(请注意这个教程已经在这几年被很多人编辑 —— 一些地方不是我原来写的!)


-Gaspard (和编辑们)

  1. 把显卡从主板上拿下来(如果他被装在你的电脑上)
    • 把显卡从主板上拿下来(如果他被装在你的电脑上)

    Thank you so much Gaspard, I really wondered by hearing this technique. I will surely do this next time rather than throwing it in the bin :)

    Chris Edwards - 回复

  2. 如果这个卡还在保修期内,建议送去官方维修。如果过保修期了,请按教程继续。
    • 如果这个卡还在保修期内,建议送去官方维修。如果过保修期了,请按教程继续。


    • 精密的螺丝刀 ——用来拆下显卡

    • 铝箔纸覆盖热敏元件,并在烤盘上支撑你的显卡。

    • 一些热胶/硅脂来取代你现在显卡上的

    • 用来任何旧的散热器过热复合物的组成部分的纸巾。

    • 一个烤箱

    • 一个烤盘


    • 预热烤箱至195°C(385°F)

    • 如果你已经按操作进行过一次了然后准备再来一次,请提高这个温度。——200°C(395°F)或者205°C(400°F)

    • 焊料在不同类型不同温度下融化,所以如果你比较谨慎,你可以在375°F开始。

    • 参考新的信息——大多数这些临时维修只扩大/缩小的颠簸下的图形芯片表面贴装,所以更低的温度也可能达到效果。





    Spread the Fixmas cheer.


    Spread the Fixmas cheer.

    • 当烤箱已经预热好了

      • 拆下你的显卡风扇、散热器以及管道系统。

      • 小心的拆下你的风扇/散热器。

      • 从板子上拆下旧的硅脂(使用纸巾)——注意一些内存或者或者别的板上可能有温度元件,拆下来如果你有一个代替品。

      • 把螺丝放好

      • 确保板上没有很多或任何塑料部件,如果有的话,它们可能会熔化。

      • 我通常支撑视频卡小揉铝箔球(在角落),所以板子不需要任何组件支撑。


    • 要有耐心!——如果你的烤箱有一个窗户,你可能会看到焊料熔化,当它变得非常闪亮。

    • 你想慢慢加热GPU。

    • 5—10分钟在200°C-200°C(395°F-425°F)

      • 我的经验:PS 3到6分钟,Xbox 4到6分钟,桌面端板子12分钟,笔记本端8到12分钟,GFX 8到15分钟。

      • 用这个作为指导,不是黄金法则,不同的材料会以不同的速度融化。

      • 注:谁是“我的”在上面的框??-原作者“Gaspard"在这里。我从来没有这一步在我的指南,我只试过这一视频卡,不是笔记本电脑或台式机或控制台。

      • 重新流动可能对一些电路板的工作,但新的更为科学的数据显示,最快,临时“修理这样实际上是引起的膨胀和收缩”的表面贴装芯片如主GPU或内存模块的底部颠簸”(可在较低温度下同时发生)


    • 一旦炉是在所需要的温度,8-12分钟,设置一个计时器。

    • 把烤盘或盘子放在烤箱中央。

    • 无论如何,不要让烤箱无人看管!

    Can you specify which side to have up?

    Matthew - 回复

    • 完成后,打开烤箱的门——让烟飘走。反复开关门5到10次,这可以平衡温度差异。

    • 托住你的烤盘。担心,尝试不要触摸任何东西或者突然移动。因为元件可能会因此受损。

    • 你可能会闻到熔化焊料/焊剂的味道。

    • 让卡片冷却一会儿。请注意,使用风扇加速冷却过程可能会导致较弱的关节或不成功的重新流动。

    does the power connector will be effected by heat or no?

    Hisham - 回复

    • 你有两个选项

      • 1.在没有风扇/散热片的情况下快速测试显卡。

      • 2.重新安装风扇/散热器,然后测试显卡。

    • 大多数人会想测试显卡,看看能不能启动并且通过主板自检。

    • 如果你想在不用风扇和散热片的情况下测试他。请不要运行超过30秒。

    • 如果这个卡还是不能工作在烤后,你可能需要重复之前的步骤并花更长的时间


    • 在主芯片和其他必要的地方涂上一些热油脂。仅使用少量的热糊,然后用纸板或信用卡均匀地涂在表面上。

    • “新”信息:你也可以只使用“大米/豌豆”选项,你把一个小豌豆或大米粒米粒大小的热糊在清洁的GPU中间,应用散热器的压力将均匀地分散出来。

    • 如果回流焊时有热胶带或焊盘,请将这些位置放回到原来的位置。


    • 小心地在GPU上涂抹导热硅脂,上所有的螺丝还有盖子。

    • 仔细插入并拧紧所有螺钉!它们通常都很小,如果螺钉过紧,PCB可能会损坏。

    • 用交替的方式拧紧螺钉。例如左上、右下、右上、下左。有超过4个螺钉,拧紧螺钉时使用“星形”模式,确保所有螺钉都均匀拧紧。

    • 如果你发现有灰尘,一定要把它清理干净。


    • 确认风扇重新连接了

    • 确认风扇在电脑开机的时候会转。

    • 确保GPU在进入windows的时候会工作

    • GPU-Z是一个好软件,他可以显示GPU的温度。

    • 祝你好运

    Final note: it might or might not work depending on the problem with your card, and the type of card, however if the card is a paperweight already, it's worth a shot! ;)

    Gaspard Leon - 回复

    My GTX 570 failed dramatically yesterday not even allowing booting into the Windows environment. After 10 minutes on gas mark 5 (and a half) all is well this morning. I had seen this technique used on games consoles, but never considered it for PC cards. Thanks VERY MUCH for this guide.

    Christopher Jones - 回复

    My GTX 460 has been failing for about 2 weeks and until yesterday has been displaying white lines even during the BIOS POST. I wasn't willing to try this on my mother's oven, instead I used a heat gun and a laser thermometer to monitor the temperature. I started at the lowest temperature possible and gradually increasing until ~160°C, applying heat mostly on the memory chips and GPU for about 10 min. The problem has vanished completely :D

    Even though I didn't quite follow this guide, it gave me useful directions, thanks!

    AndreLDM - 回复





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Gaspard Leon


2,189 信誉积分


I fixed my friends dead out-of-warranty Leadtek Geforce 8800 GTS 640MB card using this procedure

That was 3 weeks ago, and he's still using it daily since then

We forgot to plug in the fan connector and his temperatures reached 124C while playing a game

Since then he reconnected his fan and it's working fine

Thanks for reading, hope it helps someone

Gaspard Leon - 回复

How long did your reflowed graphics card last? Is it still rocking?

Lim Chi Yuung -

The card did eventually fail, i believe around 4 months later - the guy ended up buying a new card

Gaspard Leon -

Hi everyone,

I also fixed a almost dead NVIDIA 512mb MXM II card, at the first point I put the card 8 min to 190ºC aprox, it improved the performance but not yet to run.

Then i repeated the operation with 205ºC and 10 min and the card ran perfectly, add some thermal paste and it's solved.

Thanks for this manual it's very usefull!!!

javier - 回复

I just finished doing this with an evga gtx460 i got from a friend of mine. It was throwing up artifacts and crashing constantly before. Now it's stable for over 10 minutes. It looks like it's fixed but only time will tell. Wish me luck and thanks for the guide!

Chris S - 回复

It is such a nice way you have done it but the process need too much care and there is a big threat of PCB damage due to manual working so you need to be more careful and if someone is worried about the PCB he need to get a better auto pick and place BGA rework station this is specially made for these types of reworking. Here I have seen some blogs that have so many machines and process you can choose according to the type of reworking you want. I am sure you will like it.


Harry Potter - 回复

i was very worried about my oven because it not heating well now i have learn a lot from here ...


Andre Matthew - 回复

Hi all i did exactly wat needed to be done my card buggered up while playing Diablo 3 with all settings to max performance and max graphics quality i baked my card and it worked putting my mind at rest in fear of spending hundreds on a new card so this guide has saved my computer and has saved my hip pocket ( only thing is cant be sure enough on how long this will last ) also my graphics card is a PowerColor Radeon HD 7850 2GB GDDR5 (AX7850 2GBD5-DH) just to give you an idea on wat type of card i have and if similiar cards to mine will work also by doing this guide

Shane Blewitt - 回复

How long did your reflowed graphics card last? Is it still rocking?

Lim Chi Yuung -

Report to your duty sir!!

mine transistor exploded at @ 15minutes *evga gtx 570

Dis madafaka guy is txt'ing me, thats why i exceeded the 10min...

rakman jnaide - 回复

I recently did the procedure on an out-of-warranty GTX 780 Ti but sadly it was at a friend’s house and he only had a small toaster oven… the temperature was too hot and the capacitors begin to pop off the board like popcorn after only 8 minutes… a bit of entertainment, but no result

Gaspard Leon -

My brother did this several times on his Asus laptop motherboard for over a year (“many” times he said) and got some extended life out of it before he was forced to replace the computer.

Gaspard Leon -

@ mods :

sorry gona double comment...

- (for grammar improvement's & more details)

- for humanity (yeah! let's help humans xD , @ants go help your selves)

Reporting to your duty sir(s)!!

mine, transistor (am I correct that cylindrical silver colored thingy,1 transistor only pop'ed) exploded at @ 15minutes mark

*evga gtx 570

cause, Dis madafaking guy *i dont even know* just txt'ed me at wrong time, like, wth (he must be a !&&* sent demon for me

thats why i exceeded the 10min mark...

followed every steps correct'ly

rakman jnaide - 回复


sorry for triple posting !!

omg!! just tested my evga gtx 570 , it worked !!!

(so that cylindrical thing is just a cover.... my bad..

now, i need to observe if its stability...

rakman jnaide - 回复

My brother's GTX 560 started acting up after 3.5 years, showing stutter in Windows boot-up, games and any other graphics-intensive task and inability to run 1080p. He was ready to dump €150-€200 on a new one but I talked him into trying to reflow it despite his safety conserns. Having never tried to reflow any electronic component, let alone in a home oven, I was a bit precarious and only "baked" it for 10 minutes at 190oC. Then I let it cool for 15 minutes with the oven door closed, followed by another 15 minutes with the door open.

IT WORKED! The look on his face was priceless. Problem is, he was kind of wishing to have to get a new one. :)

gstouras - 回复

This works for me. Thanks so much. I have ATI R9 270x 4GB Sapphire that displays red pixelated lines on bios and it does not display after loading the OS. I just remove the fan and heatsink, clean up left over thermal paste, put it in the oven(used aluminum foil to avoid touching the tray). put the oven on 200C and set it for 5 minutes. after that i test it and it worked.

snotorio - 回复

What about plastic parts on laptop board?

Arman - 回复

With a laptop board it is best to use a heatgun.

Pip -

Gts 450 was fixed. I was anxious and scared to try this but im glad i did. I wrapped the card in foil only leaving the graphics chip exposed. I put it on the oven toaster for about 7-8 minuted and now the lines were gone. Im on a desktop by the way. Thanks!1

Arkaem - 回复

It works better with a heat gun and then you can focus the heat on the gpu instead of the other components. I've done it on quite a few graphics cards, mac mini gpu's and some laptop motherboards. I run the heat gun on high for 4 minutes and heat the surrounding area so it doesn't bend or warp and focus most of the heat on the GPU.

Tim Porter - 回复

Is that gpu fixed boards still working.?? I tried this by heat gun and oven on different Mac boards so just curious to know how long it will last. Any feedback much appreciate. Cheers

Upendra Patel -

Last night my 7850 pcs+ wont boot up so tried this thing and it works! Thank you so much!! Will be updating here next week if my card is still running :D i hope it this will last a year or more tho

Karl Kangleon - 回复

Anyone reading this guide in 2016 - please note that the premise is a bit flawed, you're not really "re-flowing" the solder on the circuit-board, at least that's not the part that fixes the card usually, it's a temporary expansion or contraction of the "bumps" underneath the surface-mount chips the GPU or memory modules that causes the card to work again (at least for a while) the upshot of this is that even a temperature that doesn't melt the solder can actually work for a while as well.

Gaspard Leon - 回复

I had a GTX560 Ti from Asus,green artefacts,crashes,only worked on 1024x768 with no acceleration,tried this tehnique around 11 minutes at aprox.200°C and it worked flawlessly,now let's see for how long.i also installed MSI Afterburner and pumped up the idle fan load to 40% just to be sure it stays cool,hope this helped someone.

PS:plastic objects on the board will melt,so you better remove them

bularcaanca - 回复

I just fixed a GTX460 by putting it in the oven at 190 degrees Celsius for 8 minutes. Used the trick with the scrunched up balls of aluminium-foil and it worked! Amazing. Before, I had these horizontal white lines all over the screen. Removed the plastic with the fan and covered up the plastic connections with aluminium-foil.

Sam Decrock - 回复

Yes! Buggy, half dead Radeon 7970 salvaged from the trash. Baked at 195-ish degrees C for about 8 min.

But come on, why is everyone making aluminum foil balls? Make little cones, much more stable. :)

hansson1984 - 回复

This fix is still going strong!

Second time repair now for my aging 8800 GTS....(having also previously resurrected an old RROD X360 board with the same method). It was displaying classic artifacts..Blue vertical lines across the screen and disrupted graphics.

Preheat oven to 220C (200C with Fan assist)

Remove everything...connectors, heatsink, fan, thermal pads and paste.

Clean gently but thoroughly - if using tissue; blow to ensure no fibres remain.

Protect all but GPU by wrapping in Aluminium foil.

Rest the board on four little scrunch balls of foil on a baking tray (normal side up).

Cook for exactly 10 minutes.

Remove immediately and allow to cool for at least 30 mins.

Check the board is OK by starting up PC with naked board...Do not run for more than 1-2 minutes without heatsink!!!

Reapply thermal pads and paste, heastsink, fan and power connector for the fan (if needed).

Reinstall and you are good to go...

Last fix worked for about 10 weeks...I'll let you know how long this one goes for.

Daniel Davies - 回复

Instructions unclear... my dick is now stuck in the toaster...

Dan mone - 回复

I repaired my GTX660 TI. I did everything as described and cooked it for 9 Minutes. I used a towel to get the card out of the oven as my oven gloves were too thick and the card constantly slipped out of my hand ;-)

Hayo Greenwood - 回复

Trying to fix a gtx 980 Ti the oven fix made it work for like a few minutes then it died, I retried the procedure and it died in a few seconds.. Any advise?

cryptonite26 - 回复

This is just a temporary fix, and shouldn't be treated as permanent. The next step up would be to have the chip removed, use a stencil to reapply solder on all the contacts, and then when the chip is perfectly in place it gets melted from the other side (through the chip) to melt it down before letting it cool.

Due to the difficultly involved in doing all this, I wouldn't take doing this lightly.

Jason -

Reballing is the right method not this bullshit

Peppigners 1980 -

Wish I could fix my GTX 1080 like this =/ *sigh Guess I'll just have to RMA the card via Gigabyte.. That's gonna be a real pain in the ass -_-

jafaruddin93 - 回复

Success with a Radeon HD 5670 on a thrift store box I'm planning on flipping! Thanks for the guide.

Matthew - 回复

YO GUYS Heres a tip when putting it in the oven u can make it work even better ,talking from personal experience ,put a socket from a ratcheton on the gpu (21 in my case) it work like a charm :) And srsly i am not joking :)

Nedko Kostadinov - 回复

can someone tell me what setting to use on the oven, up and bot heating or air circulation?

Anukun Thurner - 回复

A complete alternative to this guide is to just identify the chip that needs reflowing, and using a heat gun to heat it up. If you have or can get something like kapton tape, do so. It can be used to shield everything around the chip you are heating up from being exposed to the same amount of heat and causing their own problem. Otherwise, use aluminium foil, along with some clips (I find the tiny ones you use for crafting work best, but be creative). Then finally heat away, making sure you have some understanding of what is too hot or not hot enough.

Jason - 回复

My GTX 670 showed sometimes some symptoms of corrupt VRAM in 2D mode evident as 2D artifacts but never in 3D games. After the symptoms also occured as 2D artifacts in 3D games the card crashed and wouldn't allow booting.

So I baked it. Now the GTX 670 works again, or at least I didn't damage it. I put the card on baking paper and on a rost. Nevertheless, I did three mistakes. 1) Preheated to 210°C and THEN put the card in. Bad. 2) after 5min increased to quite high 220°C. Bad. After 10min I saw that one display port jumped off and all the capacitors were tilted sideways. 3) I quickly pulled the card out to ambient temperature. Bad.

Luckily I put the card with the GPU, the capacitors and all the other heavy parts upwards, otherwise they would have fallen off ("pro tip" :D). Now the card works again and I lost a DP port. :D Although it works now, I'll probably get a new card.

lukie80 - 回复

Thanks! I'm so happy that you at least proved that even with some mistakes, this method may still be working though! No worries about trying to be so careful (if you're ok with losing a DP port LOL). Thanks for the comment bro!

Gom zalito -

Is it safe to use the oven afterwards to cook food, etc.

Does baking your gpu in your oven make your oven toxic and unusable to cook food in?

Tanner McKay - 回复

I don't think so. Most components in there (included plastic) can support more than 250°C so you're not incinerating anything that creates any fumes. I suppose a burnt pizza leaves more toxic fumes than baking a GPU, IMHO.

Gom zalito -

Of course is toxix, many acids used in the industrial process will evaporate in your Oven and in your Lungs

Peppigners 1980 -

This Method is very stupid and dangerous because you give an amount of heat on all the card and not all the components are thermo resistant till 200-220 Celsius , is so hard to buy a cheap heating gun and giving heat only on the GPU instead of all the card???? This method is dangerous also for your health bevause all the chemical substances used in the industrial process for the production od the card will evaporate in your oven and in your lungs…….if you are happy do it but if you are a bit intelligent take a heat gun or a rework station to do the reflow procedure……..bye

Peppigners 1980 -

Done it with my R9 270X from Club3D. Someone there decided that 1 fan was enough. Baked it for 9 minutes @200 degrees celcius. It kind of revived it! Thanks to all the commenters, if you weren't here I would NOT have tried this!

tristan-floyd - 回复

Oh boy, so satisfactory! Im here to post that I've done it with my 4yrs old EVGA 560Ti. 4 days ago, it crashed while I was gaming and after that it started to show artifacts on BIOS, on setup, on POST, and even on windows load, it wouldn't boot either (crashing with BSOD driver reset error), although I could boot on Safe Mode (with millions of artifacts) and saw this guide, and all these comments that made me try it at last.

So, I've cooked it for 12 mins at low temp in my gas oven (don't have thermometer so I decided to put it in medium).

After slowly cooling it first near the oven and then blowing with a fan some cool air from outside, I tested it with no luck (I forgot to connect the power cable, but didn't realize LOL) and decided to put it for another 8 minutes in the oven at maximum.

I instantly tried again, and after it doesn't boot I finally realize I wasn't connecting the power (so dumb of me lol). After that it booted up again normally! So far it's working now, I'll post whenever it dies again!

Gom zalito - 回复

is it still alive?

Shibō san -

Due to hard times, losing a job and all...I tried this. I Have a Evga 560ti. Its over 6 years old. The first time it artifacted was in may 2016. I baked it in my microwave Oven for 8 mins at 190C. Card started working great. It worked well for a year. Then it started artifacting again in July 2017. I baked it again and it started working again. But since July 2017 It seems to start artifacting after 2 weeks. And subsequently I have baked it 3 times already. It works but only for a few weeks at a time.

So the lesson is the first bake and success story lasts the longest. Subsequent bakes don't last long.

I think its time to plunk down for a new card. Whats saddening is that last year summer 2016 there was the gtx 1060... And this year still its the gtx 1060... Nvidia didn't release any new cards!

Lurker316 - 回复

You need a professional reballing if you want that your card lasts more time

Peppigners 1980 -

Did this on my son's hd 7870, it lasted a year.... My son started leaving his PC on all night and it crapped out again. Going to redo it and see if I get lucky again. Lol. But a year fix for such a simple method isn't bad at all.

Indigo Cordova (Indigo79) - 回复

If I understand correctly, reflowing does not solve the problem in the long run because it actually lies in the solder bump area within the underfill, where the main die makes contact with the substrate.

These are tiny balls, almost impossible to fix but with the application of heat the problem is temporarily rectified so as the underfill is moved around etc and some contact may be re-made temporarily, but is largely design error in the chip production and in the end a full swap out is the only real solution.

The issue is *not* in the larger solder balls found where the substrate makes connection to the board, as most people expect.

But it could be in some cases with a warped or bent board.

BHelweg - 回复

I baked my 780Ti and it works. While in baking, DP port, HDMI port, and 6 silver capacitor were peeling off lol. I baked with 200c at 8 minutes. I solder back that 6 capacitor, but seem impossible to solder back the DP and HDMI port because too small pins. I hope this reviving card will last forever huhu..

Azreim Amy - 回复


I have a GTX580 (bought 07/2012) which last weekend started showing artifacts on my screen. After doing all the relevant research for software related issues and before going to buy a new (yet expensive) GTX1070ti, I googled “how to fix graphics card”. I ended up here.

After the “baking” process (205oC - 12 minutes) I am really happy to say that the card seems to now work! I hope that it will continue so up until Xmas.

Thank you!!

Marinos Klouras - 回复

GTX 580, artifacts…fixed and working like new…

saved me from buying new gtx 1080…This is beautiful hack

Mr. Architect - 回复

I did this on an AMD R7 265 and after exactly 20 days it died again! Will try to cook it again! Like the title says “temporarily repair”… You should do this while browse for a new gpu. Just bought a 1060 for replace it.

Regis Souza - 回复

Second cook, day one… all good for now!

Regis Souza -

how is it now? xD

Shibō san -

I have tried this on my GTX 970, baked it for 8 minutes in 200 c.

I hooked it up, the display goes on but the resolution is set on 600X800.

Goes into windows, can’t change the resolution, so I tried to reinstall the drivers but it didn’t do anything.

Suddenly the screen goes off, I restart my PC and it works the same way until it gets to the sign in screen, then it turns off.

Any ideas before I give up on it?

Amir - 回复

You could try a few more minutes, give it around 12 instead of 8. Also make sure the oven is fully preheated first. If that doesn’t do it then I would give up and get a cheap used one from eBay or something.

Steve K -

Just tried this fix on my GTX780 which developed the infamous code 43 error - after following this info I above, I was still a little skeptical, but I am happy say that the video card now works perfectly and even runs a little cooler courtesy of the fresh Arctic Silver under heatsink.

Great stuff - thanks.

Kevin - 回复

Did this to reflow an old GTX550ti in March 2017, it is now March 2018 and it has failed again. There has been occassional tearing in the picture for approximately 3 months. Giving it another go to try and squeeze a bit more life out of it but I am less optimistic about this working for a second time on the same card. Just waiting for it to call down and enjoying that fresh spring smell of cancer in the air while I wait.

Steve K - 回复

Resolution stuck at 800x600. I think it’s safe to say it’s dead. Time for a replacement unfortunately.

Steve K -

J’étais sceptique mais ça a marché :D

J’espère que ça va durer, à voir les autres commentaires c’est du temporaire… J’essaierai de reposter si la carte retombe en rade.

Radeon HD 7850 achetée en ~2012,

Panne début 2018, plantage pendant une game et ensuite écran noir juste après le logo windows (chargement des drivers freezant un écran noir).

Pleins d’erreurs de Vram (>1 000 000, arrêt du test manuel)

Ressuscitée au four :p


It worked !

Radeon HD 7850 from ~2012, broke in 2018, oven fixed a week later :)

Darween - 回复

My R9 270 died after a very heavy use with very dirty disipators. After clening averything, tried the cooking and it worked! Hope it will last.

Lguarin - 回复

After a few stutters over the last months my GTX 780 Ti died. After reboot it was still recognised but the infamous yellow error sign was there (Error code 43). Wiped all drivers, baked the card for 9 minutes on 190C/380F, reinstalled, and to my surprise.. This fix, after 8 years, still works! Don’t be afraid to try before spending 500,- on a new card.


I got the display working after doing the oven baking as described here which saves my graphic card of acer 5920g nvidia 9600m gt card. Then I found the dual display is set to” auto” by default and I changed it to “ dual “ mode and now even though sometimes I get the black screen in lcd display my cry monitor works fine. So everybody who has problem with black screen, better to check the bios settings before changing the graphic card. Thanks again everybody in this site given the feedback on oven baking.

prasad.wm - 回复

Had a Radeon RX 270 that only worked in 2D, where 3D acceleration was completely gone. Up to the point of complete 3D failure, there was now and then graphic artifacts in some games when the card was heating up - like white boxes and texture errors.

Disassembled fans and heatsink. Put 4 spacer screws where the GPU cooler is normally mounted, to lift it above the baking tray.

Baked for 10 mins. @ 200C, turned off the oven and opened the lid to let it cool down slowly. After approx. 10 minutes I took it out and let it cool for another 5 mins. Reassembled heatsink and fans, and put fresh cooling paste on the GPU.

Though I’ve read many of the comments here, I was still a little surprised that it actually worked - so thanks for the tip :-)

Kenneth E. - 回复

I think my gtx 970 broke from putting it inside of my backpack and traveled with me to my friend’s house. It has no physical damage as I have opened it and viewed it, but it is not being detected by BIOS now. The lights and fans are on, and power properly connected, but I can only use my integrated gpu now. So could this method work for me?

Kevorex Wang - 回复

before that i need to know something ….actually if i insert the gpu in the pc it could n’t start (fans spins for second and turns off). So should i do the reflow stuff or should check the card’s circuitary using a multimeter for failed stuffs such as vrms, mosfet, etc,. Any ways im planing to use a heatgun instead of oven becoz i dont have a oven :|………

im having a GTX 750Ti 2gb from zotac…………….

Prithviraj - 回复

If you planned to do it with a multimeter, did you find any help/tutorial for it ? Oven method didn’t work for my 980Ti so I might try this, but didn’t find anything about it, only some videos of guys doing it without exlpaining much.

Alexandre -

Thank you for this tutorial and the updated posts on lower temperature requirements. Wrapped my dead iMac mid-2011 GPU in foil, exposing only the chip. Baked it for 10 minutes at 325 º F and allowed it to cool slowly to room temp. Works perfectly now! This gives me time to locate and buy a backup / refurbished GPU. Has been working for a week so far. Will post back on it’s next bake to see how long it lasts.

iMac (27-inch, Mid 2011) - 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7

AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2048 MB

Robert - 回复

Hey, I encountered this problem recently and I thought of solving this problem by myself and here I am.. So I wanna try this method ASAP, what I wanted to know is that whether it is OK to put the card in the oven without the ports covered?

I hope someone will reply soon because I'm very nervous about this method.

Uzman - 回复

How much dangerous it is to use the oven to cook food again .

Vla Bog - 回复

I built my rig just over six years ago with:

SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7970 OC 3GB 384-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card (11197-01-40G)

10 days ago it failed for the first time in the middle of Prey: Mooncrash. Both monitors went completely dark - the card crashed.

Rebooted the machine and got artifacts spanning the height of displays, until it would crash again before even loading Windows.

Exposed the GPU core and applied heat directly to the core with hot air rework station:

Aoyue 850A++

Held the the nozzle a couple inches away from the core and slowly moved it around on both sides of the board at 70% heat for ~ 5 minutes. Not very scientific, yet this yielded improvement. I could boot into Windows without the card crashing, and there were less artifacts on the screen, but the resolution was low.

Applied heat again. This time used FLIR camera to get real data. Got GPU to 160C+ for 10 minutes. PRESTO CHANGEO! Been working like a champ for 24hrs.

Lucky to work in electronics lab.

Daniel Cantilo - 回复

Still going strong

Daniel Cantilo -

Repaired a EVGA GTX 780ti with the following recipe: 8 minutes @ 190 degrees in  a pre-heated oven.

Sébastien Wirz - 回复

No luck here with a GTX 980Ti that did not start up at all before (and after…).

Method :

- 9-10 minutes at 195°C~, no luck

- 9-10 minutes at 205°C~, no luck

- 15 minutes at 210°C~, and no luck, symptoms were still the same, the computer won’t ever power up when the card is plugged in.

I hope this works better for you ;)

Alexandre - 回复

I didn’t learn this technique from here, but I have been keeping my Nvidia GTX 660 Ti alive for the past year using this same trick. It was due to be replaced with a HD 7970, but this has kept the GTX alive and well. Thanks for taking the time to write a iFixit article about it! Also, never ever put the GPU in the oven with it’s chip facing down. It will fall out of it’s socket if you do and once it goes out you’re pretty much out of luck forever.

Mathys Oliveira - 回复



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