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!!! 这个步骤将会删除你所有的个人数据 !!!


  1. 请完全关闭你的设备 同时按住“音量+”键、“Home”键和“电源”键 当屏幕出现GALAXY Note 3字样时,松开“电源”键,但依旧保持按住“音量+”键和“Home”键
    • 请完全关闭你的设备

    • 同时按住“音量+”键、“Home”键和“电源”键

    • 当屏幕出现GALAXY Note 3字样时,松开“电源”键,但依旧保持按住“音量+”键和“Home”键

    • 当出现Recovery菜单时,松开“音量+”键和“Home”键

    • 使用“音量+/-”键去上下移动光标到“wipe data / factory reset”(清除数据并恢复出厂设置)项后,按下“电源”键

    • 在子菜单中选择“Yes -- erase all user data”(是的,删除所有用户的数据)和“reboot system now”(立刻重新启动系统)

    This does NOT work on all devices. I have done this on a Sam Gal Note 3. Removed memory and SIM, then after this “reset” the phone number and username (=email address) are STILL in system settings!! People all over the net are claiming this erases all user data. It does not.

    frodo - 回复

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    Android 维修工具包






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My samsung galaxy note 3 phone. cant opend how can i find this.?

Sam Siriwardena - 回复

but os is crashed

Levin Palermo - 回复

How can I get in ? After factory reset my galaxy note 3 demands email and password set at first, meanwhile I have forgotten the password

Michael Ayeh Lartey - 回复

Will this hard factory reset make my phone fadter and smoother

Gurinder Singh Singh - 回复

No not really.

John Brown -

Will my phone get faster with factory reset

Gurinder Singh Singh - 回复

Uh power it off then wait than turn it back on, it clears stuff up. Also clearing the cache does it to. Restart is kinda bad to do oof.

c h i l l e d m e m e -

I factory reset my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 T-Mobile I put in my Metro PCS SIMs card it picked it up it worked for two days then it stopped working it reads the SIMS card but it won't let me go any further what could be wrong

Nellnell Skinner - 回复

I have a MetroPCS SIM card factory reset a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 put in my sims card and it worked work for 2 days then it stopped working what can be wrong won't pick up the internet it reads the card

Nellnell Skinner - 回复

My galaxy note 3 keeps saying “KEANEL IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING" Set warranty Bit: Kernel. Wtf does that mean?

Mani - 回复

My Samsung galaxy note 3 keeps saying “KERNEL IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING" Set warranty Bit: Kernel. What does that mean?

Mani - 回复

How do I unlock my galaxy note 3 without factory reseting it? My kid was playing with my phone And put a back up pin on it and don't remember it…

Judith A ellison - 回复

Works. Thank you

Allison - 回复

My galaxy note 3 starts up gets as far as the Samsung screen then makes a noise then restarts again - 回复

i have samsung galaxy note 3

I am continuosly getting the messege as “ Unfortunately , the process has stopped “

how to resolve the problem

Bijay Shrestha - 回复

How do I sync my phones data (when locked, forgot the pass/pin) to a different device? I just recently forgot my pass to my found, and wiping data. No. I have some games that can't be recovered. The device I am on now is a Samsung tablet E.

c h i l l e d m e m e - 回复

Would placing my sim card from my locked phone into this tablet I am currently on place all of my games and apps and what not onto here?

c h i l l e d m e m e - 回复

This helped me because my apps on the used phone that I got was outdated and wouldn’t update.

John Brown - 回复

It goes to recovery booting only. Doesn't give other options (Samsung Galaxy note 3 N-9005)

Tumelo Setsumi - 回复

will this fix my flickering green screen problem ? cause it just went out on me while I was using it the other week , so I was thinking it mite be a O.S. update that didn't finish for some reason.

Orion Whitaker - 回复

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