1. Phillips 00 Bit
    • Phillips 00 Bit

    • Plastic and metal spudgers

    • Plastic Pick

    • Tweesers

  2. Get one of your pry tools and pry up the back rubber.
    • Get one of your pry tools and pry up the back rubber.

    • Then peel back the rubber and put it to one side

    • The adhesive can be a bit hard at first but it should come loose. The adhesive will also stay on the rubber and can be re applied.

    • Get your 00 Phillips bit and unscrew all of the screws.

    • Then get a spudger and take off the back plastic pannel

    • Get a plastic spudger and carefully pry the battery out.

    • Give the power connector a firm tug whilst wiggling the connector back and forth.

    • Alternatively you could use your tweezers to pry the connector out.

    • DO NOT use a metal pry tool for this process because you don't want to puncture the battery.

    • Use a pry tool to remove the top cover like you did in Step 2

    • Then peel back the rubber and put it to one side.

    • Just like the back cover the adhesive can be hard at first. It can also be reapplied when you reassemble.

    • Get you screwdriver and unscrew the screws.

    • Once all of the screws are removed you can then pull out the board.

    • You can remove the ribbon cable with your fingers or with some tweezers.

    • The screws for the top panel are different so you'll want to keep them separate.

    • Get a metal pry tool and get it between the rubber and the plastic.

    • Once you have a good piece preyed up you can remove it with your hand.

    • This will deform the plastic a little bit but you can re-adhere this to the plastic underneath.

    • Get your screwdriver and unscrew all of the screws.

    • You can the get a pry tool and pry up the plastic panel.

    • If the panel doesn't come off completely try unscrewing the screws a little more until the plastic panel comes off with the rubber.

    • Get your tweezers and pry off the connector being careful not to tear the cable.

    • You can then get a plastic pry tool and put it in one of the corners of the board to pry it up and out of the casing.

    • You can then remove the speaker cable and the top board cable.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.




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our device is not getting on, no indication can you any thing to check.

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