1. 将iMac正面朝下平放在桌面上,将底部对准自己。
    • 将iMac正面朝下平放在桌面上,将底部对准自己。

    • 将维修孔盖中间的一个十字螺丝拧松。

    • 螺丝是固定在维修孔盖上的。

    • 移除维修孔盖。

    The grid won't fall off by itself. You'll have to help it. Use the smallest screwdriver you have; the Torx 6 worked fine for me. It should enter in one of the many holes composing the grid. Use it as a lever to ploy the grid a little bit. You may catch it with your fingers and that's it.

    Be carefull not to damage the hole by a too strong leverage.

    Laurent - 回复

    much more safer to use duct tape, instead of torx 6. (glue it along the length of the grid and pull). it will loose instantly and smooth;)

    Hofmann78rus - 回复

    Anyone know a guide to replace the plastic piece this screw connects to? I accidentally forgot this step - went to remove the front bezel and bent the plastic piece the access door connects to.

    Jason Augustin - 回复

    • 玻璃面板固定在前挡板上, 周围有十四块磁铁。

    • 将两个吸盘固定在玻璃面板的对角上。

    • 要连接我们销售的吸盘, 首先将吸盘口与玻璃面板表面平行放置。轻轻握住吸盘并转动可动手柄, 直到它与其他手柄平行。

    • 如果你的吸盘无法吸附,尝试清理玻璃面板和吸盘的接触面。

    A good alternative to the two heavy duty suction cups is a regular household plunger.

    Russell Knight - 回复

    Also, 2" wide packing tape. Maybe a 6 or 8" piece, folded in the middle to give you say, a 1-2" "handle". Make a pair of these. They look like a capital T but with a short vertical part (the handle), and a wide top I the sticky wings). Get the good 3M tape, it's strong, and it peels off clean without leaving any glue from the screen.

    Barry Coyle - 回复

    for me one household plunger did the trick!

    Ronald Huygen - 回复

    • 轻轻地将玻璃面板直接拉出 iMac。

    • 玻璃面板外围有多个定位点。为了避免把这些针脚从玻璃面板上扯下来, 一定要在拆卸过程中直接拉直。

    • 在重新安装前, 务必要一丝不苟地清洗液晶屏和玻璃面板的内侧面, 因为在显示屏上的任何指纹或灰尘都将会令人讨厌。

    • 更换玻璃时, 要确保玻璃和框架之间没有任何东西。杂乱电缆可能损坏玻璃。


    • 移除以下固定嵌玻璃凹槽的12颗螺丝:

      • 8颗13mm T8星形螺丝

      • 4颗25mm T8星形螺丝

    • 在24" iMac Intel Model A1225上,底部中央的两颗螺丝长度较长(26mm),两边的四颗螺丝(左边两颗,右边两颗)长度中等(18mm),剩余的六颗螺丝(顶部四颗,底部角落两颗)长度较短(14mm)。

    I would strongly suggest taping the screws down on a piece of paper towel or cloth in the same order you take them out, as there are different lengths in no particular order and they don't all fit into just any hole. Unless you keep track of which hole each screw belongs, there is no other way of knowing. I stress taping because I didn't tape mine down and after bumping the table I was working on they scattered, leaving me to guess.

    Len - 回复

    Even better, use an ice cube tray to keep the screws from each step together.

    maccentric - 回复

    how about using the magnets near the screws to keep their positions?

    Andy - 回复

    I use an 18 count egg carton (or two) and label each egg slot with a Sharpie. Works great.

    airira - 回复

    As a rule with iFixit repairs, for years I've been printing the guides, applying scotch magic tape near each picture (which allows me to reutilise the paper prints in the future), neatly putting the appropriate screw next to their picture and taping them down with scotch magic tape.

    Even if I have to wait for spare parts, this allows me to neatly file the guide + screws in a copy safe and a binder (or in a cardboard filing box together with the rest of the parts) for later reassembly. Hardly any mistake possible...

    Bart Van Dessel - 回复

    I think the caption on the picture is wrong here for 24" iMacs - it says: "On the 24" iMac Intel Model A1225, the bottom center two screws are long (26mm), four on sides (two left, two right) are medium (18mm), and the remaining 6 (four top, two bottom corners) are short (14mm)." I think actually bottom centre two are long, then all the rest are medium apart from the two either side of the CD/DVD drive

    HBloomfield - 回复

    I print out the steps. Get a roll of scotch tape ready. Every screw, or set of screws I remove, I lay on some tape, and then tape them to the number on the directions. Then you have each screw labeled, with direction, and in order, or reassembly. Just working backwards in the directions.

    Barry Coyle - 回复

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    • 嵌玻璃凹槽上的麦克风排线仍与机身相连。

    • 轻轻地从后壳提起凹槽的顶端。

    • 当凹槽从后壳提起后,将其向自己的一侧旋转立起。

    • 将整个凹槽旋转远离机身,然后将其平放在机身上方。

    • 重新安装凹槽时,先将凹槽的底部与后壳齐平,然后再将凹槽顶部放下。

    Contrary to the pictures, to lift the front bezel off, start at top of the computer screen lifting up while apply a little bit of pressure to the foam in the upper corners of the screen. This will give you the leverage needed to get the bezel to lift up. Be careful to not pull to fast, as the camera cable is still attached.

    armand - 回复

    you'll need to add this step in all the other tutorials about iMac 20" EMC 2210, where it is missing ; they all jump from step 5 to step 6, which is a little annoying...

    Armel h - 回复

    Easy way to remove bezel, insert the longest screws a quarter turn into the two top most edge screw slots. Use the screws as anchors to press against as you pull the bezel toward you. Then a simple twist to remove the screws, and the rest of the bezel comes off easy.

    armand - 回复

    • 断开麦克风排线的连接,必要时移除胶带。

    • 为了能让嵌玻璃凹槽放好,确保将麦克风排线塞入摄像头旁的空隙中。

    During reinstallation of the LCD panel, be sure that the iSight microphone cable does not become trapped behind the panel.

    Ocean Yamaha - 回复

    I actually didn't have to remove the cable. With the iMac laying on its back, just rotate the front bezel (bottom edge rotating around top edge) so that it's laying upside down, above the iMac. When reassembling, just rotate back into place.

    Brian Tsai - 回复

    • 从主板上拉起LCD温度感应器的排线插头。

    • (在24寸电脑的主板顶端)


    • 移除将显示屏数据排线固定在主板上的两颗T6星形螺丝。

    • 使用黑色的拉条将排线头从主板拉起。

    I found this to be the most frustrating thing to remove out of everything under the hood. I had to have my wife use her skinny, smaller fingers to jimmy it up, but the tape kept pulling up and separating from the connector. I was worried that I was pulling in the wrong direction (what do I know about logic boards?) and that the tab was going to come off as it is slick tape. She eventually got it, but she did have to use some force. If you don't have a set of skinny fingers, just be patient and use a little force. I think the instructions should tell you to pull straight UP on the black tab, rather than 'away from the logic board', for those of us that don't really understand the technical components/guts of a computer. Honestly, my wife knows less than I do, but she could have done this as easily as me.

    Len - 回复

    • 移除将显示屏面板固定在后壳上的8颗T8星形螺丝。

    • 从左缘提起面板,朝机身右侧旋转。

    Some extra tools I found to be invaluable in this whole process was canned air (used for keyboards and office dust), a microfiber cloth (preferably the one that came with your iMac if you still have it, but you can get these almost anywhere these days)and one of those soft foam monitor covers to put over the monitor while your friend is holding it up (a soft sheet or towel might work too). If your computer is a few years old like mine, there will be a considerable amount of dust that you will want to clear out (and will fly everywhere anyway). Once you cleared that out and replace the hard drive, wait until you've got the bezel and screws back on before using the canned air and microfiber cloth to make sure all dust and lint is clear of the monitor. This is where the second person will come in handy again. They can wipe while you spray. Get your glass top with suction cups still attached ready and wipe that with the cloth and air as well. While your friend does one last wipe of the glass and then the monitor, put the glass on as soon as possible so no more lint or dust falls onto the monitor. I did this and the monitor looks as beautiful and clear as the day I bought the iMac. It is truly a brilliant and beautiful design by Apple and LG.

    Len - 回复

    In this step, as I lifted the display, there was also a small cord in the front, near the fan, that was connected from the display to the inside panel. As I lifted, it unplugged. Anyone know what this is and where it goes when I put it all back together? Pic of the cord I'm referring to: http://i68.tinypic.com/keubkg.jpg

    shauhncy - 回复

    • 提起屏幕的同时,断开变频器排线的连接。

    • 重新组装的时候,为了使显示屏面板与后壳边缘完全齐平,将变频器排线放到后面板上的元件的空隙中。

    • (24”版本的插头是两个合为一个)

    I did a HD replacement on my 24 inch iMac. It's mostly the same, but it does not have disconnectable inverter cables. Instead, there's a single cable that can't be disconnected. It sits too tight to rotate the display to the degree that you can lean it against something, so the only way to get the job done was to call in an extra set of hands to hold the display while I took out the hard drive.

    Marijn - 回复

    I'm almost sure by HD you meant HDD (Hard disc drive).

    Charles Hess -

    As Marijn said, there are no disconnectable inverter cables on the 24" iMac, just a single thick cable in the middle of the back that is heavily taped with black electrical tape. I imagine you could remove that and retape, but it seems like it would be more trouble than it's worth. There is definitely enough clearance for someone else to hold the monitor up and away from the hard drive. For this reason, I would not attempt to replace the hard drive on a 24" without another person to help. The monitor is not heavy, and it doesn't take a ton of time to remove the old hard drive. It would also help if one of you has skinny fingers ;-).

    Len - 回复

    Mark them before unplugging so you can reconnect them the right way when reinstalling!

    Dirk Simons - 回复

    On the 24" iMac, the single inverter cable can be easily disconnected from the back of the LCD panel after peeling back some of the thin black plastic film. It is not necessary to disconnect the panel if you have four hands, but sure makes the job easier.

    Geoff Shepherd - 回复

    sh******t I didn't mark the connectors and now I don't know how to plug them back. I'm doomed ! any trick to identify them ?


    Julien Waroux - 回复

    Same here. What did you do? Try them both ways?

    Leon Wagner -

    hold the led with my head lmao

    b12amyh - 回复

    You have to mark the Cables so you can reassembly them in the right order.

    If you don't (like me) and go with trial and error you probably have a purple screen.

    If so, you might also have been close to a heartattack… do a PRAM Reset by pressing command-Option-P-R at restart.

    My iMac works fine now.

    Pascal - 回复

    OMG, Thank you for this comment. I didn't initially label the inverter cables either. I did a fan replacement and RAM upgrade on a friends 20" iMac and had staticy, purplish screen. I thought I'd damaged the LCD. The PRAM reset fixed the display issue. Thank you so much for this!!!

    gwarren -

    I have the purple screen. :( I tried the pram reset. Do I switch the inverter cable connectors first?

    jaredrod - 回复

    I didn't mark the cables either, and now have a gray screen. I´m doing trial and error but can't get it to work. Any tips on finding the right cables?

    Marcus Svensson - 回复

    There should be a “star” at the beginning of this step to mark the wires as they are not color coded. Wish I read these comments first. Hope it works when I turn it on,

    John Rosati - 回复

    Of course I mismatched a pair and colors were distorted. After a trial by error switch of cables it worked perfect. MAKE SURE YOU LABEL THE CABLES AS NOT TO MIX THEM UP.

    John Rosati - 回复






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