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[* black] The RF module, in all its blue glory. We spliced together two photos, so this image shows the front and back of the PCB.
[* black] The Broadcom 802.11 chip had the markings BCM4321KFBG.
[* black] We removed the EMI shield covering the RF chips. We uncovered a Skyworks SKY652225-11 R8, a Broadcom BCM2G55KF86, a Broadcom BCM2046, and an SST 39VF200A. We also found eight of [link||Anaren's] 1mm square [link||baluns] interfaced between the Broadcom and Skyworks chips, presumably running at 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
[* black] And the backside had another chip marked with BCM94321COEX2.