更换您 2012 晚期 27" iMac的左扬声器。

  1. 从靠近电源按钮的左边显示屏,在显示屏和后盖的缝隙中插入iMac打开工具。 iMac打开工具的托盘会避免你把工具深入太深。如果你使用不同的工具,不要插过3/8英寸。操作不当可能破坏显示屏和破坏天线。 iMac打开工具的托盘会避免你把工具深入太深。如果你使用不同的工具,不要插过3/8英寸。操作不当可能破坏显示屏和破坏天线。
    • 从靠近电源按钮的左边显示屏,在显示屏和后盖的缝隙中插入iMac打开工具。

    • iMac打开工具的托盘会避免你把工具深入太深。如果你使用不同的工具,不要插过3/8英寸。操作不当可能破坏显示屏和破坏天线。

    Would a heat gun make this step easier? Or damage the iMac?

    Clark Green - 回复

    A heat gun wouldn’t help you here as you still need to cut though the adhesive. You also risk damaging the display with the excessive heat.

    Dan -

    Removing the original adhesive is easier than removing newly applied adhesive (e.g., if you have to reopen iMac).  If you should happen to need to reopen the iMac, please use extreme caution and highly consider my suggestions below.

    When using the pizza cutter tool, do the first few steps in reverse starting with step 8.  Starting on the left side is better since this is where the adhesive is narrowest.  The right side has two antennas and the top right has one, see the pictures for step 18-21, they are the brass colored metal rectangles near the edges.  The adhesive on these pieces are wider and therefore have more holding power.  The thickness of the pizza cutter tool is enough to crack the glass.

    Walter Hayden - 回复

    Continuing from my previous comment.  To remove the adhesive on the right side you’ll need to create a very slight gap to give the pizza cutter some more room.  Do this by cutting the adhesive on the left side up and around to the camera.  Before attempting to cut the right side. Carefully slide the plastic cards (I purchased two sets) to ensure the adhesive on the left top and side is completely free.  Now slowly move towards the right side.  After every inch or two of removing new adhesive, slide the card over to create this slight gap.  Be careful to not move the card too close to where the adhesive has not been cut.  You want to create a very slight gap without creating too much pressure.  Use extra caution with approaching the areas where the antenna are since the adhesive is stronger here and will need some additional cutting.  Follow this approach all the way around the right side.  Be careful to not create too much pressure at any one time.  Good Luck!.

    Walter Hayden - 回复

    I can confirm with Walter - trying to remove freshly applied adhesive is WAAAAY harder! My pizza cutter didn’t work correctly (the circle became a rectangle!) and I ended up with a small crack on the left of my screen. Dang it!

    Benon Koebsch -

    I would highly, highly, highly recommend AGAINST doing this at home. I followed these instructions to a T, and still somehow managed to have the screen not be able to turn on after the hard drive replacement. Then, once you’ve opened your Mac yourself, Apple will refuse to fix anything on the computer, and even other third party, Apple-authorized repair facility will refuse to repair it for you, and you will have to locate a non-authorized Apple repair facility. There, I am having to pay ~$600 to fix things that got screwed up, even though I followed the instructions here to a T, step by step, and did everything slowly and methodically.

    Beware, if you’ve never done this before, that be locked out of ever being able to use an Apple repair facility, or Apple-authorized repair facility, if you mess things up here now.

    Luke Gibson - 回复

    I performed this on a Late 2015 iMac and there weren’t any significant differences to these steps, but I did find the repair to be nerve-wracking. My model cost nearly $3,000 and about 10 steps into this guide (which I did fully read ahead of time) I was thinking, “what have I got myself into?” But I didn’t rush and happily I’m typing this on my repaired iMac! I found a video from OWC that was more useful than the photos in this guide for certain steps: https://vimeo.com/139364064

    Anthony Zimmerman - 回复

    Don’t know if you are still around, but THANK YOU for posting this video! The video made it seem SO NOT SCARY and, in conjunction with the photos and comments and tips on this guide, was a lifesaver. Big thumbs up.

    Melissa Ortiz -

    First impressions so far: yes it can be a bit nerve wrecking if it is your first time doing this sort of thing and even with lots of experience with a 2011 model it’s still a bit unsettling haha (nervous laughter).

    What I recommend: use a guitar pick to start cutting the glue. You’ll need a bit of pressure so do just the tip.

    Once you’ve done the whole perimeter (minus bottom) do it again but now it should be easier to go deeper so go very slow and careful. Then get the old suction cups used to open older models and start lifting the display very carefully to see where it’s still glued and cut those as well.

    Then you should be done and now the real fun begins! :D

    Carlos Ferrari - 回复

    It’s ridiculous. Apple should pay for doing this. Like glue parts together to block a repair / make difficult. I smashed my iMac. FU Apple. Seriously, every product I owned had hardware issues. For example, bad solder joints. Never again Apple. I’m happy with Windows and in 2018 / 2019 there are many other manufacturers with high quality stuff. Apple is dying, if they do not change …

    Depple - 回复

    NOTE: I followed every step word for word, but the adhesive strips supplied are as bad as double sided tape. Within 48hours the screen had slipped off and cracked. Now I need to fork out for a new screen and try again.

    Not sure what to try next time with strips? Perhaps a bit of glue to help hold it??

    Dan Kelly - 回复

    Where do i get the “iMac Opening Tool?” its neither in the list of tools nor could i find it on the tool page.

    Patrick Cella - 回复

    Hi @snappadoodle! The opening tool is included in the adhesive kit included in the tool list, but you can purchase it separately here.

    Sam Goldheart -

    After disconnecting the power cord and before cutting the panel adhesive, push and hold the power button for 10 seconds. This will discharge the power supply capacitors. In case you accidentally touch the solder joints on the board, you won't be shocked and drop the panel.

    Paul Floro - 回复

    Bottom line: This repair seems to have worked (so far no more intermittent shut-downs). Thanks iFixit!

    As a novice who fully expected to destroy the display or worse, I make the following recommendations: (1) Before you start, read the steps several (many) times; visualize doing them and imagine how things could go wrong; (2) Read all the comments—there were some really helpful tips—like simply displacing the left speaker rather than fully removing it; (3) Get the recommended tools*; and (4) take your time—if you start to feel frustrated—seriously, stop and take a calming breath. Time is your friend. Failure is not an option.

    *I would add a 3-prong parts puller to the tool list—it’s great for pulling and starting loose screws so you don’t drop them down into the chassis like I did. It’s also great for retrieving the screws you’ve dropped into the chassis.

    Brad Bauknecht - 回复

    Hi brad, what exactly did you repair to stop the shutdowns? I’m having the same issue

    merinian -

    Merinian: I replaced the power supply and it’s still working fine at this late date. No more intermittent shut-downs. Fingers still crossed!

    Brad Bauknecht -

    Just completed the Core i5 to i7 CPU upgrade and can strongly recommend getting the “pizza tool” to cut the display adhesive. It worked flawlessly and was done in less than 5 minutes. No inadvertent cables cut. No display problems.

    John Fisk - 回复

    Thank you very much for the instructive tutorial. I just successfully replaced the hard drive on my 2012 iMac 27. I used a disposable surgical scalpel 15 blade, and locked the blade extending 9 mm from the scalpel shaft using office tape. I used regular double sided tape to reattach the screen. I cut the strips using the scalpel. I have no previous computer experience and this is the first time I replaced a computer part. This was easy and fun.

    Filip Dolatowski - Friday 11th Dec 2020

    Filip Dolatowski - 回复

    You are very lucky! I’ve had three systems come in which someone did the exact same thing! All three cut the display ribbon cables. Please don’t use surgical knifes or any other knife! Use the proper tool the special pizza cutter wheel designed for the task.


    You likely spent more on the knifes than what the wheel cost with the correct tapes. You make the next time doubly hard to open not using the correct tapes! Hows the built in microphone? You may have messed it up.

    Dan -

  2. 就像切披萨一样—在缝隙里划过屏幕,这会切除掉粘在中间的泡沫粘合剂。 一定要推着转盘的后面让转盘旋转,如果你是拉的,转盘可能会掉出托盘。 在左方划开显示屏。
    • 就像切披萨一样—在缝隙里划过屏幕,这会切除掉粘在中间的泡沫粘合剂。

    • 一定要推着转盘的后面让转盘旋转,如果你是拉的,转盘可能会掉出托盘。

    • 在左方划开显示屏。

    I found the 'pizza cutter' surprisingly smooth at cutting through four-year-old adhesive.

    Gerry - 回复

    In my experience the cutter also worked very well for cutting the original adhesive. Unfortunately when I was reinstalling the display with the new adhesive strips, somehow the display power connector came loose. I had to open the display a second time and the cutter was not as effective against the new adhesive. I managed to break the cutter tool plastic wheel and cause a few small cracks in the edge of the displays glass as I worked! Be careful and go slowly!

    azaadkb - 回复

    The cutting tool worked great until I accidentally twisted it a bit while rounding a corner. A chunk of the wheel snapped off, making the rest of the job quite a bit more challenging. Just make sure you are keeping the tool directly parallel with the screen.


    I concur, opening the screen a 2nd time is considerably more difficult because the adhesive strips are thinner than the original, which makes getting the cutting tool inserted much more difficult….as a result unknowingly I elongated a small crack to a much longer crack and somehow, the LCD now has a wide grey strip from top to bottom….The first time opening was easy, second time resulted in a ruined screen.. The cost of. a replacement LCD is the same has replacing the entire computer….I would recommend anyone attempting to remove the screen for any reason, do not use the aftermarket adhesive strips if you ever intend to open it up; again, or cut the strips much shorter, or possibly use a few pieces of scotch tape or similar to hold the screen in place….since the screen tilts back, this should not be a problem…Good luck…

    S. Baxter - 回复

  3. 继续用工具划过左上角。 继续用工具划过左上角。 继续用工具划过左上角。
    • 继续用工具划过左上角。

  4. 从左上方开始,沿边切除粘合剂。 从左上方开始,沿边切除粘合剂。
    • 从左上方开始,沿边切除粘合剂。

    The pizza cutter will sink in all the way to the tool handle when the adhesive is full cut, but don’t feel you have to do this in one motion. Some parts cut easier and some require a lot (like 20x) of gentle back and forth.

    Anthony Zimmerman - 回复

  5. 划过上方的屏幕。 你也许要多划几次,大约3-4次,确保大多数粘合剂已经分离了。
    • 划过上方的屏幕。

    • 你也许要多划几次,大约3-4次,确保大多数粘合剂已经分离了。

    what about the part where the camera is though? do I just treat it like the rest of the screen?

    Boris - 回复

    yes. the tool can’t go too deep

    flow in - 回复

    I measured a depth several positions.

    - About 6 centimeters near iSight Camera center, you must no use iMac opening tool, because iSight element exists.

    - iMac opening tool has a 9mm radius, so it may break iSight camera element.

    - Making a plastic card stacking 2 or 3 to 3mm, under the iMac opening tool, that makes inserting a gap 5~6mm like below.

    @. iMac opening tool

    ====== plastic card3 (credit card 1mm)

    ====== plastic card2 (1mm)

    ====== platic card1. (1mm)

    ———————————————— isight camera element (total 5~6cm) ————

    In my case, i got a display problem where lcd display yellow connector was torn without care.

    Be helpful.

    KWANGBOK, LEE - 回复

  6. 沿着缝隙划到显示屏右上角。 沿着缝隙划到显示屏右上角。 沿着缝隙划到显示屏右上角。
    • 沿着缝隙划到显示屏右上角。

  7. 转一下,让轮子沿着向下方向。 转一下,让轮子沿着向下方向。
    • 转一下,让轮子沿着向下方向。

  8. 把打开显示屏的工具推到显示器右边的底部。 此时,您会希望在整个显示器周围使用该工具,以确保尽可能减少粘结。
    • 把打开显示屏的工具推到显示器右边的底部。

    • 此时,您会希望在整个显示器周围使用该工具,以确保尽可能减少粘结。

  9. 当打开显示屏的工具做了大部分工作之后,显示器仍然会轻微地粘附在外壳上。用一张塑料卡就可以把这种胶粘剂移除。 将iMac屏幕朝上放在桌面上。 从iMac的右上角开始,在显示屏和外壳之间插入一张塑料卡。
    • 当打开显示屏的工具做了大部分工作之后,显示器仍然会轻微地粘附在外壳上。用一张塑料卡就可以把这种胶粘剂移除。

    • 将iMac屏幕朝上放在桌面上。

    • 从iMac的右上角开始,在显示屏和外壳之间插入一张塑料卡。

    • 小心不要插入超过3 / 8英寸,否则会损坏内部组件。

    I actually DESTROYED my display (black vertical strips) by pushing the card in a bit TOO DEEP. So it is REALLY important to insert the card only a bit (1-2mm) more than the cutter wheel, in particular at the top side, where many flat cables connect the panel with the PCB. These can be damaged very easily!

    Peter Fischer - 回复

    Same thing with me…. Pushed cards to far…. new panel needed…€600…..

    i think ifixit needs to place a bigger caveat, as I have missed it the first time

    Edgar Broekema - 回复

    i successfully upgraded two imacs. one opened with ifixit pizza knife and another with a regular paper knife. however, when i had to open the first one once again i broke its screen glass. it seems ifixit adhesive strips are too strong. next time i’ll try to use heater to weaken glue tension.

    Eugene Kharkov - 回复

    I broke one too. And even if you think you did it correctly, you’ll not be able to see where you might have gone too far. You would think it’s very protected behind that metal plate, but no. Take special care with this offence to “right to repair” This should have been designed WAY better. I mean replacing a hardrive that is very likely to fail over the course of time, or even a simple desire to upgrade to an ssd!.


    Denis Sytmen - 回复

    HINT: If you turn the card and use the blue part of it, then you can avoid going to deep: no further then the blue part …

    Barthold - 回复

    On the cards I got with my iFixit kit, the blue part was way bigger than 9.5mm — closer to 20mm!

    I made a line 9mm from the edge of each of my cards and used that as a guide.

    Damian Chadwick -

    I’m thinking I might just use vinyl tape to keep the screen in place for at least a little while after an upgrade. The extra strength of the replacement tape sounds scary.

    Art Hackett - 回复

    I wrapped two layers of vinyl electrical tape around the short side of an old gift card 3/8” from the edge. This “stop" prevented the card from going in too far. The card really helps to break the panel free.

    Paul Floro - 回复

    This is a good tip!

    Lennart Saaf -

    Great idea! Wish I had read this before doing it. My less then optimal solution was to draw lines 3/8” around the cards, not as safe as your fix, but fast.

    Michael Piplani -

    Umm.. I’m not sure that I’d recommend using a repurposed credit card to open the display - I found that using the “pizza tool” to cut the old adhesive then using a pair of suction cups to gently pull the display up worked perfectly well.

    John Fisk - 回复

    surely the card should have been designed such not to go further than certain distance with a barrier band.

    S Hussain - 回复

    The cards don’t have any means to control the depth, its your skills which control it. Its no different from how you use a knife to cut your chicken up when you serve it for dinner.

    Dan -

  10. 轻轻移动塑料卡,打开显示屏与外壳之间的空间。 慢慢地移动,小心不要给显示器的压力太大,你只需要大约1 / 4英寸。
    • 轻轻移动塑料卡,打开显示屏与外壳之间的空间。

    • 慢慢地移动,小心不要给显示器的压力太大,你只需要大约1 / 4英寸。

    My children tend to collect cards like this from hotels, Disneyland, old IDs, iTunes cards, gift cards etc. They came in handy for this step. After wedging in the first card into the left corner, I wedged the left corner, then added cards along the bottom edge. Finally I continued to push in additional cards to existing cards and found that this created a smooth even pressure along the display top. At 2-3 card-thickness the last of the adhesive let go, gentle as a baby.

    Anthony Zimmerman - 回复

  11. 在碰到iSight摄像头前一定要停止切割,否则你可能会损坏它。 将卡片向显示屏的中心滑动,以减少剩余的黏合剂。 将卡片向显示屏的中心滑动,以减少剩余的黏合剂。
    • 在碰到iSight摄像头前一定要停止切割,否则你可能会损坏它。

    • 将卡片向显示屏的中心滑动,以减少剩余的黏合剂。

    was denn jetzt? Vor der Kamera aufhören, oder in Richtung Bildschirmmitte schieben, um DEN REST zu entfernen? Wenn ich vor der Kamera aufhöre, kann ich nicht alles an Kleber entfernen.

    Julia S. - 回复

  12. 把这张卡放在显示屏的边角处,让它留在那里,以防止粘结剂重新粘合。 把这张卡放在显示屏的边角处,让它留在那里,以防止粘结剂重新粘合。
    • 把这张卡放在显示屏的边角处,让它留在那里,以防止粘结剂重新粘合。

  13. 将第二张卡插入显示屏另一个边角处和外壳之间的空隙。 将第二张卡插入显示屏另一个边角处和外壳之间的空隙。 将第二张卡插入显示屏另一个边角处和外壳之间的空隙。
    • 将第二张卡插入显示屏另一个边角处和外壳之间的空隙。

  14. 轻轻抬起卡片,稍微增加显示屏与外壳之间的间隙。 与另一边一样,慢慢地移动,让胶粘剂破裂,注意不要过度按压玻璃。
    • 轻轻抬起卡片,稍微增加显示屏与外壳之间的间隙。

    • 与另一边一样,慢慢地移动,让胶粘剂破裂,注意不要过度按压玻璃。

  15. 把塑料卡滑到中心,再一次停在iSight相机前。 把塑料卡滑到中心,再一次停在iSight相机前。 把塑料卡滑到中心,再一次停在iSight相机前。
    • 把塑料卡滑到中心,再一次停在iSight相机前。

  16. 将卡片插入显示屏的另一个边角处。 将卡片插入显示屏的另一个边角处。
    • 将卡片插入显示屏的另一个边角处。

  17. 只把显示屏抬起几英寸——它仍然是通过数据和电力电缆连接到iMac上的。 将卡片插入到边角附近,轻轻地扭转卡片,以增加显示屏与外壳之间的距离。 如果有任何部分看起来粘在一起,并且不会分开,那就停止扭转卡片,用其中一张卡片在问题区域中切下胶粘剂。
    • 只把显示屏抬起几英寸——它仍然是通过数据和电力电缆连接到iMac上的。

    • 将卡片插入到边角附近,轻轻地扭转卡片,以增加显示屏与外壳之间的距离。

    • 如果有任何部分看起来粘在一起,并且不会分开,那就停止扭转卡片,用其中一张卡片在问题区域中切下胶粘剂。

    • 开始从外壳中抬起显示屏的顶部。

    I would recommend using suction cups at this stage to lift the display.

    Marco De Palma - 回复

    I would strongly recommend using suction cups

    Luca Mucci - 回复

    Agreed about the suction cups. An extra pair of hands might be good here as well.

    Damian Chadwick - 回复

    I agree, I’m using iFixit suction cups right now.

    tanner85 - 回复

    Go very slowly when lifting the display – give time for the adhesive at the bottom edge to stretch and flow. If you lift too fast, the glass can crack. That’s what happened for me.

    Gerry - 回复

    The stickiest location on my iMac was the mid-to-lower section of the right side. There are a couple of thicker areas that needed attention from the plastic cards.

    Lennart Saaf - 回复

    This is the step where I cracked the screen.

    HABEEB102 - 回复

    Did you use the pizza cutter tool first?

    Dan -

  18. 用一只手握住显示器的同时,用另一只手拔下显示电源线 把显示器提升到足够方便的高度,但不要太高,电缆还是连接在逻辑板上的(电缆约长8英寸)
    • 用一只手握住显示器的同时,用另一只手拔下显示电源线

    • 把显示器提升到足够方便的高度,但不要太高,电缆还是连接在逻辑板上的(电缆约长8英寸)

    Mark all cable connectors with a spot of white correction fluid before removal. This will remove the risk, when reinserting them later, of getting them the wrong way round. Yes - I know they will only plug in one way round, but it does make life easier if you are not in perfect lighting!

    Alastair Lack - 回复

    At this step, if you mess up anything with these 2 cables, especially when plugging them back in, even if you think you’re following the instructions here to a T, then you’re screwed.

    I would highly, highly, highly recommend AGAINST doing this at home. I followed these instructions to a T, and still somehow managed to have the screen not be able to turn on after the hard drive replacement. Then, once you’ve opened your Mac yourself, Apple will refuse to fix anything on the computer, and even other third party, Apple-authorized repair facility will refuse to repair it for you, and you will have to locate a non-authorized Apple repair facility. There, I am having to pay ~$600 to fix things that got screwed up, even though I followed the instructions here to a T, step by step, and did everything slowly and methodically.

    Beware, if you’ve never done this before, that be locked out of ever being able to use an Apple repair facility, or Apple-authorized repair facility, if you mess things up here now.

    Luke Gibson - 回复

    The display cable, the wider one, has a lock on it , usually a plastic tape lift tab to release it, once thats flipped it should come out fairly easily, if your experiencing resistance and the cable isn’t coming out then check for this lock/latch, the power cable just pulls out, just don’t rush it everything should go fine, fairly easy to do with the end result a working iMac

    Ed tabickman - 回复

    Is it possible to replace the power cable if its damaged? I can’t seem to find anything about this.

    Joseph Orr - 回复

    After finishing my hard drive replacement I reconnected these connectors to test my display before using new adhesive. Everything was working beautifully. But then when I applied the new adhesive and went to seal the display on for good - the display power cable somehow became disconnected! I had to reopen the Mac for a second time which was far more difficult with new adhesive. When reinstalling double and triple check that the cables are securely inserted before the final seal. Sounds obvious but it’s quite the annoyance if something goes wrong at this point.

    azaadkb - 回复

    Very difficult to work with these connectors.

    Power cable very difficult to unplug - data cable veeeeery difficult to plug in.

    I noticed that working with the iMac positioned vertically (and with a proper support for inclination) makes this step slightly easier…

    Luca Mucci - 回复

    Interesting comments.. personally, I didn’t find the cables particularly difficult to detach and reattach. You do have to be patient and gentle. Personally, I found that a rolled up beach towel gently wedged between the unit and back of the display helped keep the glass up. Also, a small flashlight can be helpful to see the cables and connectors if you’re lighting isn’t perfect.

    John Fisk - 回复

    I’d agree to John - not overly difficult. My workaround was to prep the screen for re-installation and then place it in front of the standing machine. The cables are long and flexible enough to be put in place even in this state. You can easily attach the cables and continue with fixing the screen to the housing.

    stefan - 回复

    I would not recommend doing this step as pictured. The cable you are removing has little tabs on the wide side that can be depressed inwards towards the center of the connector, releasing the cable. If you just grab the cable as pictured and yank it out, without depressing the side tabs, you are likely to damage something. Don’t pull on the wires, use your fingernails at the connector to squeeze the very small little tabs inward to release the cable from the connector.

    maccentric - 回复

  19. 打开覆盖在显示数据电缆上的金属盖片 断开显示数据电缆 这是一种很容易被打破的微妙关系。确保将显示数据电缆连接器直接从其插座中拉出,并拉向iMac的顶部
    • 打开覆盖在显示数据电缆上的金属盖片

    • 断开显示数据电缆

    • 这是一种很容易被打破的微妙关系。确保将显示数据电缆连接器直接从其插座中拉出,并拉向iMac的顶部

    I replaced HDD to SSD and assembled parts again. When I boot up the iMac, I found black lines on display (looks partly not broken).

    I searched Internet, and some says graphic card problem, but I didn't touch anything but cable to lift up.

    Could the damaged display data cable cause this situation? I hope I could fix this by just replacing the cables..

    chansung park - 回复

    Sorry, Black lines is a damaged display assembly ;-{ In the process of removing it you either pushed the tool into deep or you torqued the glass severing the tiny wire traces.

    Dan -

    Same trouble here, is it cable trouble or connector trouble?

    redfoxydarrest - 回复

    Sorry damaged display

    Dan -

    I think whenever words like "...is a delicate connection that can be broken. Be sure to pull the [cable in a certain direction] ANYTIME.... It is worth either a closeup or 2, maybe one with annotations or insertion directions and maybe a motion direction arrow with the something like and 'X' char or a circle division slash over the wrong one.

    john - 回复

    Yes, John is absolutely correct on this one. I damaged the display cable trying to get it back in. A close up would have helped and now my computer might have actually been fixed.

    Marsha Giardina -

    [|There are 2 cables to disconnect on my Mac (?). Also, I don’t see a metal retaining bracket. I can take a picture, but cannot attach. I got the glass loose with no problem, but am worried about damaging the cables]

    Jim Kelly - 回复

    Hi Jim! You can go to our Answers Forum to post some better images of your situation!

    Sam Goldheart -

    At this step, if you mess up anything with these 2 cables, especially when plugging them back in, even if you think you’re following the instructions here to a T, then you’re screwed.

    I would highly, highly, highly recommend AGAINST doing this at home. I followed these instructions to a T, and still somehow managed to have the screen not be able to turn on after the hard drive replacement. Then, once you’ve opened your Mac yourself, Apple will refuse to fix anything on the computer, and even other third party, Apple-authorized repair facility will refuse to repair it for you, and you will have to locate a non-authorized Apple repair facility. There, I am having to pay ~$600 to fix things that got screwed up, even though I followed the instructions here to a T, step by step, and did everything slowly and methodically.

    Beware, if you’ve never done this before, that be locked out of ever being able to use an Apple repair facility, or Apple-authorized repair facility, if you mess things up here now.

    Luke Gibson - 回复

    Can anybody upload an image of how the display can get damaged from removing it? I find it hard to believe (though I’m reading the horror stories here) that a whole display can get damaged. Especially when many of us were following to a T and being VERY CAREFUL.


    Bryan - 回复

    First: During reassembly, I highly recommend you connect these cables and do a test boot BEFORE you remove the protective tape on the adhesive strips. That way you can fix any issues(like a damaged cable) if something is not right and you have not re-glued the screen back down which will cause a problem. If you have a second person and everything is working after test boot, you can just leave the cables connected, lift the bottom of the screen and have 2nd person pull the protective tape on the adhesive strips and you can set the screen in place. Second I damaged the video data cable during reassembly on my late 2015 iMac- I did not get the connector straight and I damaged the wires on the cable. I recommend you have someone else hold the screen while you attach the cables - they are fragile. Luckily, the data cable was easily replaced for only about $20. If you must do this by yourself, just be careful I highly recommend have 2 people at this step during reassembly.

    Chip T - 回复

    At least on my “late 2013” model, the smaller display cable connector has tiny, tiny clips on the outside edges. These must be squeezed to unlatch it. Don't pull on the cable itself or the wires can be pulled out. Even with my small fingers, it was hard to grip the clips. When reconnecting, the connector will lightly snap into place.

    Paul Floro - 回复

    I managed this step without any problems, but I had my wife hold the screen up while I disconnected/connected the cables. I STRONGLY encourage another pair of hands here so you can focus your full attention on being ultra careful with the cables.


    On the 2015 there are 2 cables.

    1. Once the display is loose use the Mac foam block sold from Ifixit to keep the display from rocking to hold open the glass

    2. Blow out dust with canned air

    3. Get a flash light and small flat edged screw driver

    4. Use the screw driver to slow pry loose the connector from the socket by gently inserting it in the gap on the left and then on the right slowly easing the connector from the socket towards the top of the glass

    5. The more center connector has a pull tape and a wire loop. Lift pull tape and the wire loop will raise up.

    6. Pull the wire loop towards the top of the glass to slide out the connector from its socket

    Anthony Crocker - 回复

    Have a late 2013 model and went to do the SSD upgrade. When going to remove the display we cracked the bottom left corner of the glass (just the glass frame part - not part of the screen that displays anything). We were also having difficulty putting re-attaching the display flex cable. Whenever we finally went to test it before re-sealing the screen back on with new adhesive it would sound like it is turning on as it makes boot-up noises and the fans start running, but the screen would just remain black. Just wondering if the crack in the bottom left-hand side of the glass/display would have damaged a part of the display assembly or if it would be more likely that we just damaged the display flex cable (which can be replaced for $26)?

    Zach Tweel - 回复

    does anybody know how the Display Cabel pin assignment is? I want to try if I can attach the Panel to another grafic card

    Marco Rizzo-Scheible - 回复

    I’ve completed the upgrade to SSD, but while restarting my screen remains black. As if no connected.

    I assume I broke the sensitive connector.

    —> how to order a spare?

    Durain - 回复

  20. 将显示器提升到接近垂直的位置 此时,显示屏底部仍有一块胶粘剂,可以像铰链一样将显示器固定在外壳上。你可以通过几次开合来将这种粘合剂弄松
    • 将显示器提升到接近垂直的位置

    • 此时,显示屏底部仍有一块胶粘剂,可以像铰链一样将显示器固定在外壳上。你可以通过几次开合来将这种粘合剂弄松

    • 通过抓住外部边缘多次开合尽可能多地去除粘合剂,然后将其拉到需要的位置

    Thank you Stef, that's what i will do next time, i cracked the lower part of the screen went opening very slowly, that's probably why those "tabs are for !!

    dforgues - 回复

    Thanks Stef, this has saved me! Simple yet very effective.

    David Zemsky - 回复

    Yep, I cracked the lower corner of the display as well. I failed to work the adhesive enough to loosen it sufficiently. Be careful, I just had to buy my customer another screen!

    Peter Haigh - 回复

    There seems to be missing a step or two. As I was removing the old display, there are two wires that need to get transferred to the new replacement display. There is not note about these two wires located at the top of the display. The 1.128-inch ribbon cable and then this other 4-inch long, two-wire cable that goes to a very small circuit board that is 1/4 by 3/8 of an inch and seems to be adhered to the panel.I have not been able to get this cable off the old display. There is a port for it on the replacement display.

    Note: When ordering this screen, and plastic cards as noted tools, ifixit.com did not list the pizza cutter or the new replacement adhesive strips. So now I’m not sure how to get the new one on and secure.

    Todd Derek - 回复

    The adhesive strip along the bottom is designed with a pull tab on each outer end. Rather than lever and pull the screen simply carefully pull the tab which removes that half of the lower adhesive strip and frees up the screen.

    Andrew Stephens - 回复

    Niemals den unteren Klebestreifen mit einem scharfen Gegenstand wie Rasierklinge oder so versuchen zu trennen, davon geht die Beschichtung des Displays kaputt und man hat hässliche Streifen unten hinter dem Glas. Stattdessen lieber versuchen, das Display nach oben zu klappen und abzuziehen.

    Bas ti - 回复

    translation from Bas Ti because this is very important:

    Never try to separate the bottom adhesive strip with a sharp object such as a razor blade or something, the coating on the display will break and you will have ugly strips at the bottom behind the glass. Instead, try to flip up and pull off the display.

    Kurt Grootjans - 回复

    If you are just replacing the hard drive, I have found that it is quite possible to do while leaving the screen connected, making the process much easier. The amount you need to tilt the screen to access the little pull tabs at the bottom to release the screen is also sufficient to access the drive. I remove the drive while the iMac is upright. I also heat up the bottom of the screen to soften the glue and to help with the possibility of the glass cracking while doing this step.

    maccentric - 回复

    Very dangerous! You’ll stress the cables and the logic board connectors.

    Dan -

  21. 如果需要的话,可以用一张塑料卡来切割底部粘合带的剩余部分 注意不要触碰电容器的引线或电源(用红色表示)的任何暴露的焊点 注意不要触碰电容器的引线或电源(用红色表示)的任何暴露的焊点
    • 如果需要的话,可以用一张塑料卡来切割底部粘合带的剩余部分

    • 注意不要触碰电容器的引线或电源(用红色表示)的任何暴露的焊点

    Would have been helpful to box the same red area when using the plastic card to separate the glue. Since the red blocked picture is inverted, if someone doesn't pay close attention it may not be obvious that the area of concern is at the right top of the graphic pictures in which the plastic card use is being demonstrated..

    Wizbang FL - 回复

    you don't need to cut the bottom part as the bottom tape is stuck on each side and you can easily pull it out

    Thomas Webb - 回复

    What is the twisted wire taped to the back of the display that can bee seen in the upper right of the first two pictures? I have an 27” iMac without a screen an my replacement does not have this wire. I think it is a temperature sensor but do not know where it connects to.

    Eric - 回复

    [|I opened up my iMac and there’s no HDD or SSD in that spot. its just empty.]

    John Warmann - 回复

    You probably had just an SSD installed and no HD, which is on the opposite side of the motherboard (and quite a bit more work to access).

    maccentric -

    Please update the picture to include the RED BOXED IN AREA that you refer to on all three pictures in this step. I have had a few zaps from these supplies and it is not pleasant.

    Charlie Nancarrow - 回复

    J’ai réussi à intervenir dans l’iMac sans décoller l’ensemble de l’écran. Je l’ai ouvert en laissant la dernière partie collée (vers le logo Apple) et qui sert comme une charnière. Bien calé et assuré l’écran n’a pas bougé et j’ai pu changer mon disque dur facilement. Le grand avantage et d’avoir l’écran toute suite juste quand on le recolle par la suite.

    David Mariaux - 回复

    Well, I of course touched a soldering point in the red area as my hand slipped. I heard and felt a tiny “click” and after replacing the HDD with SSD etc I can not power the iMac up anymore. Not a sign of life :-( I suppose I broke the power supply. Can someone confirm? Or could something else have broken too?

    David Rosner - 回复

    @john - there’s a slot on the back of the motherboard for a storage stick. fancy

    flow in - 回复

  22. 拿着显示屏时要非常小心——它很大,很重,由玻璃制成 将显示从外壳中抬起并从iMac中拿出 可能有必要从一边慢慢地抬起起,并将剩余的胶粘剂剥离
    • 拿着显示屏时要非常小心——它很大,很重,由玻璃制成

    • 将显示从外壳中抬起并从iMac中拿出

    • 可能有必要从一边慢慢地抬起起,并将剩余的胶粘剂剥离

    You really should be using film handling or surgical type gloves to handle the screen to minimise finger grease on any of it. Even if it’s possible to clean most of it off, it can be corrosive over time.

    Art Hackett - 回复

  23. 随着铰链的自由移动,iMac将会变得不平衡并且很难继续工作。维修可以将iMac的放倒来完成,但是使用iMac service wedge会更快更容易
    • 随着铰链的自由移动,iMac将会变得不平衡并且很难继续工作。维修可以将iMac的放倒来完成,但是使用iMac service wedge会更快更容易

    Incomplete guidance . Does not say how to transfer cables such as thermal sensor .

    Yuan - 回复

    La traduction française est tronquée : “…plus faciles avec une cale de maintien pour iMac”


    Pierre-Aurélien - 回复

    My $12.99 iMac Service Wedge looks like a $0 soft pillow from the guest room…


    John Fisk - 回复

  24. 移除2个10.0 mm T10 螺丝。
    • 移除2个10.0 mm T10 螺丝。

  25. 将左侧扬声器的电缆从逻辑板上的插座中拔出。 确保已经将其从插座中拔出。 将电缆从硬盘与逻辑板之间的缝隙中取出。 如果硬盘与逻辑板之间的缝隙过于狭窄,就将电缆与逻辑板断开后将线缆先暂时放在合适位置。
    • 将左侧扬声器的电缆从逻辑板上的插座中拔出。 确保已经将其从插座中拔出。

    • 将电缆从硬盘与逻辑板之间的缝隙中取出。

    • 如果硬盘与逻辑板之间的缝隙过于狭窄,就将电缆与逻辑板断开后将线缆先暂时放在合适位置。

    I didn’t unplug and de-route this cable. Later, Step 29, has you remove the left speaker. This isn’t necessary. If you can just move the speaker over to expose the hard drive mounting screws, so if you’re not going to remove the speaker, you don’t need to unplug it.

    Anthony Zimmerman - 回复

  26. 小心 切勿触碰任何电源背板上的金属焊点。 电容内可能还有余电,对您造成伤害。 使用撬棒来切断电源键与逻辑板之间的连接。 使用撬棒来切断电源键与逻辑板之间的连接。
    • 小心 切勿触碰任何电源背板上的金属焊点。 电容内可能还有余电,对您造成伤害。

    • 使用撬棒来切断电源键与逻辑板之间的连接。

    Can someone explain what are the solder joint? Or tell me what it looks it?

    brianyu - 回复

    The silver spots on the circuit boards. You may not want to tackle this alone. If you touch these areas, you can possible get a shock -- harming you and your computer.

    Robert -

    there is no need to disconnect the speaker, just unscrew it and move aside slightly to reach the HDD screws (about 5mm) - if you want to replace just the main HDD

    Thomas Webb - 回复

    Take note of exactly what direction this tiny little wire was.

    Joseph Ashe - 回复

    If I leave my iMac unplugged for an extended period, say 24 or 48 hours, is it still possible to get an electric shock from the PSU? Do the capacitors eventually discharge?

    Dominic Pettifer - 回复

    make sure you’ve actually unplugged the mac when running this cable, and not had it plugged in to test the diagnostic LEDs, because one of those wee silver spots is carrying 230v, and its 6mm away from the place the cable runs, So if you have fat fingers like mine, that’s a free wake up zap

    flow in - 回复

  27. 垂直抬起左扬声器,直到电源按钮电缆露出约1.27cm 垂直抬起左扬声器,直到电源按钮电缆露出约1.27cm
    • 垂直抬起左扬声器,直到电源按钮电缆露出约1.27cm

  28. 小心的将电源按钮线缆从左扬声器的槽中取出。 小心的将电源按钮线缆从左扬声器的槽中取出。 小心的将电源按钮线缆从左扬声器的槽中取出。
    • 小心的将电源按钮线缆从左扬声器的槽中取出。

    Pay attention: if pulling out the loudspeaker tear off the wire of the power button, Apple have not any service parts except for the whole rear housing!

    Fabio Braga - 回复

  29. 将左扬声器向上提起,来与iMac分离。 如果先前硬盘与逻辑板之间的缝隙过于狭窄无法取出电缆,那么现在当您卸下扬声器的时候请轻轻拉动。 拉出扬声器的时候请引导线缆穿过硬盘驱动器支架的右下方。
    • 将左扬声器向上提起,来与iMac分离。

    • 如果先前硬盘与逻辑板之间的缝隙过于狭窄无法取出电缆,那么现在当您卸下扬声器的时候请轻轻拉动。

    • 拉出扬声器的时候请引导线缆穿过硬盘驱动器支架的右下方。

    I found it wasn't necessary to remove the speaker from the left side to remove the hard drive. You can remove the screws, and then slide it over to the left — giving more than enough room to access the hard drive.

    Robert - 回复

    me too. don't need to remove it if you only want to change the hd

    Alber Einsten -

    Agreed, wast of time to fully remove the speaker.

    Matthew Gonzalez -

    It is difficult to remove the bottom of the speaker because it bends into the frame. Be careful to remove the power button cable, which also routes in a channel in the bottom of the speaker.

    Eric - 回复

    easier to remove the speakers if you unscrew the front ‘chin strap’ - 6/9 phillips screws that you can see in the picture hold that aluminum piece in place

    flow in - 回复


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