proficient. Lifting a pad or overheating a nearby component are both dangers. Yet, the cost of the part is low enough you could buy two (just in case) and still come out ahead of Apple’s fee. Use flux or you’ll struggle!)

    Ryan Lewis - 回复

    Hey Ryan,

    You are right in that after this step, you could de-solder and replace the earpiece individually, if you choose to do some careful de-soldering and soldering. Alas, not everyone has the background and skill to do so! By instructing users to replace the complete assembly, we bypass the need to solder, and allow a wider audience to successfully complete the repair.

    Arthur Shi -

    When reassembling or placing the whole sensor module on a replacement screen, make sure to gently rock the speaker back into place. There is a rubber gasket lip around the speaker that must be seated all of the way against the screen and speaker grill to function properly. You should feel a gentle click when is goes in. If is not seated correctly it still easily can be screwed in making it difficult to tell if the speaker is in correctly.

    Colin Wylie - 回复

  22. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 加热前面传感器条: 步骤 23 中的图像 1,1
    • 使用吹风机或热风枪或准备 iOpener 并将其放置在显示器的顶部正面约 1-2 分钟,以软化固定传感器的粘合剂。

    Review steps 24-29 prior to doing this. Step 27 shows removing ambient sensor. It is attached….barely…to the rest of this assembly. I thought I was being overly cautions, and it still broke. Don’t be afraid to use heat. Do not force. Any resistance, do not force it.. Heat it up and then try. Other than that, sound and camera works fine, and it appears that FaceID works. Not my phone, so I can’t test that part without unlocking customer’s phone. No error messages appeared, so Im assuming all is good. With the touch home button on older models, if touch wouldn’t work, you’d receive a message as soon as you booted the phone up. OK.. That’s enough. Just be careful over the next 5 steps..

    Shawn Bailey - 回复

  23. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 撬起麦克风: 步骤 24 中的图像 1,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 撬起麦克风: 步骤 24 中的图像 2,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 撬起麦克风: 步骤 24 中的图像 3,3
    • 使用开口撬片小心地在麦克风下方的柔性电缆下边缘滑动。

    • 轻轻扭动以分离麦克风,同时注意不要拉紧或损坏柔性电缆。

    • 如果需要,使用撬棒的点完成麦克风与前面板凹槽的分离。如果麦克风仍然难以分离,请加热。

  24. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 撬起接近传感器: 步骤 25 中的图像 1,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 撬起接近传感器: 步骤 25 中的图像 2,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 撬起接近传感器: 步骤 25 中的图像 3,3
    • 从左向右工作,在柔性电缆下方和接近传感器 + 泛光照明器模块下方滑动开口撬片。

    • 轻轻摆动并抬起,将模块与前面板上的凹槽分开。

    • 抬起并握住扬声器以便接入是有帮助的。工作时请注意不要拉薄的柔性电缆。

    what happens if the metal plate from the sensor separates from the flood illuminator module?

    Yeison rodriguez - 回复

  25. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 移除环境光传感器: 步骤 26 中的图像 1,2 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 移除环境光传感器: 步骤 26 中的图像 2,2
    • 使用镊子将小支架垂直向上滑动并离开环境光传感器。

    I tore the ribbon cable that connects to the light sensor, what do I do? will the phone work even if the sensor doesn’t?

    wittyahole - - 回复

    When you are putting this clip on, you can practice without putting the light sensor on it. It takes some practice. I also may not stay on tightly but it's not a big deal.

    J Olin - 回复

  26. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 抬起环境光传感器: 步骤 27 中的图像 1,2 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 抬起环境光传感器: 步骤 27 中的图像 2,2
    • 使用镊子摆动环境光传感器并将其从显示屏的凹槽中提起。

    • 如果传感器在几秒钟后没有拉出来,请加热并再试一次。

    • 传感器通过非常薄的柔性电缆保持连接到传感器组件的其余部分。小心不要拉紧或损坏电缆。

    On picture two, the thin transparent thread between the sensor and the display is not the “very thin flex cable” they are talking about but just some glue remains. In my case this thread of glue was sticking onto the sensor in the exact same way which made me suspicious at first.

    Konstantin - 回复

    The top part of the ambient light sensor easily breaks off from the bottom part. In that case do not despair. Pry the stuck part from the old display and transfer it to the new display. Put the assembly back together without glue. It should hold together just fine. Usually the auto brightness feature will still work.

    Heiko Quant - 回复

    I broke the flex cable from the light sensor that connects to the rest. Anything I can do?

    Matias Bedoya - 回复

  27. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换: 步骤 28 中的图像 1,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换: 步骤 28 中的图像 2,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换: 步骤 28 中的图像 3,3
    • 如果你成功移除了整个环境光线传感器,如第一张照片所示,请继续执行下一步骤。

    • 如果白色漫射条脱落并嵌入显示屏中,如第二张照片所示,则需要使用薄刀片或撬具工具沿顶部边缘小心地将其拉出。首先重新加热可以使这项任务更容易一些。

    • 在重组过程中,首先将漫射器安装到显示器中,确保它朝向正确的方向(前面一侧显示在第一张图片中,后面一面显示在第三张图片中)。

    • 然后,将环境光传感器设置在漫射器顶部。在安装固定耳机/传感器组件的螺丝时,你需要将传感器固定到位。拧紧螺丝后,传感器将保持原位并正常工作。

  28. iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 移除扬声器+前传感器组件: 步骤 29 中的图像 1,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 移除扬声器+前传感器组件: 步骤 29 中的图像 2,3 iPhone XR 显示屏总成更换, 移除扬声器+前传感器组件: 步骤 29 中的图像 3,3
    • 取下耳机扬声器和前传感器组件。

    • 在重新组装过程中,检查包含这些组件的黑色塑料模块的位置:

    • 接近传感器

    • 泛光照明器

    • 必须正确定位这些模块,这样才不会被任何粘合剂阻塞。

    To replace just the earspeaker, you will have to re-use the the flex assembly which is soldered to the earspeaker…….

    the 2 solder connection are hidden under a tiny piece of thin black tape, on the underside of the speaker.

    Alan Sears - 回复

    forgot to mention to take the clear plastic mold off from the old screen!!

    BKimc - 回复

    Before attaching the sensor module to your replacement screen, ensure there is nothing blocking the earpiece screen on the new screen part. Mine had a mfg defect or something where there was a black foam like film on the outside of the speaker grill that I couldn’t remove with tape or sticky putty. I had to blow through the back of the grill with a computer duster compressed air can. Otherwise the call volume via the earpiece is extremely low, even when turned to max volume.

    Colin Wylie - 回复

    Hey there, if I have an iPhone bit damage and I remove the top speaker and sensor and put it on my other iPhone XR. Will it work? It is original iPhone XR and please let me know

    Nash G Krish - 回复

    The Face ID hardware is paired to the logic board and will not work if you transfer the front sensor assembly. Everything else should work.

    Arthur Shi -

    Are you suposeted to do it backwards when your done

    hewi fewi - 回复

    super gemacht , danke der olli

    schlüppi punkstrumpf - 回复

    The iPhone XR Screen Replacement Kit comes with an adhesive replacement on a blue plastic sheet. I didn’t know what this was and thought it was just protection for the screen during shipping.

    Don’t throw it out - At this step 29 remove the old adhesive using this guide -> iPhone显示屏粘合胶的更换

    Don’t be dumb like me.

    Toby BC - 回复




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Man, you guys have the best jobs. You get to take apart electronics and make outstanding repair guides for a living!

[deleted] - 回复

Where I can buy the screen?

Slava Slava - 回复

Hi, you can buy the screen here in our store! Good luck with your repair!

Adam O'Camb -

What about the half dozen other steps of removing the back plate, transferring components and reassembling the device?

Conrad - 回复

We put those steps into a separate guide, since not everyone needs them! If you need the more in-depth version, look here.

Jeff Suovanen -

My screen is replaced, but the small bracket straight from the ambient light sensor (step 26) is broken. Is this or will it become an issue?

hnsclmns - 回复

Has anyone Noticed the LCDs on the X series replacement screens crack very easily or is it more than likely I’m just receiving cheap parts?

Zach Grangroth - 回复

Any idea if you will be selling the iPhone XR Display Assembly Adhesive, Item code: IF408-008? If not, any recommendation for where to get this? Thank you,


james tullbane - 回复

@jtullbane It’s available again—not sure why we had the product disabled. Thanks for asking!

Jeff Suovanen -

Thanks for the write up. I just replaced my screen with your kit and I’m unable to use FaceID. I’ve reset it it but I am unable to set it up fresh as the system can’t detect my face during the setup wizard. What is interesting though is that Animoji are correctly projecting my face. Does anyone’s have any tips for further debugging before I take it apart again

Andrew Matheny - 回复

In my experience this is usually a hardware rather than a software issue. Double-check the tips in the final step. Make sure there’s no dust or fingerprints on the Face ID lenses and projector. Make sure nothing was damaged during the repair, particularly those thin flex cables. Reseat the connectors, reassemble, and test again. If all else fails, try reinstalling the old screen and see if you get Face ID back—in theory, a defective coating on the new screen could interfere with the Face ID hardware. Good luck!

Jeff Suovanen -

When you buy the screen, does the necessary screwdrivers come with or do you have to purchase them separately?

Cody Kowalski - 回复

Hi Cody,

If you purchase from iFixit, you have the option of buying either the replacement part by itself, or in a kit with all the necessary tools and adhesives. As of now, we don’t have a kit built for the screen, so you would need to supply your own tools.

Arthur Shi -

what is the small bracket for in step 18?

yhwhelrey0 - 回复

Why caméra icône on the screen is gray

valayrih - 回复

any know what the small bracket is for in step 20, that @iFixit tells us not to lose

Griffin - 回复

Awesome repair guide. I just finished with my screen replacement and am amazed at how relatively simple it was. I only have one critique and that is to add a bit driver to the tools required. I didn’t realize that the ph000 and the y000 were thinner than regular bits so it took a little bit more time for me. All that said I am happy with my repair and thank you guys for the fight for the right to repair. You all are awesome

Eugene Rodriguez - 回复

The adhesive for the XR is only available from the US store but I need to get it in the EU one. Is there a link for it in the EU store not the US one?

chris mccooey - 回复

Does the part you sell have the lcd shield included?

also what is the thermal paste on this model….other sites say “thermal paste pre installed” what does that mean?

mamashannon4u - 回复

Hi! The part we sell is only the LCD panel and digitizer only. It does not have the shield—you will have to transfer the part over. I’m not sure about thermal paste other sites are speaking off…it may be a poor translation to mean screen adhesives?

Arthur Shi -

I have an two iphone xr red, one donor and one to repair, the screen works on the donor vice versa but doesnt work on the other one(touch screen work on bottom half only…) you guys know why?

Antoine RD - 回复

How do I fix my iPhone XR screen? Just the glass part though & I don’t have cutting wire to separate the glass screen from the lcd pls help me

Aleha - 回复

tried it step by step, and my phone won’t cut on..

jj imel - 回复

I am not a seasoned technician by ay stretch of the imagination, though I have tinkered with many things over the years. I followed the guide step by step, and took my sweet time. So far, the phone and all of it’s peripherals work like and look new, face recognition included. I highly recommend the iFixit Mako Driver kit for this project, but I suppose that as long as your tools are of a high quality, you won’t have many if any issues. I used a cheap low wattage heat gun, but after completing this project, I have drawn the conclusion that I really wish that I had the iOpener and am going it order soon. I also could have used a few high quality spudgers and prying/seperator tools. This was a great step by step guide, and I believe that a budding professional could likely take any advice that they can find on iFixit. Excellent work.

Ryan Kennedy - 回复

I recommend buying the magnetic project pad or be well prepared to organize the screws and parts. The screws are tiny, so you might consider a head-mounted magnifier if your vision isn’t perfect. Excited to have this repair under my belt and not have to run to the genius bar for cracked screens any longer.

Jean-Paul Cozzatti Cozzatti - 回复

When you buy a new screen are you buying a new LCD thingy ma bob, or do you have to buy that separately? If it’s all together I should be good to just follow these steps right?

Leah - 回复

Hi Leah!

The LCD is just another term for the screen, so yes, all screen kits should come with it. However, iPhone screen kits get a little confusing. Some kits come with more components pre-installed than others. Our kit currently requires you to transfer the LCD shield from your existing iPhone, so it will require a few additional steps. Here is the proper guide for the part we sell.

Arthur Shi -

Im not an idiot and have done repairs to MacBooks and even replaced batteries on two iPads. I preface what I am about to say with that so if it’s simply user error, I no longer should be allowed to use an iPhone much less repair one.

I am on step 13 and I cannot for the life of me get the screws out for the battery piece. I have no less than 4 iPhone repair kits so that’s a minimum of 4 screwdrivers that should fit. Nope. They aren’t stripped (yet). I don’t know what help you can provide other than confirm that it’s possible that I was multiple kits for iPhone repair that simply don’t have the correct screwdriver gauge needed for an iPhone XR?

Cary Serrano - 回复

Do you need to have the new screen reprogrammed from the old screen to keep true tone?

Jeremy Jett - 回复

Great job. I would like to ask what speaker is it when you voice text? Thank you

Billy Ferguson - 回复

I replaced my screen and lighting connector port assembly and now I dont have Airplay anymore. What did I do wrong and how do I fix that.

Wynand - 回复

Thanks guys!! Helped me a lot!

A nice thing would have been to include removing the plastic “guides” for the earpiece, speaker and cameras. I couldn’t line mine up so I just went without it. Still works perfectly fine but for someone to whom this may be important, would have been a nice inclusion.

All in all, thanks for your help!!

tw1st3d - 回复

Did this today. Happy with the new screen. Most difficult steps 27-29 and of course screwing little screws back. Took 2hrs.

Gary - 回复

This guide helped me execute my screen replacement flawlessly! Thank you!

Mike Ross - 回复

Will Face ID work? Or will it be bricked completely with a replacement screen. Will it work if I clone the data using the chip cloner?

Ethan V - 回复

Hi Ethan,

If you successfully transferred over the front-facing sensor assembly to the new screen, Face ID will work!

Arthur Shi -

Thanks for the write up. Helped me to replace the screen on my partner’s phone.

Neil - 回复

I have to say that I went into this one feeling pretty pessimistic, but figured I could live with a busted phone and an additional $120 for a display as my worst case scenario. So, when I turned it on and everything worked as new? Well howdy doo! These instructions were excellent. THANK YOU!

J Olin - 回复

What kind of screwdriver I need for the 2 screws in the front

colin17harris - 回复



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